Sundaze 10

This week, I have felt tired. Not enough sleep and not enough hours in each day to do what I’d like to can do that to a girl.

One of my overarching problems is that I dream of more and know that I can achieve all that I want to if I work for it, and so I am more than happy to put in the long hours and the daily grind to be successful, but honestly I don’t know how people do it? How do people work and commute long hours every day and still fit in time to cook healthy meals, have a good gym/workout routine, a social life, time to read, time to complete boxsets and series and get plenty of sleep? Like there’s simply not enough hours in the day.This week though, I’m hoping to work on a better routine. Hopefully I’ll manage to finally complete Gossip Girl, I love the show but it feels awfully dragged out as I’ve been watching it since at least October. I’m also hoping to cook more, swim and finish my book. Watch this space on that.Anyway, on to this week…

Food and banter

This week, well more like Tuesday was great for food. I really enjoyed finally getting a cheeky Nandos with my college pals, well more like Mollie who is the much better one, (sorry T), after trying to convince them to come with me since September. Also, you can’t beat a Nandos wrap with a side of grilled haloumi cheese and creamy mash. Beautifully banging.

I also had a really nice catch up with my really good friend Lydia and her cute guide dog Bertie, who were down for a few days and my best friend Livy, whenever the three of us (four if you include Bertie) get together the banter just flows and it’s brilliant. Also, I ended up getting some very nice tacos and it was just an awesome afternoon where everyone was laughing, including randoms on the train.

Exploring the new IKEA before it’s opened to the general public

This week I had good fun exploring the brand new IKEA in a team of people from work, which was super cold, but also super fun so it was good fun. We got to go on a two hour tour, seeing how all the rooms pan out and watching them being created in the process. I made a joke that it was a great fun tour, but it was a little draughty and I was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get a free flat pack.

Training days

On the Friday I did a training day through work over at one of the other work sites with some of the other apprentices. It was on conflict management, and was really interesting. I’m trying to make the most of as many opportunities that come my way as possible, especially as I can use them all in my college OneFile. It made a nice change to be away from the office – as much as I love my job and it meant that I got to learn new things and even get to go home really early, which made a nice change.

I’m now off to hang out with Will, finish this episode of Greys, do a little bit of maths before tomorrow and write up a couple of blogs now and later a bubblebath and a roast will be on the cards. I am also hope I’ll manage a bit of a workout later as hello flabby belly.

How’s your week been?

Until next Sunday.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps Again like every single Sundaze style post this one is a bit of a trial and error really. I know it needs tidying up and it’s a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully I can get into a nice little zone with this soon. As well as my blog. For the time being though, at least I’m getting some words down and out there. Also, yes I shall start adding photos into this at some point. Bare with me please.


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