Ways to beat the Christmas come down Blues

Ok so I wrote this one last week and for some reason this one sent out late, so this one is a week behind. But anyway…

As I write this, well actually I’m going to be organised for a change and actually schedule this. Woo bring on 2018, where I will take blogging more seriously. But, yes, at the time of this being posted, I will be back at work. My first one of the year as I will be on my one day a week college course on everyone else’s first day back on the Tuesday.

So, what is a more fitting topic than the post Christmas blues for the start of the back to work week for many people around the world? Although, saying that I am hoping that I won’t catch any post Christmas blues when I’m back in work. Christmas is over, the months of preparation over in a literal flash, and although I had a lovely time being able to treat my family and friends to gifts this year that I was able to put time and effort into, I am now kind of looking at the possibility of facing January without much money to my name and pay day seems like a life time away now.

The time between Christmas and New Year, and I suppose just afterwards when it’s all over and life is back to normal is a bit of a weird one. Work/study/etc is back in full flow and all the festivities are over, but, the cold, damp and dark days are still at large. Today’s post is all about how to avoid feeling blue at the end of Christmas and the start of a new year. So, I’d you’re sobbing into your left over turkey or downing your sorrows into a bottle of Baileys, this one’s for you:


At the start of last year I left Australia and a year full of adventures. After feeling lost for a while, I threw myself into the challenge of learning to drive and it gave me something to work on, a sense of purpose, a distraction etc. Not that it stopped me from missing Australia, but it definitely helped me. This year I plan to write more and actually push my blog, so that will definitely be a new challenge that I set for myself this year. I’d also like to actually start scrapbooking as I’ve been meaning to do one on my university experience and now Australia. Finding new passions, outlets and distractions can definitely bring you back to life when you’re feeling blue


You know the whole new year, new me shit? Well now is a top time to set yourself targets to work with. This could be anything personal or professional. It’s always helpful to have something to focus on and work towards. As well as helping to breakdown your weeks and months. It’s also a fun way to test yourself over the next twelve months.


I’m constantly looking to cut back on things, I’mNot very good at cutting down though, it takes me a good few times to get though my stuff. I found clothes in my wardrobe from 2008 the other day. On December 31st I put up my new clothes rack, which was the start of fresh start to New Year I reckon as I still need to have a cut down. Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes that you’ve forgotten that you owned, or you haven’t worn since 2010? Is your make up collection old enough to go clubbing? GET RID. New year is the time to start a fresh and that includes making up space in your house.


I’ve always loved reading, but the last couple of years since GCSEs, A Levels and university, I’ve struggled to find the time to read a book, at least for me. Which I’ve found kind of sad. It also didn’t stop me from adding to my ever growing, huge collection of books. However, when I got back from Australia, I found that I had the time to read again. Which was great. I was loving buying new books and getting stuck into new worlds and adventures. However, since I started my job in September, books have taken the back seat again. But, this year I am planning to get back into reading again. There really isn’t much of a better feeling than getting lost for hours in a book, that you really cannot put down. If you’re feeling the January blues, pick up that book and get lost for hours as reading is such a good mood booster.


Feeling a bit blue? Want to make changes to your life style? Evaluate yourself and see where it can take you. For me I plan to get into a better gym/fitness routine, blog more, and meal plan more. Small things that with the right routine could really help me in the future. At the end of it, life is what you make of it. Anyway, bring on 2018.

Here’s to hoping everyone had a prosperous, successful and a very happy 2018.

Until next time,

Love, hugs and pugs,



Eighteen reasons why I’m basic Autumn trash.

Ok so I am aware that Autumn is almost over. It’s also very over done in the blogging world and I would like to blame illness and a new 9-5 job, well actually an 8:30-5:00 job for the lack of blogs on my part. But, I didn’t want to miss out on the Autumn fun, and as it is almost over (the Christmas red cups officially hit Costa on November 2), I will frantically try and schedule a few last minute Autumny based blog posts for the next week or so, before we wave the Pumpkin Spice goodbye for another year.

So yes, get your basic white girl trash Pumpkin Spice Lattes ready, here’s why I love Autumn. As if there’s not already a shit load of posts out there spreading the Autumn love.


Who doesn’t love walking around in a world made of cosy, orange, beige and reds? Watching the world around me change from the fresh, green summer tones, to the warming orangeness is something rather special. Also, they make great photos.

2| Harry Potter movie marathons.

Nothing says Autumn like snuggling up on the sofa, whilst wrapped up in a blanket, hot drink in hand, surrounded by family, with Harry Potter blaring from the TV. Bliss. It is the ultimate cosy night in film.

3|Eager shops.

Judging shops for already displaying Christmas decorations, but secretly you’re thrilled because CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

4| Boxsets.

The changing of the season means a decent line up on Netflix, Sky Movies/Boxsets etc…The colder seasons also means that it is socially acceptable to stay snuggled up inside binging on TV sessions.

5| Bubble baths. 

It’s so much nicer having a steaming hot bubblebath when it’s cold and dark outside. Also, the warmer summer months means that it is more likely that you will overheat. Something that does not happen in the colder months.

6| Autumny stuff in shops.

All the cosy looking Autumn and winter decorations are very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

7| Lush’s Halloween bath bomb range

They are literally the bomb. Also, they smell divine.

8| Flies.

There’s a noticeable lack of flies buzzing around and I love it.

9| Big cosy knitted sweaters.

Give me all the colours. Also, Newlook’s got some very nice colourful ones this year for £9.99. Give me.

10| No shaving.

Shaving is less compulsory in the colder months. Bring on the bearlegs.

11| Digging out the Primark Christmas PJs.

It’s officially time to bring those bad boys out of hibernation.

12| Duvet days are mandatory.

Bring on weekends, where you will most likely find me wrapped up like a burrito in a duvet cover, surrounded by endless hot drinks, snacks and Netflix.

13| Dad’s homemade Sunday roast dinners.

There’s nothing like ending a Sunday with a banging homemade roast and a long soak in a steamy, hot bubble bath? Long gone are the days where the kids would be crying over having four tomatoes on their salad when they specifically asked for three. I love a good cosy Sunday Autumn/Winter night.

14| All the candle scents.

Pumpkin spice, cinnamon drizzle swirl with caramel on top?

15| Colour.

All the colours every where and I’m not just talking about leaves, but in general. Orange, red, burgundy, mustard. I love it.

16| Flavours. 

Throwing cinnamon or toffee or pumpkin spice for instant Autumn success.

17| Crispness. 

The cool, crisp air and golden light everywhere. Perfect. Not too cold, but snuggly.

18|Autumn social media.

Drooling over everyone’s cosy, orangy, Autumnal social media because good light.

And there you go. Just a few basic ass reasons as to why I’m an Autumn lover.

Until next time.

Love, hugs and pugs.



Sunday Summaries|Zac Efron’s abs, happy discounts, bloody wrists, failed ticket attempts,

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum. As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summariaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Also I apologise for the slow updates, not only on my Sunday Summaries series, but also throughout my blog in general. I have hit a slump recently and lost a bit of my mojo so the words just haven’t flown recently as well as they are capable of doing and honestly I haven’t really felt like writing much recently either, so there’s that. I have plans to go through my blog, tidy up, shorten, change and edit posts and the lay out within the next few weeks, so bare with me for the crappy, messy blog, for the time being at least.

This week’s blog starts 29th May – 4th June 2017.

This week consists of lots of walks, photography opportunities, a lack of productivity (work wise), too many glasses at work and hobbling around with a sore toe.

Gym Sessions and ab attempts.

Again I have been shit at even attempting to gym or workout. After last Sunday’s hectic night at work and hearing customers telling me about the fact that the whole pool was booked out and everyone was frustrated after traveling for hours to get to the hotel, they couldn’t use the hotel’s facilities, I decided to avoid the hotel at all costs this week, apart  from when I had work of course. I did try some ab workouts at home, but had to stop as my toe was making planking impossible. I feel fairly fit from a job where you’re constantly on your feet running about collecting glasses and lifting anyway, so I suppose at least I’m not at a job at the moment where I’m sat at a desk for hours on an end. Although I do want one of course, but by the time those opportunities come around, I shall be making sure to gym at least three times a week to compensate so I don’t get flabby.  Next week is a new week and all that, yada yada yada, let’s hope I am more successful. I am off to Bristol today, and I plan to hit the gym tomorrow morning when I get back to the Bay, (I’m even bringing my gym stuff with me, dedication). So yes gyming and/or running this week as well as home workouts are on the cards. Watch this space.


Work has been fairly busy this week being fully booked out with holiday makers and the half term holidays. Luckily though, no all inclusive, not that I mind it, but sometimes it’s nice to not have that on. We’ve had a big group of Germans in this week, who like to eat late and order lots of drinks, which makes our job harder as we’re waiting around for lots of glasses at the end. Usually we’d have all the restaurant glasses finished by around 9 at the latest. In fact I was running the other bar a few times, and I had to keep rushing out to the dishwasher in between serving lots of customers drinks, which made my job a bit harder. I definitely prefer having most of the glasses from the restaurant done so I can focus more on the bar. In fact I ended up cutting my wrist when a Carling glass shattered all over me, and I didn’t have time to cover it, so had to try and angle my wrist away from the customers and try not to bleed everywhere when pouring a few pints. Health and safety and all that. The Germans were polite and nice though, and tipped very well, I made £6.50 from them, and a cute, seemingly deaf old man, which is £1 away from an hour’s pay for me. (Crap pay I know, I’m working on it!)  The waiting staff weren’t a fan of having those tables though, as they ended up having to leave a lot later than everyone else.

I had a big group of singers in, who sat at the tables singing all night. That was nice and very different to the usual sounds of mindless chitchat and the TV, which you usually get. I especially liked their version of Les Mis – I Dreamed A Dream and You’ll Never Walk Alone. They were nice though, very polite. In fact I came in an hour earlier with Mark as they were eating dinner earlier than usual as they were performing somewhere. Mark originally thought it was the Germans, and he wanted a hand with the drink orders. As it turned out, I wasn’t really needed as between Mark and myself, we did two tables. It was the easiest hour’s work though. Sadly, that night was very busy for me, I ended up staying until midnight, as well as walking to work as mum and dad were working. I worked out that I had been standing up for eight hours straight by the end of the night and my feet were absolutely throbbing.  I also got very tired at the end and accidentally spilled a beer all over the bar when I pulled a beer mat without looking. That meant that Mark and I then had to clean all the glasses on the top row, plus clean the row quickly etc. That extra work was not necessary when it was almost closing. I basically gave my manager extra work to do.😳 Thank god we were on top of everything that night.



Getting out of the flunk.

Yes I am still in the ‘flunk,’ which is getting very repetitive isn’t it. Although I have applied for a few jobs, mostly around Liverpool actually this week, so I do feel better. I have also been writing this week, which is a start. I just need a tidy up job and to organise stuff so I can start getting my writing up and running. That’s some progression I suppose, I am still a long way off from where I want to be of course, but small steps always lead to the bigger picture, so happy days. One day, I will have myself that banging salary job, which is the start to hopefully a successful career, I won’t give up just yet, it will happen. Hopefully this up and coming week will continue to be productive – blogging  editing, tidying, scheduling and job applying, as well as working out and getting my abs back etc. I’d also really love to do some website editing and posting this week. I have plans to be getting on with.

Catch Ups.

This week I haven’t been all that sociable, by my standards anyway.

On the Monday, I really enjoyed a cheeky trip to the cinema in the afternoon with Abi, especially as the film involved Zac Efron’s abs. 😏 Basically we went to see the new Baywatch film, which as enjoyable as it was, the film was very predictable, although it did have some very funny moments in it. Also Zac played a dooshbag, which kind of didn’t make him as attractive, as in the character, not Zac. Still I enjoyed all the abs and hot bodies on display throughout the film, so there’s that. Like Abi said, as good as it was to watch, it’s not the kind of film that you’d rush to buy on DVD, although if it was on the TV I’d watch it or on a plane etc.

I also had a nice and lazy afternoon with my best friend Livy, who was knackered after a long morning of rushing around to buy the last of the stuff for her boyfriend’s birthday the next day. We ended up eating lots of discounted healthy salady stuff from Waitrose and watching Pirates of the Caribbean Four all afternoon, and Liv was battling not to fall asleep as she’d gotten pretty comfy on the sofa, and we’d closed the curtains and the film is quite dark, and it was bright outside. I was so full of salad and avocado by the end and I felt bloody brilliant, the only downside was, I was SO not feeling having to get ready for work afterwards. Such a kill joy.

I was supposed to catch up with my friend Luke, but he bailed on me (AGAIN), and I was also supposed to meet up with Paige on the Friday, but after my horrendous long shift on the Thursday (the 8 hours on my feet one), I ended up sleeping in until midday as I was knackered and we missed each other, but saying that Paige and I are going to Bristol today, along with Nastassja, so I’ll be seeing them today. (To be updated in the next few days).



This week I finally got around to watching the last three episodes and catching up and finishing off Riverdale. Ooh I wasn’t expecting that. I have also just started off watching Thirteen Reasons Why, and man it is SO good. I can see why there’s been so much hype to the show. Although I am only on episode two as I have to fit it around Dad and seemingly my niece and nephews who come over randomly and want to watch Finding Dory/talk a lot over it, I am really enjoying the show and am already hooked. I can’t wait to watch more. Of course I have also been watching Gilmore Girls, although it’s easier to just watch it with mum in the evenings, on a rare night off, which slows progress of course, but I’m enjoying watching it with mum. I just wished we’d watched it together from the beginning as mum’s only seen random episodes of season 3,4,5 and now 6, which we started last night. I’ve decided I’m going to introduce her to Orange Is The New Black next once we’ve finished Gilmore Girls and The Revival.


I actually haven’t read that much I am ashamed to say this week, I’m not too sure why, but I will be getting back into it, as I have lots of books by my bed, as well as other’s in the post, and on both mine and mum’s book shelves, which I am excited to get stuck into. I’m now re-reading And The Mountains Echoed, which is by one of my favourite authors Khaled Hosseini. I am enjoying it so far. As noted before, I have many ideas of reviews for books that I have recently read to come, so watch this space. I was very excited to receive my book – Talking As Fast As I Can. Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls Autobiography, which I purchased off Amazon. I am a big fan of Lauren Graham and I have only heard good things about this book.



This week I have had a fair few evenings off work, which has given me a rare opportunity to cook a little bit more. I enjoyed making myself these very nice vegetable and haloumi skewers with a Greek herb sauce, discounted in Waitrose along with rice and couscous (which was also in the reduced section in Waitrose). I also enjoyed making myself a very nice stirfry – from Waitrose’s reduced section haha.  I also continued with my new found favourite veggie finger wraps, which have been a top lunch idea. I still haven’t used my new George Foreman grill yet. I tried to treat myself to some fancy turkey or lamb from Waitrose the other day for a Friday treat, just so I could be a little different, as well as to experiment with my grill, but it was unsurprisingly too expensive for my taste. Watch this space though, I’m looking forward to playing with my new toy, as well as being healthy again.


One day I randomly woke up early so I ended up deciding to try and get tickets for Ariana’s benefit concert much earlier than planned, which ended up with me since 6:50ish having lots of tabs open on Safari, which just gets confusing after a while. I ended up stressing out as it was getting later in the morning and I still hadn’t joined any queues. It turned out being a waste of time as despite the fact that I had been on the websites since 6:50am, I still managed to get tickets for Ebony and myself to go to the concert. In all honesty I would have been better off staying in bed. What a waste of time. Also, FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER, for changing your ticketing policy queuing.

This week I have enjoyed picking up lots of random bargains from trips to Waitrose, including mango, strawberries, veggies and my new favourite caramel surprises.

I was disappointed that mum refused to pick me up on her way to Sainsburies as it was the morning after that horrifically long shift and my feet were still slightly throbbing. My mum is fantastic at being there for me, so I hate complaining too much, but I honestly was so tired that I couldn’t face going food shopping at 9am, having been up since about 2am and on my feet for eight hours straight the night before. Big up dad for accepting my shopping list with grace  though and saving my tired ass so I could have a lie in and recover.

I had a long overdue fun video call with Lucy, one afternoon, which was fun. I missed hanging out in her room in Australia. In fact I really miss hanging out with her properly. To be honest, we chat everyday so we didn’t have much to chat about as we both know the ins and outs of each other’s lives, but it was fun to chat to her regardless.

Last week I treated myself to the first two Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks on Amazon as they were the cheapest ones that I could find. I also bought the third Pirates one, but issues with my card meant that they had to refund me as the CD had already been sold. Never mind, next time. Anyway it was bloody awesome listening to both soundtracks, they are genius. Also I know which scene in the film is playing at the song, especially Harry Potter. They made the walk to work a lot more interesting and I loved lying in bed listening to Harry Potter, so magical.

I finally got around to booking my train tickets for the afternoon and night in Bristol for tonight, which I’m kind of glad that I was too lazy, as I bought them much later than planned, but saved myself some money in the process. If I’d bought myself a ticket the day before, I would have paid an extra tenner at least. In the end my laziness meant I was able to treat myself to an £8 ticket for the next day, meaning that I ended up spending £26ish instead of £36+, fun.
I finally managed to get my iPad updated, which was much needed trust me. I had been trying for a couple of weeks, but couldn’t as I didn’t have enough storage space. It ended up taking ages, but I am so glad that I can finally get apps back that I haven’t seen in a while like Instagram, Facebook, Timehop etc. Small things eh. I had missed them though.



Well the 2016/17 football season ended the other week, so unsurprisingly there’s not much news at the moment and it’s still too early for any big transfers to have taken place just yet. Liverpool did sign Dom Solanke from Chelsea, which was quite funny as his older brother went to the same university as me. Although I never really spoke to him, I always found him attractive. He knew it though, so I didn’t really bother. Also, my team mate and really good pal Becky fancied him so it was always a no go from the start. He looks like a good player though, but he’s only 19, so I reckon Klopp will slowly introduce him like he has been doing with young players Alexander-Arnold, Woodburn, Wilson etc. I’m sure Klopp has a plan though with the youngsters as he’s been giving them plenty of opportunities this season with the first team, I trust him. I can’t wait for the start of the new season and all the summer friendlies etc to come though, it will be a long couple of months without my boys.

So yes, usual ending to this blog. I plan on going through my blog and tidying this rambly mess up, adding in the photos etc. So no judging for the time being. This blog is a work in progress. Also I’m off to Bristol now, so I shall be including a few updates of my afternoon/night with my besties + Craig, holiday planning and cocktail drinking at TGI’s, so watch this space.

Until next time,
Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo

Sunday Summaries|Grumpy customers, lunching in the sun, making a mess with cider and getting lamely excited looking at house ware items.

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum. As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Also I apologise for the slow updates, not only on my Sunday Summaries series, but also throughout my blog in general. I have hit a slump recently and lost a bit of my mojo so the words just haven’t flown recently as well as they are capable of doing and honestly I haven’t really felt like writing much recently either, so there’s that. As I have failed to get any blog posts up on a Sunday for the whole of March, shocking I know, I have decided to do one big March summary for an up and coming post so keep an eye out. Also, ironically I have had four weeks of half written up posts for each week’s Sunday Summaries. So I did make an effort, I guess I just didn’t follow through.

This week’s blog covers the month of March starting: April 10th 2017 to the 16th.

In all honesty, this week hasn’t been all that spectacular. In fact, all I have really done is attempt to be productive in the day time, and pulled a fair few mildly successful attempts of pints of Carling. I had one day off this week too, which I am not complaining about, because hello money and also it’s quite funny working there, oh and the more I work, the more confident I get. So I really cannot complain too much I suppose.

This week, I have been motivated to write, although I am still definitely not on top form. I think I just really need to get myself into a proper routine, because I have a bit motivation, but I still lack that final push for a decent end product. It will come though, so I am feeling positive about getting myself back into a decent routine – blogging/writing/organising and scheduling content for my blog, website and soon mum’s social media content for her new mosaic business, oh and also tidying everything up. And also running/working out, swimming and gym. I just need to get my membership card sorted out from work so I can use the pool for free and the gym for £2 a session. I’ve been working there for a month now, so I finally qualify. Next week. I have a couple of day shifts, so hopefully I shall have my arse in gear real soon.

I managed to get a few blog posts written and posted up on here in time this week, which has been nice. I enjoyed splurging down my thoughts on this week’s Lazy Days and Thursdays, which you can read about here. That was actually ready on Monday, which meant I could relax a bit when it came down to getting work up. In fact it was therapeutic, as I wrote my thoughts down about a topic that had been slightly bothering me for a while. Adulting. I also got Saturday’s one up, on time, as well as an extra post and one on Hillsbrough on my other website, so I would say it was a mildly successful week. I also applied for a few jobs, even when a power cut  got in my way for about 15 minutes.

I was a little bit sad that I missed out on my weekly Sunday roast, given that I had to work on Sunday night. But, I didn’t miss out as I got to eat it on a Monday instead. I know it’s not quite the same, but, it still tasted grand.  I also missed out on my favourite Sunday bath sessions, so I made up for it on a Tuesday night on my day off, complete with a banging Spotify playlist, and a de-bearing session, I felt super fabulous afterwards.

Sunday roast. On a Monday. (Insert pics here.)

Actually Tuesday was the best day for me this week. I had a top start, lying on the sofa, with a coffee in my hand, wrapped in a duvet, finally getting my arse around to giving Downton Abbey a try. Happy days. I enjoyed a rather nice, late pub lunch in the sun, in a beer garden over looking the sea, which in my opinion is a rather British summer time thing.

Late pub lunch in the sun with Vango. (Insert pics.)

I also had a rather fun hour or so mooching around this shop called The Range. I got rather lamely excited (again), looking at home stuff. I’m not even a home owner right now. Honestly you should have seen the excitement I got over a spice rack and some duvet sets. Clearly I need to get on with my life so I can get my own place and really make it my own.

I also bought myself a cute, little jar so I can put my tip money in from work, as my purse was borderline obese from all the spare change I have gotten from work. I have decided that I am going to put it towards my planned weekly gym (and swim – which is free) sessions. I also got myself an organiser to start organising all my planned weekly blog posts for all my sites, so I can finally start getting all my scribbles and drafts up and displayed to my little corner of the internet. I also nearly bought one or both of photo frames so I can display photos of my time in Australia. (insert pic here.)

I also really liked this awesome elephant style bedding, I didn’t end up getting it though as I wasn’t sure whether my duvet was a king or a double. I shall probably be back one day next week to get stuff. It’s safe to say I am feeling inspired to change my room around, as it’s much needed. So yes, I had a top day off, like I said, I had the most awesome bubble bath, made myself some nice sweet and sour chicken and then sat down to watch my new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them DVD with mum and dad, even if dad fell asleep half way through. Working nights means I have forgotten what it’s like to cook myself some dinner and actually be able to sit down and eat it. We get food at work, but it’s hard to eat it when we actually have a job to do. I usually get indigestion from walking around and shovelling food quickly into my gob in between serving people drinks. Also, the food is usually cold. Hard life haha.

This week I also had a few of those days where I wasn’t sure if I was productive or not? Do you ever have one of those days? I’m talking about the whole, did I or did I not waste a day by my lack of productivity? Like it’s one of the most frustrating feelings when it gets to a certain point in the day,  in my case, when I have to start getting ready for work, and I started questioning myself. However, I have finally started, in between saving more, cutting down on stored quotes on my phone, which I seem to be obsessed with at the moment. To the point where my phone is almost full of storage capacity and I’m annoy myself. It’s a good way to start your day off motivation wise though. I really love powerful quotes, reading quotes in the morning complete with a coffee has the effect of inspiring me to take on the world with my words and my thoughts.

This week I had the usual video call/daily facebook messages conversations with Lotty, which is always nice. I love the fact that despite the fact that I am now 8 hours behind time wise, on the other side of the world and on a completely different continent, that Lot and I have still maintained daily contact, because we were really close. I know it’s not the same as seeing her every day, and I’m sure it might cut down at some point, but for the time being, I am just really appreciating being able to chat to her, like old times. Sort of. This week though, the dry season is starting back up at Lake A and Lot has been VERY busy,  especially with it being Easter today, so we haven’t chatted as much as we were this week, which is understandable. It’s coming up to a year since we met on the 19th, so I actually sent her a funny Moonpig card this week, which was an idea I randomly came up with whilst sat on the toilet at work.

This week my little nephew Will made it into the Under 7s (?) TUFC academy, which is adorable. He’s absolutely besotted with the beautiful game, which is great because it means that I will always have a little mate to have a kick around with whenever he’s around. 🙂 In fact I enjoyed a quick kick around with him and dad in the garden before I had work. It’s also really fun having someone to chat football with, as he’s getting me back into being interested in all things football like old times, as apposed to just following Liverpool and the teams around them.

This week I finally started putting my wages from work off my card into my ISA savings account. Not that I didn’t want to before, but I finally got around to it. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I have already made plans for once I have that desired banging salary job as to what to do with my money, like saving for the future and learning to drive mostly. I have probably mentioned this a fair amount, but I am so ready to start adulating, getting a decent job and saving. I also want to learn how to budget and start paying my parents back.

Work wise this week, it’s been rather fun. In all honesty I am starting to rather enjoy working there, it’s not a main thing, or a forever thing. But, I enjoy it and the people are great. Although this week it’s been quite confusing in terms of the rota changing again, and seemingly a lot. Also this week’s guests have been a bit of a grumpy bunch. There’s been one or two nice ones though. I guess the hardest part is having to get ready in the evening when everyone else’s working day is over. I enjoyed hiding in the cupboard with Jess, hiding from who Jess reckoned was the head chef, and eating chicken gorgons, chip and beans and also dancing to Big Fish Little Fish behind the bar, during the late night kid’s disco, also with Jess. I also had a laugh with Yuko a lot this week, narrowly avoided working something like 11 days straight, not that I suppose I would have moaned too much, but it was nice of Jaz to point that out and offer to do that shift for me so I could have a night off, especially with the dreaded Young Farmers down next weekend. I also got to man the other bar one night all by myself, which is something I haven’t done yet. That was pretty sweet, although it was kind of busy as apparently the other bar that I normally work at in the main lounge, so people were coming to me for drinks. I also made a mess with the cider as the pump wouldn’t stop, the drip tray over flowed and there was cider all over the floor – oops!

I really enjoyed having a lazy Saturday, before work. I usually try and be productive in the day before work, but it’s nice to give myself a bit of a chill session from time to time. Especially given that I only had one day off this week anyway.  I managed to wash and dry my hair, drink a frothy coffee, make a banging colourful stir-fry, I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them again with dad, well kind of, I also mooched around on my phone and what not.  I also managed to connect the wifi onto our TV, which meant that I could get the Netflix button on the remote to work. Winning. Boom. I ended up on a 90s throwback hype watching Pokemon. Which I’m not shamed to admit because it was just background noise whilst I blogged. You see, I want to watch TV shows on Netflix and give it my full attention. I’m looking forward to having a few binging sessions in the the next few weeks with various shows that I need to catch up with, like Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Orange is The New Black, Riverdale etc. By the way, it’s interesting rewatching the old original Pokemon, the one I loved as a kid, because in all honesty, it’s actually really bad haha. I will still probably watch it from time to time, just because.

I also managed to write a couple of blogs yesterday, including one spontaneous one an hour or so before I had to start getting ready for work and another one, which you can read on my new website, on the subject of Hillsbrough, which I wrote once I got home from work, so I was pretty proud of myself considering I was having a lazy day. I also made notes last night for this blog too, so I would say yesterday over all was pretty successful.


I also watched Liverpool scrape 3 points against a tough to break down West Brom side, which was a scrappy game from start to finish. I hate playing West Brom, it works for them, but their playing style makes it rough to watch. Anyway, 3 points, a clean sheet and no injuries. Now to go and have a kick around with the nephew, hopefully watch Man United lose, or at least draw, and then off to work until Midnight. Fun times eh! I’m just kidding. Work really isn’t all that bad.

Anyway, until next time.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Keri. xo

PS I shall be back to tidy up this post with pictures and what not and a quick update on tonight’s shift most likely, so no judging for the time being.















Damn, that sucks!

So, today is supposedly a national ‘That Sucks’ day in America, due to the fact that April 15th is historically a very unfortunate day in the lives of American people – tax pay day, the day that Abraham Lincoln apparently died, and of course, it was the day that Titanic plunged to her icy death over 100 years ago.

Having seen a few mentions of the day being throw around on the internet, I decided to take a cheeky look into what the day means to the yanks – as in, one quick little search on Goole , nothing too extensive. It essentially means ‘F it,’ to over optimistic people. For a naturally optimistic person, the whole idea behind the day is quite an interesting concept, not that I have any plans to change who I am anytime soon.

Although I try not to complain too much about my life, as in the grand scheme of things, my life is pretty damn sweet, I have been inspired to compel a list of things and situations which could be seen as sucky. You know, the times, where you find yourself wanting to rip your hair out, or repeatedly smack your head against a wall?


31 Things that really do suck.

1| Waking up minutes before your alarm – meaning that you have no time to go back to sleep.

2| When things just don’t go right. You know, just one of those days.

3| Finding the perfect pairing and story on Fanfiction, and then discovering that it hasn’t been finished or updated since 2012.

4|Slow internet.

5|When you’re watching one of your favourite TV shows or Youtube videos, and the screen keeps on freezing.

6|Arriving somewhere early, only to discover that the event has been cancelled.

7|Stubbing your toe on something. ARGH the pain!

8|Getting a cold. I can’t deal with colds. They are the worst.

9| Not playing football as well as you know you can. 

10| Buying a desperately needed coffee, and not having time to drink it, so it gets cold and disgusting.

11| Watching a movie with your family, when a suddenly a sex scene pops up. Cringe.

12|When you catch a serious case of wanderlust, but you’re broke and have no time to go exploring.

13|People who follow you on social media, only to delete you a few days later. (Seriously I can’t believe people are still playing that game of following people just for follows and thinking they will get away with unfollowing straight away afterwards).

14|When your favourite song comes on, as soon as you arrive at your destination.

15|When you find the perfect item of clothing, and the shop has every size, but yours.

16|Writing something, and forgetting to save it. I hate myself, every time that happens.

17|When stupid people who contribute nothing to society get made ‘relevant’ and become some kind of ‘celebrity.’ – It’s one of my biggest pet hates.

18|Having a crush on someone, who you have absolutely no chance of being with. This also includes fictional characters and famous people haha.

19| When you discover that you have definitely been wasting time on someone not worth your time.

20|Discovering mid argument that you’re wrong. (And having to decide what your next move is.)

21| Getting to hang out with your friend, only to end up awkwardly third wheeling.

22|Lack of motivation – or having loads of ideas and inspiration, but lack the motivation to go ahead and do shit.

23|Ordering a meal and getting excited about it, only to be informed by the waiter that they don’t have any left.

24|When the TV show that you have spent the past few weeks watching non stop for a week, finishes. What am I supposed to do now?

25|When people cancel on you last minute. Great.

26|Not getting accepted for a job because, despite the fact that you impressed them, you lack experience. So I need experience to get a job, but I need a job to gain experience. How does that work?

27|When the author or TV show decides to kill off your favourite character. No wonder so many people have trust issues.

28|Making a joke, or telling a funny story, only end up getting a lecture from your parents.

29|Suddenly remembering an embarrassing moment from years ago and cringing so hard. Why do I do this to myself?

30|When you’re really hungry, but too lazy to make yourself something to eat.

31|Maths. I hate maths.

I know things suck at times, but that’s life. Good things, bad, things, and life happens. Even if you happen also be having a sucky day today, just remember it’s a bad day and not a bad life. You can always see it as a write off, and wake up tomorrow fresh. Besides, think, was it a bad day or a bad five minutes that you milked for the rest of the day?

Anyway, until next time,

Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo



Lazy Days and Thursdays| My Dream House.

Side note: Once again, I appologise for the lack of blog love recently. I very much plan on sitting down and giving my blog a good re-vamp soon, I promise. And again, lets blame lack of motivation, being ill and late night bar work for my recent slump.

So anyway, today I though I would talk about my dream house today, since I have recently discovered the shock horror of actually getting excited over house ware in shops and making plans in my head as to what I would like for my future own place.

Let’s be honest, we all know that when it comes down to amazing houses, there’s one woman who’s really got it going on. And she’s been rocking the housing market since 1959. Well played Barbie, well played. That little blonde style icon has been living it up in her three-storey mansion, complete with a kitchen stocked with only the best plastic kitchen range, and a garage that homes her bright pink convertible. Let’s not forget the pool too, so she can host only the best pool parties in town!

Moving on from Barbie, today I’m here to tell you all about my own dream house, which sadly doesn’t include any bright pink convertibles or any plastic Kens. I know, soz Barbie. 😉


Well thanks to my recent year long trip Down Under, where I fell in love with white, sandy beaches, deep turquoise oceans, bright orange, varied landscapes, fresh, juicy fruit on the daily and weather rarely going under 30 degrees, I’m choosing Australia for my dream location, which is weird as I had always imagined I’d end up in London, having had the time of my life there for three years at university. As for location, I haven’t quite decided. For me, as much as I am a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle, being around people and things always happening, cities actually feel wrong in Australia. I know, weird right. They just seem really out of place. I suppose Perth would be an ideal spot, idyllic beaches, great cafes and coffee places, decent shops, a fair amount to do, lots of parks etc. But, it’s quite small for a city. I found I quickly outgrew the place. Melbourne would be ok too, I have family there. It’s quite wet and not as warm though. I really like remote Australia to be honest, I love the landscape and the freedom. I suppose Cairns hits the right spot, you have shops, but you also have rain forests, the ocean which leads to The Great Barrier Reef and a good airport should you want to visit family and friends. I also fell in love with The Kimberlys and Lake Argyle, it’s probably a bit too remote for my career aspirations, but I would go there a few times a year for a holiday.

The Bedroom:

Well for starters, I would definitely love to have an en-suit, which also hopefully contains a shower. I don’t know why, but it’s something I would love to have in my own place. And of course, what girl doesn’t dream of a walk-in closet? I’d love to have my clothes all ordered, some hanging up, and others nicely folded, like big wintery type jumpers etc. And of course, shoes out on one side with bags etc. I would also like to have a massive cork board, to display my photos, memories and meaningful bits and bobs as I really am one sentimental fucker. Another little room inclusion would have to be some little fancy potted plants like maybe a few cactus in interesting display piece, some nice scented things like a few Yankee candles and a big, fancy mirror. The most thing, however, is the bed. I would love a huge, full, king-size memory foam bed of dreams and a big duvet mountain on top, the kind that would make getting out of it in the mornings very difficult, but oh, so worth it! I will also have my bed facing a big flat screen TV, which will be linked up to several big hard drives containing lots of TV shows and movies, and maybe, although I’m not much of a gamer, have a wii or some kind of similar console, which is fun to play with two people. I would also get a mini fridge for my room, full of like bottles of water and drink and maybe a few snacks, so I could always be hydrated.

Living Room:

The living room is kind of the heart and soul of the house. I would like it to be light, modern, but with a homie feel to it. It needs to have long sofas, which can accommodate lots of people comfortably, with blankets in the corner for feeling snuggly in the evenings. I would also like a coffee table – maybe made out of glass, and a big, flat screen TV, complete with a few DVDS, nicely on display in crisp, whitish, cupboards and a DVD player which links up the TV to lots of big hard drives full of TV shows and movies. Lastly, I would like some kind of sound system so that I can play music out loud to my heart’s content.


I may have out grown parties, well ok getting shit faced and clubs, but I am very much a social bean, who loves food and has recently gotten more confident and discovered how much fun cooking actually is. I would love to be able to invite people over for dinner, so I would say a big, open-plan kitchen and dining room is pretty important. Also being in Australia, I would definitely need to have a BBQ. I am a big fan of modern day kitchens, with lots of light and stylish kind of designs so that would be the kind of look I would be going for. I would also like a kitchen island, and a big table for sit down meals. I would have to include a spice rack and a book shelf with lots of cooking and recipe books for my dream home too, just because. Lastly, I would love a big fridge, the kind that has options of an ice/slush/water, a dishwasher and lots of cupboards to store lots of dry food. Oh and I’ll also have an expensive coffee machine and a George Foreman grill.

The Garden:

Well in Australia, you definitely need some kind of pool to cool down whenever you feel as if you’re in dire need of a cool down so I am definitely including a pool here. I like the design of my Auntie Lesley and Uncle Peter’s pool so I would go for something similar. Also like them, I would have a large collection of floats and noodles to chill on. I was also a fan of their home spa (hot tub) design, complete with wood, fairy lights and lots of outdoor furniture so that’s making my list. I would probably include an out door bar there though so I could make cocktails, and a little TV.
I would also include lots of funky outdoor furniture and a table for weekend sunny breakfasts. And of course, the garden would have to be big enough for a dog, as I have my heart set on being dog-mother to at least a little spoodle called Bandit.

Extra Space:

I would like a room, which can store some gym equipment and exercise mats. Although I plan to have a gym membership, a workout room would be neat. I would also like to have a study room, which will be light and have a very nice desk for me to do some work or blogging etc. There will be a cork board to help me organise and time manage, with inspirational quotes. It wouldn’t be a dream house without a HUGE library too as I absolutely love books, so I’d love to have a library completely lined with bookshelves! I will have many leather-bound books and the room will smell of rich mahogany. I’m thinking a full Harry Potter style library, but with fewer books that try to bite you and more comfy beanbags and cushions. There would be some reading chairs and lamps too as it wouldn’t be a library without them. I would also have a comfy window seat for those warm, sunny days and evenings when I can curl up with a book and tea and enjoy the warm glow.

So yeah, one can dream right. One day haha.

Anyway,  until next time.

Love, Hugs and Pugs,

The weekly hit and miss list. #10

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading multiple blogs where people state their weekly favourites for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own weekly summaries for a while. I started one draft in November, which actually didn’t work out with timings and stuff and never got finished or posted. Which is probably a good thing given how late in the year I was trying to start something. As it’s now 2017, I’m going to give this one a real good crack.

I have decided to narrow it down into three things that I am finding to be a hit this week and three things which are a miss this week, just like the kind of things you often find in magazines.

So without further ado:
(Week starting 27/2/17)


1| Grey’s Anatomy

I have mentioned this one a few times, but I am shockingly bad at watching TV shows on time and binging on them as well. Once again, I find myself twelve or so years behind everyone else, but how good is this TV show! I have been meaning to watch it for years, but again it was always on my I’ll watch it at some point list. I am fortunate that my parents have Sky TV with the boxsets function, because I am finally able to play catch up.  I started the other day and gosh, it’s SO good. I was hooked from the beginning, which can be a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to TV show pilots. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it, with my dad liking to hog the remote, I only usually manage one episode every morning between my workout and dad’s lunch time. So I am very slowly getting my way through the first series and I love it. I also love the fact that twelve series is already out so I can enjoy the first time of watching it for a while to come.

2| Spending time with the pals and parents. 

I have a feeling that this one might be a regular feature on this blog series, but I honestly am really enjoying spending time with those who I abandoned for a year.

This week I have had fun catching up with my friend Paige, which had been booked in two weeks in advance as Paige has a lot of Uni work at the moment. I hadn’t seen her in over a year and I regard her as one of my best friends so it was lovely. It was also very wet, cold and gross but who’s counting. We ended up in this little cafe in town, catching up and munching on a veggie breaky in Paige’s case and sipping on some warming soup and a cheeky pot of tea in my case whilst the rain lashed down outside.
I also met up with my old teammate Nicole, and had a nice natter over a flat glass of coke in one of my local pubs. Oh and we watched this dog take the biggest, sloppiest, smelliest, grossest shit right in the middle of the pub’s floor. The funniest thing was, I had skipped a workout as the original plan was a kick around in the park, but in the end we went to the pub. Priorities. I also met up with Liv again, we ended up having a super lazy day and night watching a load of movies and eating fajitas. Oh and in the morning Liv made us pancakes and set the cutest breakfast table set up and we had the funniest video call with Lotty.  I also met up with my friend Lydia, who I haven’t seen in over a year. We had a banging breaky at my favourite cafe, where we both used to work. Also I met her new guide dog Bertie and he is the cutest thing ever. I also managed to catch up with Paul again in town and had a lovely afternoon with him, nattering over our favourite hot apple and cinnamon drinks and I helped him shop for new work t-shirts in Primark. It’s been a great week.

3| Ed Sheeran’s newest album: Divide.

I wrote about Ed’s newest work of art in last week’s blog series installment. In fact it very narrowly missed out on being included on that list. But yes, it’s fantastic. It’s actually been on repeat since I bought it. I really love how there’s such a variety of cultured type songs this time around. For example, on the deluxe version which I have, track fourteen – Bibia Be Ye Ye has upbeat African influences, after which track fifteen – Nancy Mulligan seamlessly flows into an Irish jig type jam. I love it. Also once again Ed’s beautiful lyrics really do manage to hit you with all the feels. As a lot of people comment on Youtube videos of his work, Ed really does make you feel like you have just broken up from someone that you didn’t even know you were even dating. Ed Sheeran was asked on an interview on The One Show last week if Divide contains a “Thinking Out Loud song?” and he replied with the song Perfect, and I completely agree with him. Perfect is, along with How Would You Feel (Paean), Shape of You and Castle On The Hill, my favourite songs on this album. Actually it’s my favourite, it’s just beautiful. Oh so beautiful.


1|Lack of motivation.

In terms of being motivated to workout, run and blog, I really have lost my mojo recently and it’s pooey. It just makes workouts much harder than they should be and blogging/writing not very fun, when for me it always has been fun. I hate it when I lose some mojo and hit a bit of a slump because I really would love to give this blog a real good crack. I have lots of ideas of what I would like to do and posts drafted, noted down or maybe half written, so I am really keen to showcase everything to the best of my ability. This week I feel like it’s lacking again. Here’s to hoping my motivation comes back because I was finally feeling happy about my body and my writing ability.

2| Lack of money/ Stress.

I am currently in the middle of playing the waiting game. You know, when you apply for a shit load of jobs and then have to sit back and wait to find out if someone wants you or not. Well being in between jobs, as well as travelling around Australia  for a year, has left me without a lot of money, for the time being at least. Super fun. Having £1 something on my card, makes it rather difficult to enjoy simple things like buying coffee in town with friends, which is fine, for the time being at least, but it’s not much fun when you become that guy who talks about lack of money, pretty much most of the time. For the record, I’m not someone who throws money around too much, but it’s weird not having a safety net of a little bit of money on my debt card.


3| Missing Australia.

I miss Australia. I have accepted that I will be here for a little bit at least, but I do miss it. I have been looking at photos of my final few weeks and I still end up feeling like wow I miss it. Plus my home town is getting more and more scuzzy.

So there you have it, three things I’m digging and three things I’m not digging this week. Hopefully my life will still be slightly exciting in one way or another now that I am back in England for the time being. I know it’s not quite Australia, but I will enjoy every day, I mean after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.
I’m planning on scheduling a weekly hit and miss list every Saturday. Let’s see how long this lasts for.

See you next Saturday. 😉

Love, hugs and pugs.