The Weekly Hit and Miss List. #20

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading multiple blogs where people state their weekly favourites for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own weekly summaries for a while. I started one draft in November, which actually didn’t work out with timings and stuff and never got finished or posted. Which is probably a good thing given how late in the year I was trying to start something. As it’s now 2017, I’m going to give this one a real good crack.

I have decided to narrow it down into three things that I am finding to be a hit this week and three things which are a miss this week, just like the kind of things you often find in magazines.

I apologise for the lack of blogs and failing to get planned blogs up on the scheduled or planned day. Hopefully next week shall be more productive, so watch this space.

So without further ado:

(Week starting /29/5/17)


1| Country Music.

I am a HUGE lover of music, in fact I have a tattoo dedicated to music and I now own two 160gb classic iPods, which I count as two of my favourite possessions. I love all genres, but this week especially, I have really enjoyed blasting out loud country music on one of Spotifys’ brilliant country playlists.

2| Sunny days. 

It’s a simple thing, but doesn’t a sunny sky make for instant happiness? I love waking up to the sun hugging my curtain, pulling the curtain back and just letting the sunshine light up my bedroom window. You cannot beat it. Of course, hot, sunny evenings has made work hot and hard, as well as a constant reminder that I should be out with friends, ending the day enjoying the last rays and golden sunlight. But, I can’t complain, a little bit of sunshine makes everything better and happier.

3| Waitrose food reductions. 

I might sound like a middle aged woman here, but I honestly get rather excited visiting the reduced section in my local Waitrose, scoping out all the delicious and healthy bargains, especially at the moment, there seems to be some really good bargains going on at the moment.


1|Failing to get tickets/Ticketmaster changing their policy. 

I noticed this a few months back when I tried and failed for Ed Sheehan tickets, but Ticketmaster has changed their policy and I hate it. A few years ago, you could get online a few hours earlier and join a virtual queue for tickets, I should know, that’s how I successfully managed to score two tickets to Beyonce’s 2014  Mrs Carter Show World Tour – my fourth time seeing the Queen may I add, after the whole tour sold out within four minutes. Now, it doesn’t matter how early you get up, the queuing doesn’t open until about 30 minutes before the general sale tickets go on sale because they want to be ‘fair to everyone.’ Meaning it’s even more stupidly harder to get tickets then it already was. Hold up, I’m sorry, but what’s fair is people who make the effort to get up early and join a queue. It’s not my fault people don’t bother going that extra mile for tickets. Now it’s the luck of the draw. They also now give false hope to people, they still allow people to stay in virtual queues telling them it won’t be long, despite the fact that the tickets sold out within the first ten minutes. All I can say is FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER.

2| My sore toe.

I wrote about this last week, but it’s still sore and bothering me, so once again my toe makes the list. At least it’s not as gunky as before and seems to be healing and making progress, so there’s that. It still looks slightly gross, but not as much. A trip to the doctor’s last week confirmed that it was slightly infected. At least I’m not limping around as much, and the surrounding area isn’t as painful as before, as it made accidental knocks incredibly painful. Although, the doctor was wrong when she said it would be fixed within a week, because it’s now over a week, I’m low on medicine and it’s still not there yet.

3| Dad hogging the TV.

I know this is trivial, but this is a small side to dad which really annoys me. Basically I have been waiting all week to sit down with the parents one evening and watch the film Lion, only for dad to be like: “Sorry, we’re watching *insert TV shows here*, despite the fact that it seems to be only him watching the show, and most of the time they’re pointless shows like The Hotel Inspector. I only get a few evenings off a week, I don’t understand why he can’t record the show or catch up on iPlayer or the equivalent.

So there you have it, three things I’m digging and three things I’m not digging this week. Hopefully my life will still be slightly exciting in one way or another now that I am back in England for the time being. I know it’s not quite Australia, but I will enjoy every day, I mean after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

I’m planning on scheduling a weekly hit and miss list every Saturday. Let’s see how long this lasts for.

See you next Saturday. 😉

Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo


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