The Weekly Hit and Miss List. #16

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading multiple blogs where people state their weekly favourites for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own weekly summaries for a while. I started one draft in November, which actually didn’t work out with timings and stuff and never got finished or posted. Which is probably a good thing given how late in the year I was trying to start something. As it’s now 2017, I’m going to give this one a real good crack.

I have decided to narrow it down into three things that I am finding to be a hit this week and three things which are a miss this week, just like the kind of things you often find in magazines.

I apologise for the lack of blogs and failing to get planned blogs up on the scheduled or planned day. Hopefully next week shall be more productive, so watch this space.

So without further ado:

(Week starting /4/17)


1| Spending the day with Liv. 

This week, I finally got two days off, which seems to be a rarity at the moment. I really enjoyed a lazy afternoon with my best friend, including a very nice, good value lunch – I am always down for a food session, and had a productive afternoon trying on sports gear, which Liv needed for her show rehearsal sessions and for me, well, I just wanted some new stuff for the gym. We also got some presents for her gran’s birthday and I ended the night with a bubble bath, so it was a nice, busy, but chilled out day overall and much needed after working for seven busy days in a row.

2| Lazy, much needed chill out sessions with Netflix.

This week, and actually the past few weeks actually, I’ve found myself feeling very tired just from working long nights at work and not sleeping very well. Not fun and a bad combination I’m telling you. So, I have found that I have really enjoyed just chilling out on the sofa, in between life, with a coffee/hot drink and my duvet to get lost for a little bit in a much needed Netflix session. I think it’s important to take some time out for yourself to re-charge and rest up, and, I have found my calling.

3| Man United drawing. Again.

Ever since Man United rather flukily beat league leaders Chelsea the other day, their arrogant fans have been giving it large on social media, exclaiming that Man United will knock Liverpool out of the top four (Despite the fact that Liverpool are currently third and Man City are fourth – so technically they have to over take City first).  Because, you know, Man U have two games in hand, and can go level on points. Well, since then they have drawn twice this week, so provided Liverpool don’t throw away any more points in the remaining four games, than they should be all good to finish the season in a Champions League spot.


1| Horrible customers at work.

I know it’s quite normal to find, working within the customer service industry, that sadly you do get some rude/ungrateful/not nice customers from time to time. However, this week I have some down right horrible people. And when I say horrible, I’m taking about the horrendous kind. Just stuck up, loud, arrogant and quite frankly, nasty, horrible people. I really wanted to throw the ‘flat’ pint all over her stupid, smug face. She just wasn’t a nice person. Like, amongst other things, they were complaining (there was three of them), one of the main things was how I basically poured a shitty pint. Ok, fair enough, that may or may not have been my fault. I also picked up a glass, which happened to have a crack in, which clearly was not my fault. I change it for a different one, and happened to mention to them that this particular glass that I had happened to pick up had a small crack in it, and she was like, in the most patronising way ever : “Aw you’re not having A good shift are you?” This was after the pint incident by the way. I was like, Erm? That wasn’t my fault. 🙄😒 I also wanted to tell her that I was having a good shift until she turned up. I then explained that I hadn’t been working there long and she said: “Aww is it your first day?”  But, when I said I’d been there for about a month, she was like “Oh, well in that case you’re a bit shit aren’t you.” Or something similar.  What a horrible, nasty woman.  I hope Karma gets her hard for being such a horrible person. I was hoping not to see her again, but she turned up the next day. Luckily, Maxine had to deal with her, not me. She did, loudly ask me how I was getting on though, in a very patronising way again. And happened to be rude to Maxine too. Honestly there is no need to be ruder to people, especially those in the service industry.

2Rude, self entitled, old people, who demand respect without giving it out in the first place.

Firstly, I am a polite and respectful person in general, but, that does not mean that other people, particularly the older generations, have some form of divine right to command respect, without also giving it out. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t work like that. I firmly believe that respect should be earned, it’s not entitled and it works both ways.
This incident actually happened in Sainsbury’s, but it reconfirmed my frustrations about how I feel about how some people, not everyone, treat others.

Basically, and yes I know I was texting, but it was literally for a second, and yes, I may have been in the way, but, instead of politely asking me to move, or the equivalent, she literally and rather rudely moaned at me and then went on and on and on like a nagging mother to the poor bloke she was with. So, I yelled at her to calm down love, because she literally got under my skin. I was pleased as a punch to get the last word in though, like a boss. I don’t see the point, maybe it’s a generation thing, but, ask most young people who happen to work in customer service, but, it’s always the older generation and middle aged people who give you the most shit and hassle. You rarely get it from younger people. At least the future has hope after all though…

3| Opening the bar at work.

I know it sounds lame, and I should be pleased that I was trusted with opening the bar at work and that I had an opportunity to learn. But, having not been shown what to do,  I was crapping myself all week, as well as on the Monday and Tuesday. It’s a big responsibility as you’re on your own for an hour and have to get everything done and I had no idea what I was doing, other than some notes on a scrappy piece of paper. The first day went ok as I had the Duty Manager’s help, but, the second day I was pretty much left to my own devices and literally had a heart attack/a melt down, and everyone had to run around like maniacs to undo the mess I made with the till change.

So there you have it, three things I’m digging and three things I’m not digging this week. Hopefully my life will still be slightly exciting in one way or another now that I am back in England for the time being. I know it’s not quite Australia, but I will enjoy every day, I mean after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

I’m planning on scheduling a weekly hit and miss list every Saturday. Let’s see how long this lasts for. Also I know I failed to get to get this one up on time, despite having the laptop on my lap a few hours yesterday afternoon, but ah well, a bubble bath and Chinese called my name instead, so no regrets.

See you next Saturday. 😉 (or Sunday as it seems to be according to the past couple of weeks.)

Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo






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