Let’s be honest, everyone has pet peeves. They’re usually silly, small things, that literally do not affect our lives, but they still manage to piss us off in some way. Take the recent snow for example. Yes it does look beautiful, and looks great on social media. But, let’s be honest it’s a huge inconvenience. Plus very cold and quite dangerous. The recent snow, plus a work training day for conflict management where we discussed things that we really dislike has lead me to thinking, why not share my list of a few things that grind my gears in the hope that I am not alone…1| Train windows being opened in winterWhy the fuck would you do that? Especially in the morning when it’s bloody freezing. There’s no escape from the cold air either. It just blows all the way down the train. 2| People who push at standing up concertsAgain. Why? I get it, you want to be near the front, but you should have arrived earlier. Simple. Not only is that dangerous, but it’s also stressful as hell. Being small in stature and standing at a grand total of 5’1 inches, I’m an easy target for people who want to try their luck. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve kicked people at concerts for doing that. Playing football for 18 years has it’s advantages sometimes because people leave you alone after that. Give me a seat at a concert any time. 3| People who drive dangerously on motorwaysThis is just stupid and incredibly dangerous. I’ve lost count over the years how many times I’ve seen people dangerously pull out all of a sudden and zip in between cars at high speeds and it’s scary to watch. Not only are they putting their own lives in danger, but also others. 4| Slow computersThis has got to be a first world problem, but honestly slow computers can be the bane of my life. Especially when I’m working on a piece of work and the computer decides not to load up anything you need to work with. 5| Half and half football scarfsI just don’t really understand why half and half football scarfs exist. It just makes you look terribly confused at where your loyalties lie. I don’t know about other football fans, but I passionately love Liverpool and I would not be seen dead wearing another club’s colours (unless it’s Torquay United). I especially wouldn’t attend a match wearing both clubs on one scarf. As far as I’m concerned, half and half football scarfs can get in the bin. 6| Un-informed football optionsOk I must admit, I take far too much enjoyment out of proving people wrong on social media, such as on Twitter and The Sky Sports Facebook page. Especially those backwards men who still think it’s the 1950s and women should be in the kitchen and not talking about football. That’s the sweetest of them all. However, I must admit, it annoys me when people sprout shit without doing a little bit of research first. If you’re going to sprout shit, please look up the facts first. Jeeze. 7| People who think it’s ok to make sexist/racist/homophobic jokes and commentsThis is something that I still feel really passionate about. I don’t understand why it’s 2018 and we still live in a world where people think it’s ok and acceptable to make jokes and comments regarding people’s race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. It’s not funny and it shouldn’t be acceptable in society. 8| HypocritesFor the record, this was my example that I used at the training morning, but I could have used quite a few examples. I guess I just can’t stand those people who think it’s ok to treat someone a certain way, but can’t stand it if they get treated that same way back. Or those people who can give banter, but can’t take it. Like those people who think it’s ok to behave a certain way, but can’t handle it if they’re treated the same way back. As far as I am concerned. Don’t give, what you can’t take. People who can’t handle alcohol/takes it too farNot that I drink all that often, but alcohol can be fun if not taken too far and if people know their limits, but there’s always that one person who gets blind drunk, embarrassing and ends up ruining the night for everyone else. That’s when the line has been crossed. Especially those guys who get creepy and make everyone around them feel uncomfortable. By all means, let lose, drink have fun, just don’t cross the line between fun and ridiculous sloppy drunk because that’s when the fun stops. People who aren’t old and call me loveJust don’t. You’re not a cute old person. Why would you call me love? Chewing gum on train seats Now that’s just vile, lazy and bloody selfish. I’ve sat on a few pieces of gum and not only is it disgusting, but it’s ruined my clothes. Put it in the bin people. People who park over our drive despite the fact we have a line in placeThis is one of my biggest pet peeves. Selfish selfish people. Not only is it really dangerous anyway – our drive is on the edge of the park which can be a dangerous part of the road, but also, it makes mum feel really nervous pulling out of her drive and that’s just not very fair. The line is there for a reason people, respect it and stop being so selfish. Also, I am not afraid to write any, passive aggressive notes on your car. So there you have it. Here’s a list of a few of the things that really do grind on my gears. Relate? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time. Love, hugs and pugs. Keri.


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