Sundaze 12

Spring has finally arrived here in England, with the exception of the snow at the start of the week, signs of sunnier days are starting to come out. The flowers are starting to pop out, the mornings are lighter, I get home at 6:20pm and there’s still a bit of light around. It’s enjoyable. The clock’s changing this morning has also been a welcome sight and worth sacrificing an hour in bed for.

I certainly don’t feel as if I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I do believe that the drawn out cold, wet, wintery weather has been effecting my mood the past few weeks/month or so. Believe me, I am SO ready for some warmer weather and to be able to finally ditch my winter coat and scarf. I’m desperate for sunny lunch times, salads, cycling, iced drinks, running along the sea front in the golden evenings and reading books in the sun.

In other news I’ve had an interesting week, firstly with the snow and ice over last weekend preventing me from getting to Work and College at the start of the week. I’ve been poor all week because once again Beyoncé ate my money again, but it is SO worth it. I’m not going to lie though, I’m so pleased that pay day is next week. Also, no Premier League this weekend as it’s international friendlies week. God I can’t wait for club football to be back in my life. The weekend’s drag without Liverpool. Anyway, let’s get on with this weekend’s Sundaze proceedings…

Beyoncé tickets

Like I mentioned further up this post, on Monday, probably with the help of the snow, I was able to somehow get pre-sale tickets for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II Tour that’s coming to London in June. When I heard that Queen Bey is going on tour again I knew that I simply HAD/NEEDED to get tickets and be there. Before her last Lemonade tour, which I couldn’t go to because I was in Australia and she didn’t bother venturing out that far, I had been to her last four world tours. She may have ruined my record, but I knew that I’d be there in that crowd. Anyway, I managed to get tour tickets straight away and I will be there, probably in yet another t-shirt with her face on, singing along loudly and enthusiastically. Roll on June, I am already absolutely buzzing.

Snow Days (yet again!)

Ok so it worked in my favour as I managed to get Beyoncé tickets and I missed out on this week’s College day – believe me, I wasn’t fussed about that, but I wasn’t impressed to see more snow angrily attacking the windows all Sunday and Monday. I mean, it’s March, it’s supposed to be getting warmer now, not colder. So that was definitely frustrating. But at least I got Beyoncé tickets and actually did some revision for a change, even if two days in a row of coding was the most dire thing ever.

Goodbye Gossip Girl

Today I said goodbye to Gossip Girl, which left me feeling a lot more nostalgic than I was expecting to feel. I think it’s because I’ve been in the Gossip Girl world since at least October. But, yeah I definitely felt nostalgic saying goodbye to the ‘Upper East Side’ and ‘Manhatten’s Social elite’, which was weird considering it’s not like I had been on a journey with them for six years, plus the goodbye happened five/six years ago. I’m considering watching Peaky Blinders next, or maybe Power. Maybe both. Who knows. I’ll miss Chuck and Blair, Nate, Serena and Dan etc though. It’s going to be weird.

I hate international football breaks

Honestly I know so many people who will probably agree with me, but honestly international football breaks, well actually international football in general is the worst. I get it, the World Cup is this summer and squads need time to gel, but mid-season? Nah fuck off mate. I would rather watch paint dry than mediocre England scrap a 1-0 win in a game that wins you fuck all anyway. Give me Liverpool any day. A weekend without my beautiful red men is far too long, plus I’m more concerned with players picking up injuries for a meaningless friendly. One game to go and I get my boys back. I’m off now to wind down the final hour or so before bed and the working week begins again.How’s your week been?

Until next Sunday.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps Again like every single Sundaze style post this one is a bit of a trial and error really. I know it needs tidying up and it’s a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully I can get into a nice little zone with this soon. As well as my blog. For the time being though, at least I’m getting some words down and out there. Also, yes I shall start adding photos into this at some point. Bare with me please.


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