Sundaze 12

Spring has finally arrived here in England, with the exception of the snow at the start of the week, signs of sunnier days are starting to come out. The flowers are starting to pop out, the mornings are lighter, I get home at 6:20pm and there’s still a bit of light around. It’s enjoyable. The clock’s changing this morning has also been a welcome sight and worth sacrificing an hour in bed for.

I certainly don’t feel as if I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I do believe that the drawn out cold, wet, wintery weather has been effecting my mood the past few weeks/month or so. Believe me, I am SO ready for some warmer weather and to be able to finally ditch my winter coat and scarf. I’m desperate for sunny lunch times, salads, cycling, iced drinks, running along the sea front in the golden evenings and reading books in the sun.

In other news I’ve had an interesting week, firstly with the snow and ice over last weekend preventing me from getting to Work and College at the start of the week. I’ve been poor all week because once again Beyoncé ate my money again, but it is SO worth it. I’m not going to lie though, I’m so pleased that pay day is next week. Also, no Premier League this weekend as it’s international friendlies week. God I can’t wait for club football to be back in my life. The weekend’s drag without Liverpool. Anyway, let’s get on with this weekend’s Sundaze proceedings…

Beyoncé tickets

Like I mentioned further up this post, on Monday, probably with the help of the snow, I was able to somehow get pre-sale tickets for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II Tour that’s coming to London in June. When I heard that Queen Bey is going on tour again I knew that I simply HAD/NEEDED to get tickets and be there. Before her last Lemonade tour, which I couldn’t go to because I was in Australia and she didn’t bother venturing out that far, I had been to her last four world tours. She may have ruined my record, but I knew that I’d be there in that crowd. Anyway, I managed to get tour tickets straight away and I will be there, probably in yet another t-shirt with her face on, singing along loudly and enthusiastically. Roll on June, I am already absolutely buzzing.

Snow Days (yet again!)

Ok so it worked in my favour as I managed to get Beyoncé tickets and I missed out on this week’s College day – believe me, I wasn’t fussed about that, but I wasn’t impressed to see more snow angrily attacking the windows all Sunday and Monday. I mean, it’s March, it’s supposed to be getting warmer now, not colder. So that was definitely frustrating. But at least I got Beyoncé tickets and actually did some revision for a change, even if two days in a row of coding was the most dire thing ever.

Goodbye Gossip Girl

Today I said goodbye to Gossip Girl, which left me feeling a lot more nostalgic than I was expecting to feel. I think it’s because I’ve been in the Gossip Girl world since at least October. But, yeah I definitely felt nostalgic saying goodbye to the ‘Upper East Side’ and ‘Manhatten’s Social elite’, which was weird considering it’s not like I had been on a journey with them for six years, plus the goodbye happened five/six years ago. I’m considering watching Peaky Blinders next, or maybe Power. Maybe both. Who knows. I’ll miss Chuck and Blair, Nate, Serena and Dan etc though. It’s going to be weird.

I hate international football breaks

Honestly I know so many people who will probably agree with me, but honestly international football breaks, well actually international football in general is the worst. I get it, the World Cup is this summer and squads need time to gel, but mid-season? Nah fuck off mate. I would rather watch paint dry than mediocre England scrap a 1-0 win in a game that wins you fuck all anyway. Give me Liverpool any day. A weekend without my beautiful red men is far too long, plus I’m more concerned with players picking up injuries for a meaningless friendly. One game to go and I get my boys back. I’m off now to wind down the final hour or so before bed and the working week begins again.How’s your week been?

Until next Sunday.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps Again like every single Sundaze style post this one is a bit of a trial and error really. I know it needs tidying up and it’s a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully I can get into a nice little zone with this soon. As well as my blog. For the time being though, at least I’m getting some words down and out there. Also, yes I shall start adding photos into this at some point. Bare with me please.


The difference between why I was indifferent about my bar and retail jobs and why I love my office job

From memory and the fact that Timehop told me the other day, I started my bar job a year ago, which made me kind of chuckle because of how far I believe I have come since last March. So I thought this would be a good topic to talk about today. (Pic below is one of those awful compulsory first day on the new job selfies!)

You see, despite the fact that people seeming complain constantly about their office jobs, like they seem to be wildly hated, I knew that an office job was where I craved to be. Sure, working in an office may not seem to be the most glamorous of settings, and maybe it’s not always what people often aim for career wise, but an office based job in my eyes was a huge step. Whilst I was pouring what felt like the millionth pint that night, I would be imaging just having a normal job and coming home in the evenings to chill out or spend time with family and friends.

Ok, so whether you work in a retail/bar/waitressing etc or some form of office job, of course it’s not a competition, but I’m still going to compare the two just because I can because I really do love my desk job and since I got the bar job last March, compared to now, I’m loving life.

(First day, new suit and new chins(?) photo).

I used to see people complain about their office jobs all the time, they seemed to be widely hated, but I, from my little retail bubble, was always envious of people in office jobs. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous of settings and it’s not what people tend to aim for, but this was a huge step up for me. It ain’t even a competition, but we’re gonna compare them anyway. And by that I mean I’m going to complain about retail and explain why I love my desk job.

I can pee whenever I want

Let’s throw in toilet breaks and I am going to be honest, in my bar job, I still kind of went to the toilet whenever I fancied, but I remember working in retail, when I was supposed to ask to use the toilet. I mean, come on people, peeing is a part of every day life. It’s a natural function. I can’t just try hold it in or cross my legs in hope for long periods of time whilst I’m scanning things through on the check out. The fear of needing to pee means you’re too scared to drink too much for fear of causing problems for yourself further down the line, so in all honestly, for the two months that I worked for a certain company as a Christmas temp, my skin was probably shit.

Luckily though, I went to Australia for a year afterwards so I had plenty of vitamin D, but all the same. I don’t miss having to wait for a quiet moment, just so I can relieve myself whilst dodging persistent customers on the shop floor. Oh and yes I’ve even been nagged to come out of the toilet because it’s busy out on the shop floor, baring in mind that was the first time I had sat down in a couple of hours. Was I impressed? No.

However, now I can be a well hydrated person without the fear of having to ask to use the toilet, or being nagged to come out again etc. I can drink when I want and I can pee when I want. Life is great.

I can eat whenever I want

Yes, I absolutely take advantage of this every single day. My desk draw is full of all kinds of food, like boxes of cuppa soups, pot noodles, breakfast biscuits, couscous and lots of different kinds of fruit teas. I can go out for more food if I want as my office is super central into town. As someone who loves food, I love being able to eat whenever I want. Also, I work with all the directors and top dogs, so there is always spare sandwiches and cakes etc lying around, not that I try to pig out too much, especially whilst I’m trying to get back into an exercise routine. But am I going to lap up being with the big dogs with all the sandwich and snack opportunities? You bloody bet I am. Similarly, I can have coffee, tea, fruit teas ALL THE TIME. There’s a kettle and coffee station IN MY OFFICE. I know, it’s a normal thing, but just let me have this excitement.

I can wear whatever I want

In my last job I had to wear the most hideous blue tie, that was far too long and that constantly kept getting stuck in the glasses tray, getting covered in all kinds of gross shit from collected glasses. Honestly not only was it ugly, but it was seriously impractical as hell. Apparently though it didn’t put off weird customers from hitting on me or saying really gross, suggestive things.

Do you know how refreshing it is to be able to pick my own work clothes? Like I get excited about office attire in clothes shops now. I’ve also started planning summer outfits too. Like bring me all the dresses and colourful outfits. I love looking all corporate in my colourful turtle necks with skirts and tights or a blazer and trouser combo with a nice shirt. Of course, my taste in work clothes can get a little bit expensive and I did spend quite a bit of money on my December pay check.

I have more free time

This might sound a bit weird because my days are so much longer now then when I was working in the bar. I get up at 6am every day, I get home 6:30 every day. I commute 50 minutes there and back. I do about 8 hours. I’m lucky if I can fit in a couple of TV episodes and what not in an evening etc. But, hear me out here. I have a fulfilling job. Sure I like to chill out in bit in the evening, but it’s not because I’m having to recover from a shitty day working in retail or because I spent the night with crappy customers. It’s nice not having to recover on a random day off that I get because I worked all night and it’s messed up my sleeping pattern so I’m knackered for weeks afterwards. I also like knowing that I have two guaranteed days off every week, and they seem to be amongst the masses, so I can look forward to weekend every week and I always get that Friday feeling with everyone else. It’s a good feeling. Plus, trying to make future plans is handy when I know I get a Saturday and a Sunday off every week, rather than a random, sporadic day which could change any day or week. I love it.

My co-workers are friendly

I’m not suggesting that I worked with some horrible people in my other jobs, but I do find that in retail/customer service kinds of jobs can be a bit of a toxic environment. In particular those in higher up positions. In my experience there were a few people up in higher positions who liked to remind everyone of the fact that we (the peasants) were not on the same level as them. In my last job the supervisor was incredibly rude to my friend, who was actually a paying customer, and who actually had just lost her dad. It really wasn’t cool and everyone who worked that night were not impressed. To be honest, it just motivated me to get out of there even quicker. As if I didn’t need any more motivation.

The people who I work with now are all incredibly lovely, supportive and helpful and that’s throughout all of the departments. (There are over 600 people just in a few of the buildings alone). I especially enjoy working in the team that I am in. You can have a laugh with them, they help me, they give me great advice and they let me talk crap to them for hours. They also give me plenty of opportunities, inviting me along to things that they are working on. It’s all very inspiring. Despite they’re all established journalists with lots of experience behind them, they never make me feel like the newbie. I just feel like one of them. It’s great. I love my job.

I’m happy

It’s incredible the difference having a fulfilling career can make. I’m no longer forcing myself to feel enthusiastic about pulling pints or endless gin and tonics for people, whilst wishing that I could be getting on with my life and my career. I’m no longer coming back in from a fun day out in the sun with my friends, forcing on my uniform and going to work, whilst everyone’s coming home and relaxing. The one thing I noticed working in a bar is how judgemental people are. I had people with no teeth and probably not many brain cells talking to me, or ignoring me when I went to collect their glasses, like I was below them. This was despite the fact I do have a degree. I had to really bite my tongue. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere in my life. I come home feeling like I’ve done something with my day, made a difference in some description, even if in reality, I hadn’t exactly made a difference, but I had contributed in some way.

I’m now working in a city that I have always loved and used to live, in a career that I love and want to work in for the foreseeable future. I make over double what I made pouring pints, I’m getting another qualification, and I’m happy. I feel more hopeful for the future now and I actually enjoy my life.

Either way, I don’t miss my old bar job.

How do you feel about your job?

Sundaze 11

Oh look, yet another bloody snow storm. And yep, it’s mid-March. Urgh. Can it just go away now? It’s supposed to be warming up these days. I’m so over the cold.

I am writing this from the living room floor, wrapped up in one of my blankets, whilst snow decorates the world outside in a blanket of cold shit and Finding Dory plays on the TV in the background. I must admit, the snow is quite beautiful and Christmas card worthy, but my god I am so over this cold weather now. The kids might be sleeping over tonight, which means I will be sharing my bed with my niece Poppi and I’m looking at the possibility of no work tomorrow. Again. Urgh. Anyway, weather woes aside, let’s throw in another weekly catch-up…

Jake Bugg

I love Jake Bugg. I’ve loved him since I heard his debut album back in 2012 and was fortunate to get to see him killing on the main stage in front of 50,000 people at the Isle of Wight Festival back in 2013. So when I saw that he was touring and was coming down this way, I jumped on buying some tickets to see him. As it turned out, my friend couldn’t go as unfortunately she got suspected strap throat, so I took my mum instead. I was pleased about that, sorry Soph. Better company and I was able to get home much easier. Plus I was glad that mum got to see him, because she’s always talked about how talented he is, ever since I showed her his first album, one Christmas. He was fantastic and it was really great to hear him singing acoustically in a more intimate setting. He was vocals flawless as expected and he is beyond talented with a guitar so it really was a blessing. It was great to see how much he has vocally matured in the past five years and he did a great mix of songs from all of his albums. I have written a blog post on another blog of mine due to go out tomorrow, at the time of posting (19/3) which you can find Here

Noodles, lots of cups of tea, nattering and catch ups

This week I managed to catch up with my really good friend Soph R, which turned out to be a really nice evening after work and worked out nicely as mum does yoga on a Thursday night anyway so I could stay out a bit later without feeling bad for making her wait around for me and I didn’t have to walk home in the dark and pissing down rain.

We ended up popping into the museum for about half an hour before it shut, before we popped into The Waterstones Cafe and had pot of tea, a cookie and a good old natter before popping over to my new favourite noodle place and stuffed our faces with some great food and green tea. It was fantastic.

Feeling unproductive all week

This week has felt a little bit odd really. I would say that it was a mixture of a few things. For example, as much as I enjoyed Jake Bugg’s concert, mum and I didn’t get home until nearly midnight so I felt quite tired for the rest of the week. Also, this might be a bit too much information, but I think my period is coming on, which is making me quite sluggish. It’s been a long week.

Saying goodbye to June

June was one of the people who interviewed me for my job position. She’s also lovely and very passionate, so I was sad to see her go. I was quite close with her and I owe her a lot for finally giving me the opportunity that was desperate for. I’m sad to see her go, but at the same time, I’m pleased for her as she’s been looking forward to retiring for a while.


What a player. And what a man. He is just a fantastic footballer and so humble. On Saturday he managed to score 4 goals and get one assist in Liverpool 5:0 home demolition of Watford. The goals he scored were sublime, especially the ones where he took on four defenders and made them look silly. It literally looked like a 5-a-side game where he was on his own. 😄

He’s an incredible footballer and I’m so pleased that he plays for my club. The nicest thing though was he apologised to Watford’s keeper for putting 4 past him. Bless him. I love him.

Snow, again

And, would you look at that. It’s bloody snowing, again. 🙄 I don’t get it, it’s March. It’s supposed to be Spring and getting lighter and sunnier, not grey and stuck in a snow globe. I’m over the snow now, this is taking the piss. Plus, the kids are now stuck at our house for the night, which as fun as it is, they’re already annoying me and it’s only 2:06pm. 😄 It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting into work tomorrow as mum’s car has been left down at her work, so I guess that’s a perk and everyone is safe inside.

I’m now off to possibly hang out with the kids. There’s a big game of Monopoly Junior happening, which is always dangerous territory. We’ve already had tears and some shouting and screaming so hopefully we all survive the game and there’s not World War Three in this house.

I’m hoping to see some form of boxset this afternoon, and of course a bubblebath and a roast will happen tonight.

How’s your week been?

Until next Sunday.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps Again like every single Sundaze style post this one is a bit of a trial and error really. I know it needs tidying up and it’s a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully I can get into a nice little zone with this soon. As well as my blog. For the time being though, at least I’m getting some words down and out there. Also, yes I shall start adding photos into this at some point. Bare with me please.


Let’s be honest, everyone has pet peeves. They’re usually silly, small things, that literally do not affect our lives, but they still manage to piss us off in some way. Take the recent snow for example. Yes it does look beautiful, and looks great on social media. But, let’s be honest it’s a huge inconvenience. Plus very cold and quite dangerous. The recent snow, plus a work training day for conflict management where we discussed things that we really dislike has lead me to thinking, why not share my list of a few things that grind my gears in the hope that I am not alone…1| Train windows being opened in winterWhy the fuck would you do that? Especially in the morning when it’s bloody freezing. There’s no escape from the cold air either. It just blows all the way down the train. 2| People who push at standing up concertsAgain. Why? I get it, you want to be near the front, but you should have arrived earlier. Simple. Not only is that dangerous, but it’s also stressful as hell. Being small in stature and standing at a grand total of 5’1 inches, I’m an easy target for people who want to try their luck. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve kicked people at concerts for doing that. Playing football for 18 years has it’s advantages sometimes because people leave you alone after that. Give me a seat at a concert any time. 3| People who drive dangerously on motorwaysThis is just stupid and incredibly dangerous. I’ve lost count over the years how many times I’ve seen people dangerously pull out all of a sudden and zip in between cars at high speeds and it’s scary to watch. Not only are they putting their own lives in danger, but also others. 4| Slow computersThis has got to be a first world problem, but honestly slow computers can be the bane of my life. Especially when I’m working on a piece of work and the computer decides not to load up anything you need to work with. 5| Half and half football scarfsI just don’t really understand why half and half football scarfs exist. It just makes you look terribly confused at where your loyalties lie. I don’t know about other football fans, but I passionately love Liverpool and I would not be seen dead wearing another club’s colours (unless it’s Torquay United). I especially wouldn’t attend a match wearing both clubs on one scarf. As far as I’m concerned, half and half football scarfs can get in the bin. 6| Un-informed football optionsOk I must admit, I take far too much enjoyment out of proving people wrong on social media, such as on Twitter and The Sky Sports Facebook page. Especially those backwards men who still think it’s the 1950s and women should be in the kitchen and not talking about football. That’s the sweetest of them all. However, I must admit, it annoys me when people sprout shit without doing a little bit of research first. If you’re going to sprout shit, please look up the facts first. Jeeze. 7| People who think it’s ok to make sexist/racist/homophobic jokes and commentsThis is something that I still feel really passionate about. I don’t understand why it’s 2018 and we still live in a world where people think it’s ok and acceptable to make jokes and comments regarding people’s race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. It’s not funny and it shouldn’t be acceptable in society. 8| HypocritesFor the record, this was my example that I used at the training morning, but I could have used quite a few examples. I guess I just can’t stand those people who think it’s ok to treat someone a certain way, but can’t stand it if they get treated that same way back. Or those people who can give banter, but can’t take it. Like those people who think it’s ok to behave a certain way, but can’t handle it if they’re treated the same way back. As far as I am concerned. Don’t give, what you can’t take. People who can’t handle alcohol/takes it too farNot that I drink all that often, but alcohol can be fun if not taken too far and if people know their limits, but there’s always that one person who gets blind drunk, embarrassing and ends up ruining the night for everyone else. That’s when the line has been crossed. Especially those guys who get creepy and make everyone around them feel uncomfortable. By all means, let lose, drink have fun, just don’t cross the line between fun and ridiculous sloppy drunk because that’s when the fun stops. People who aren’t old and call me loveJust don’t. You’re not a cute old person. Why would you call me love? Chewing gum on train seats Now that’s just vile, lazy and bloody selfish. I’ve sat on a few pieces of gum and not only is it disgusting, but it’s ruined my clothes. Put it in the bin people. People who park over our drive despite the fact we have a line in placeThis is one of my biggest pet peeves. Selfish selfish people. Not only is it really dangerous anyway – our drive is on the edge of the park which can be a dangerous part of the road, but also, it makes mum feel really nervous pulling out of her drive and that’s just not very fair. The line is there for a reason people, respect it and stop being so selfish. Also, I am not afraid to write any, passive aggressive notes on your car. So there you have it. Here’s a list of a few of the things that really do grind on my gears. Relate? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time. Love, hugs and pugs. Keri.

A few cheeky reasons why Mondays are pretty awesome

I must admit, as far as this particular Monday goes, this one isn’t too shabby given that I’m off to see one of my favourite singers Jake Bugg after work tonight so I’m in a good mood for a Monday morning. It’s also not raining, which makes a nice change as it usually rains on a Monday, which could not be any more Monday if it tried. But actually truth be told, I don’t hate Mondays. I mean, it’s easy to see why the first day of the week isn’t everyone’s favourite day, and it does gets such a bad rap. However, there are plenty of reasons to embrace it.A chance at a clean slate – The start of the week, regardless of what happened last week at work or school, it probably doesn’t matter this week. If you go into every week with a kick-ass positive mindset, you’ll find any worries from last week melting away. So go and pick a killer work outfit/make your favourite lunch/start your Monday off with a banging breakfast or a coffee from your favourite mug and own the day, and the rest of the week. You just had the weekend – I mean, unless you work weekends (I’m sorry if you do, I’ve been there), then we all know that weekends are awesome. I know Mondays seem so far away to the weekend, than the weekend is to a Monday, but there’s no need to hate on a Monday. If anything, you should feel fresh-faced and raring to go after a good Sunday rest. If not, I suggest a good bubblebath, personally, they work a treat for me every week. I am a big fan. Planning a killer work outfit -I am one of those people who likes to give an illusion that I have my life together (I probably don’t do that and I certainly don’t give off that impression, but a girl can try!) But, having an idea of what you’d like to wear on a Monday morning/and the rest of the week, really helps makes you feel like you have your shit together every Monday. And if you don’t, like me most Mondays, there is no shame in throwing an outfit together blurry eyed. Your hair is probably clean and bath/shower fresh – Let’s be honest, every Monday everyone turns up to work smelling of shampoo and body lotion of some description. You can’t beat feeling like a boss with clean hair. Beautiful.You get to catch up on the goss – Even if I have the most tamest weekend ever, it’s always really fun hearing all about what your colleagues/school mates got up to over the weekend.Even if the rest of week isn’t all you want it to be, there’s another weekend at the end of it – I mean, even if you love your job, like I do, sometimes knowing that you have two whole days to do exactly what you’d like to do is the best feeling. I mean there’s nothing like coming home on a Friday night and spending the next 48 hours slobbing around in your PJs with a good chunky box set, or making plans for adventures. Anyway, have a good week and don’t forget to own this Monday and every other Monday that comes your way. And if it all goes tits up, just remember, it’s only four more days until the weekend. Until next time,Love, hugs and pugs. Keri.

It’s always you and I against the world

Hi Mum,

Happy Mother’s Day. Words are never enough to describe how lucky I am to get to call you mum, nor to explain how thankful I am every day to you for all the things you do for me, big and small. But you know me mum, I’ll try anyway. So I apologise for the soppy words that are about to come your way.

I know that I am incredibly lucky to have you in my life mum and our relationship is something that I have and will always cherish. The older I have gotten, the more I have began to appreciate how much you do for me and how much you have sacrificed for me. I am really proud of you for continuing to show me how to follow your dreams, especially when you finally walked away from your horrible bosses who never appreciated you, whilst you worked your arse off and stressed over them, just for them to not even appreciate it.

I love the fact that you are following your dreams every day, getting your own art studio and getting to make beautiful mosaics all day, every day and not slaving away to people who do not appreciate you. You deserve the world mum.

Despite it all, you’re still putting me and everyone else first. You still wake up at 6am every day with me to make sure that I make the train to work on time and I always know that whenever I step foot off the train in the evening, that you will be there in your car, waiting for me to get home.

I love that you’re always there for me, even when I was over on the other side of the world in Australia or four hours away in London, you were there for me on the end of the phone or on FaceTime to chat to and catch up or if I was down and needed a prep talk. I love that fact that I can always rely on you for your love and support.

Not only are you my mum, but you’re also my best friend and I thank my lucky stars every day for you mum. I know you think that I have love Tourettes for you, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’m not ashamed to annoy you every fiveseconds with self proclaiming love declarations, even if it does get annoying for you.

I’ll never stop being thankful for you mum and everything that you do for me. I don’t know where I’d be today without you mum, but I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am now. And I’m proud of the you mum. I am so proud to call you my best friend and my mum.

I love you lots mum.

Love from your daughter,

Keri. Xxxxx

Sundaze 10

This week, I have felt tired. Not enough sleep and not enough hours in each day to do what I’d like to can do that to a girl.

One of my overarching problems is that I dream of more and know that I can achieve all that I want to if I work for it, and so I am more than happy to put in the long hours and the daily grind to be successful, but honestly I don’t know how people do it? How do people work and commute long hours every day and still fit in time to cook healthy meals, have a good gym/workout routine, a social life, time to read, time to complete boxsets and series and get plenty of sleep? Like there’s simply not enough hours in the day.This week though, I’m hoping to work on a better routine. Hopefully I’ll manage to finally complete Gossip Girl, I love the show but it feels awfully dragged out as I’ve been watching it since at least October. I’m also hoping to cook more, swim and finish my book. Watch this space on that.Anyway, on to this week…

Food and banter

This week, well more like Tuesday was great for food. I really enjoyed finally getting a cheeky Nandos with my college pals, well more like Mollie who is the much better one, (sorry T), after trying to convince them to come with me since September. Also, you can’t beat a Nandos wrap with a side of grilled haloumi cheese and creamy mash. Beautifully banging.

I also had a really nice catch up with my really good friend Lydia and her cute guide dog Bertie, who were down for a few days and my best friend Livy, whenever the three of us (four if you include Bertie) get together the banter just flows and it’s brilliant. Also, I ended up getting some very nice tacos and it was just an awesome afternoon where everyone was laughing, including randoms on the train.

Exploring the new IKEA before it’s opened to the general public

This week I had good fun exploring the brand new IKEA in a team of people from work, which was super cold, but also super fun so it was good fun. We got to go on a two hour tour, seeing how all the rooms pan out and watching them being created in the process. I made a joke that it was a great fun tour, but it was a little draughty and I was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get a free flat pack.

Training days

On the Friday I did a training day through work over at one of the other work sites with some of the other apprentices. It was on conflict management, and was really interesting. I’m trying to make the most of as many opportunities that come my way as possible, especially as I can use them all in my college OneFile. It made a nice change to be away from the office – as much as I love my job and it meant that I got to learn new things and even get to go home really early, which made a nice change.

I’m now off to hang out with Will, finish this episode of Greys, do a little bit of maths before tomorrow and write up a couple of blogs now and later a bubblebath and a roast will be on the cards. I am also hope I’ll manage a bit of a workout later as hello flabby belly.

How’s your week been?

Until next Sunday.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps Again like every single Sundaze style post this one is a bit of a trial and error really. I know it needs tidying up and it’s a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully I can get into a nice little zone with this soon. As well as my blog. For the time being though, at least I’m getting some words down and out there. Also, yes I shall start adding photos into this at some point. Bare with me please.