Sunday Summaries|

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum. As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summariaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Also I apologise for the slow updates, not only on my Sunday Summaries series, but also throughout my blog in general. I have hit a slump recently and lost a bit of my mojo so the words just haven’t flown recently as well as they are capable of doing and honestly I haven’t really felt like writing much recently either, so there’s that. I have plans to go through my blog, tidy up, shorten, change and edit posts and the lay out within the next few weeks, so bare with me for the crappy, messy blog, for the time being at least.

Again I am late to the posting party, but I am going to blame a week lacking in creativity or motivation.

This week’s blog starts 5th – 11th June 2017.

This week consists of one bloody toe and a ruined pair of expensive Nike trainers, lazy co-workers, catty females, and one very beautiful, hippie beach wedding in the rain.

Gym Sessions and ab attempts.

I’m not even going to even attempt to write that I made any effort to run/gym/swim this week, sadly. I did feel fat after a couple of cooked breakies though, so maybe I should have attempted to at least do some sit-ups. I have still been a little bit sceptical about my toe, as it still hasn’t quite healed over, but the good news is, a trip to the doctors did confirm that my toe is on the mend so there is that. This week I do plan to get some home-workouts planned, plus perhaps a couple of runs and a few swims so there’s that. This week (at the time of writing) is a new week and all that, yada yada yada, let’s hope I am more successful. I have a few friends up for a swim, so let’s see if swimming works out too.


This week, like last week has been very busy, with enthusiastic all inclusive guests, keen to take advantage of their unlimited free drinks between the hours of 6-11. I didn’t work as much, as my bank account would have liked, especially as I am now learning to drive, which is an expensive hobby. But it has to be said, it has been nice to enjoy the nice and chilled out sunny evenings that have been afforded to me this week and within the next couple of weeks.  But yeah, the few nights I have worked this week, there were far too many enthusiastic oldies on the all inclusive drinks band. It was honestly none stop and I was pleased to chill out in bed after my shifts had ended as my feet were aching.  In fact I had an on going inner monologue consisting of Fuck Off every time I got a split second breather to try and restock the fridges as people were really annoying me constantly coming over for more free drinks as I couldn’t do anything else.😑😒

Getting out of the flunk.

Once again, I am in the flunk, which is becoming slightly boring to write. Although like I mentioned in last week’s post, I have now started my driving lessons. At the time of writing, which is slightly late to the party, I have now had two doubles with one booked in for tomorrow morning too, which is always fun and exciting. I just want to smash out lessons as fast as possible to get me on the road as soon as possible. So far I have started to grasp some of the basics and have already been tested with fairly busy roads and traffic lights etc. I even drove myself home for the first time ever.  I shall be keeping a record on this site of my progress, so, watch this space.

I would say I have been fairly busy with the whole job applications this week, although I definitely need to change my approach a bit and make my cover letters a little bit more personal. Oops. I have also received a few rejections on other job applications, so my confidence is going down on the daily.  One day though, I will have myself that banging salary job, which is the start to hopefully a successful career, I won’t give up just yet, it will happen for me because I know that I am going to be very successful.  I have started another new personal website, as I had already begun to lose a little bit of direction. This time I let the site build up something which matched my expectations and I like it a lot more than what I had pulled out previously. Watch this space, it will be a bit of work and a project to get it up and looking like something I will be proud to show potential employees. Just like last week, I am hoping that this new week will be productive – blogging  editing, tidying, scheduling and job applying, as well as working out and getting my abs back etc. I’d also really love to do some website editing and posting this week as I have lots of ideas and stuff written down, which need editing and posting up in due course.

Catch Ups.

This week I was fairly sociable, although more towards the end then the start to the week.

I had a lovely afternoon with Livy, for the first time considering she’s incredibly busy with lots of work hours, Slimming World, a musical that she’s in this week at our local theatre, driving lessons etc. We ended up having a late spontaneous 2pm breaky at our favourite breaky place, which I am always down for, which was followed by a reductions raid in Waitrose (7 items for £3.77, boom!), and a Netflix binge of Grace and Frankie (six episodes or something). It was very nice and chilled.

I had a lovely catch up with my friend Lydia and her adorable guide dog Bertie, who were down for the weekend as it was Lydia’s 25th birthday. I had lots of fun reminding her that she’s “well old now.” We went to The Baytree again, second day in a row and I ended up feeling slightly fat again. What can I say, two fry-ups and zero workouts can have that effect on you. It was really nice to catch up with Lydia, it’s just a shame that Liv couldn’t join us as Lydia threw the suggestion out there quite late in the day, and Liv has more of a busy life than me right now.  😛
I also met up with my old football team mate Nicole in town for a bite to eat and a cinema session. Once again we ended up at Maccys as Nicole is a big fan of the place, me not so much, where I added a chicken nuggets meal to my already fat from a fry-up stomach. Weirdly as I was walking into town in the sun I was actually craving a salad, but caved in for God knows what I was really eating as Nicole thought I was weird for wanting a salad in the middle of the Maccys queue. We also tried out this new cocktail bar, which I had been wanting to try for a while. The menu looked so awesome that it took me ages to narrow down all the drinks that I wanted to one. In the end I opted for a fruity, colourful cocktail (which didn’t look as cool as the photo in the menu), which was nice, but I should have gone for a more fruity one. Plus it had like half a can of tropical Red Bull in it, which I definitely didn’t want at 4pm in the afternoon – goodbye sleep! 😄  We did end up forking out £3 for a loyalty card which means happy hour whenever (I think!) and not just at a set time. So I am looking forward to getting down and involved in the menu at some point. I also finally got to see Wonder Woman, what a fantastic and inspiring film. I loved it. I also loved how badass she was and how insignificant men were in comparison. In fact, I already know that I need to see it again. Oh and for the record, move over Naya Rivera, I have a new girl crush holy fuck! I also have cheek bone envy. 😛


Paige and I also had a lovely day in Exeter, It was scorching though. ☀️ I think we should have gone to the beach then shopping. Thank God for air-con. We had an M&S picnic on the green (and I got all lame and excited over the food In there, seriously someone needs to tame me.) 🙈 I also bought a lovely top and boots in h&M. The girl didn’t remove the security tag off the boots though so I set off all the security alarms in lots of shops. Fun. Also, mortifying. Paige did some holiday shopping and I got dad a birthday and Father’s Day pressies. We also sweated our arses off. 😄 Sadly though, the main reason why I had agreed to go all the way over to Exeter was to finally get my iPhone looked at in the Apple Store. Only to realise I was half way down towards the train station that I forgotten to grab it from my bedside table as I am now so used to not having it on me. Ah well it looks like another trip to Exeter is on the cards then.

I ended up topping up my lovely Sunday Funday hanging out with the kids. Will and I hung out mucking around with his guitar, mum’s guitar & my recorder. I also picked up my old out of tune violin, which was such a throw back. I can’t even remember the last time I even looked at that bad boy, never mind pick it up and attempt to play it. I did find it very funny when Will played a ‘tune’ and I had to try and guess what it was. Sadly I didn’t quite get ELO’s – Mr Blue Sky.  We also all sang happy birthday to dad, Poppi had a hissy fit over having 3 tomatoes when she only wanted 2 and Will wanted to watch Little Mix and Ariana Videos, only he was way too embarrassed to admit that to dad and mum. Bless. 😄



After finishing off Thirteen Reasons why the other day, I gave Dear White People a try. I’m only two episodes in, but I like it so far. I like the characters and how sassy and opinionated they are, or some are anyway. I must admit at first glance I was a little bit unsure of the jokey commentary as I thought people might see the subject area as a bit of a joke and not to be taken seriously. Only to get half way through it and realise that it was a necessary element to be a little bit more lighthearted as otherwise people might actually get offended.

Also mum and I are still slowly making our way through Gilmore Girls season six, between my late night work shifts and mum struggling to stay awake for even one episode. We’re nearly on season seven now, which is fun. I especially enjoyed the night that mum and I had buttery toast, a hot juice (me)/drink (mum) each and and watched the show. It was all kinds of lovely. 😊


This week, well last week as I am late to posting up last week’s summary, I managed to finish the book The Woman of Number 24, which although is good and eventually got very good, it didn’t quite win me over at the beginning. I have also just finished the book I was reading – One Moment One Morning, which was a book that I bought at Uni and have only just got round to reading. I really enjoyed it. Tonight I’m starting another new one. Exciting stuff.  I’m also hoping to get around to start reading Highway Code as I would like to be more like Hermione and less like Ron and get a head start so I’m not cramming it all in at the end.



I have cooked for myself a little bit this week, and have been back shopping in the discount section of Waitrose again, which is always fun.  I also continued with my new found favourite veggie finger wraps a couple of times, which have been a top lunch idea.

I topped off my lovely afternoon with Liv by having a rare opportunity to cook myself some dinner – a banging sweet and sour chicken. I also made myself a huge bowl of pasta and made a huge mess in the garden in the process. And I still haven’t used my new George Foreman grill yet, although I am looking forward to playing with my new toy. That and my coffee maker which I bought from Currys when I worked there, back in 2015 before I went to Australia for a year. I have quite a few nights off work this week, and not only am I looking forward to a rare sit-down meal, but also, to actually cook and play around with recipes.


Once again, I have enjoyed picking up lots of random bargains from trips to Waitrose, including mango, strawberries, veggies etc. Oh and an even bigger bonus is, I now own a Waitrose card, which means I get free teas and coffee every time I make a purchase. It’s oddly enjoyable walking out of the store, cup in one hand, shopping bag in the other.

I managed to finally book the Megabus for my trip to London for £14.50 (each way) in a few weeks. BOOM. Now all we need to do is book a relatively cheap room for a few nights. Next up we need to sort out Harry Potter World Tour, book theatre tickets and other fun stuff. Wheeeey. 😀

There was a day that I accidentally knocked my nose ring out, and lost the ring some where. It’s a sad day when you lose a piercing to the carpet. 💔   Luckily mum came home at 6 something and rammed the piercing back into my face so all good. It wasn’t as easy getting it in as I remember though.

I went to the Doctors to get my toe looked at again as it’s been a few weeks now. For the record, it went ok and I have nothing to worry about. She said it seems to be healing nicely. She was friendly, which was nice.

There was the day that I used my gym tip money from work to treat myself to a cupcake as I was craving one. Clearly life is all about the balance. 😉   😄 To be fair, no regrets, Jammy Dodger cup cake was the bomb.



Well the 2016/17 football season ended the other week, so unsurprisingly there’s not much news at the moment and it’s still too early for any big transfers to have taken place just yet. It looks like Liverpool are very close to signing this Winger from Roma though, as early as Tuesday this week. Exciting times. I love the transfer window, especially if Liverpool have an exciting one.

So yes, usual ending to this blog. I plan on going through my blog and tidying this rambly mess up, adding in the photos etc. So no judging for the time being. This blog is a work in progress.

Until next time,
Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo


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