Sunday Summaries|Lots of drunk farmers, cancelled plans and one banging Chinese and bubble bath.

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum. As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Also I apologise for the slow updates, not only on my Sunday Summaries series, but also throughout my blog in general. I have hit a slump recently and lost a bit of my mojo so the words just haven’t flown recently as well as they are capable of doing and honestly I haven’t really felt like writing much recently either, so there’s that. As I have failed to get any blog posts up on a Sunday for the whole of March, shocking I know, I have decided to do one big March summary for an up and coming post so keep an eye out. Also, ironically I have had four weeks of half written up posts for each week’s Sunday Summaries. So I did make an effort, I guess I just didn’t follow through. Also, I have plans to go through my blog, tidy up, shorten, change and edit posts and the lay out within the next few weeks, so bare with me for the crappy, messy blog, for the time being at least.

This week’s blog covers the month of March starting: April 17th 2017 to the 23rd.

This week has been quite long, or it feels like that anyway in terms of work, in fact I made a joke with one of the girls about how it feels like I haven’t properly slept since I started working there. I mentioned on this week’s Hit and Miss List about the lack of food, crappy grumpy customers and lots of drunk farmers, but it certainly has felt like a long week this week. Also my feet has been killing recently, just from being on my feet a lot. 😛

Like for example, on the Sunday last week,  it was stupidly busy to the point that none of us bar staff got to eat our dinner – Rock hard, cold lasagne wasn’t the most appealing thing at 11pm after I was given it around 8pm. In fact, I was getting more and more grumpy as the night went on and really had to reign it in, especially with children, running around my feet and rude, impatient people. I mean, is it just me, or is there some really rude people in this world? For example, just because I’m working, doesn’t mean you can treat me like crap, like the people who very dismissive, after I have politely asked them if they have any empty or finished drinks like they are more important than me. I also had someone close the door in my face, and left me struggling to open the door with a heavy tray of glasses.There was also this very arrogant, impatient, rude man, that I wanted to throw his drink all over him at the bar. Come on people, manners don’t cost much.  A very generous and very drunk man did tip me a tenner that night though, which was nice. I got very confused though. I ended up coming in the next morning early, off the back of not a lot of sleep as I promised Yuko that I would come in early the next morning at 11 to help her finish tidying up as we still had so much to do at the end of the night, and that was after we’d stayed half an hour later to try and finish everything up. Extra money, being helpful and learning how to do the day time stuff is always a bonus, so what is eye bags anyway?

Two coffees helped me immensely the next morning, and dad had kindly given me a lift in, which gave me more time to get to work without having to power walk down the streets of the Bay off the back of not a lot of sleep. Working early was rather funny actually. I also saw the staff canteen for the first time today and got free chicken & potato. Another thing I did, was discover that I really need to get back in the gym because that was a lot of effort running around lifting shit and what not. Sadly though I couldn’t finally get my work  membership card so that I can finally get my flabby arse back in the gym, because the place was shut due to it being a bank holiday.
I also got to leave work half an hour early, which turned out to be a good thing because I didn’t get to eat again as one of the chefs didn’t give me the food I asked for, when I was trapped at the bar serving customers and couldn’t get any food for myself.

Two coffees down. No one will suspect how tired I actually am.  ‪#Secret (Insert pic).

This week at work I was complimented on my dancing twice – once with my work pal Jess when we were fucking around dancing behind the bar and were apparently hilarious to watch, and also the night that I was kicking ass doing the Macarena and this guy told me I was wasted behind the bar haha. I always knew I was secretly Beyonce in disguise. 😉

This week it’s the weekend that the Young Farmers come down to the Bay and just get drunk and let loose all weekend. I’m going to be honest,  as a local, I have always been sceptical of them and try avoid town for the whole weekend. But, having met them, they’re really nice, hard working and enjoying having a rare weekend off to have fun. Who am I to judge really? plus, they work really hard and bring some much needed funds to the town. It meant that I had to work odd hours this week, which has changed a few times much to my disapproval, but more on that in a sec. Plus I got a hat, had a laugh, served them a shit load of random drinks, including lot of pints, vodka, other spirits and expensive rounds of shit loads of Smirnoff Ice at 10am. Let’ sjust say, Young Farmers weekend has been surprisingly lots of fun.

Other than a busy week at work, which ranged from super busy and super slow with nothing in between, nothing much interesting really happened in all honesty. It was a week of work and a lack of productivity. Oh and a few baths and Netflix sessions.

I did have a lovely afternoon and evening at Babs with my friends Lydia, Liv and Lydia’s beautiful guide dog Bertie on my only day off this week. This included a cider – my first in a while, lots of nattering and laughing, oh and several bad attempts of taking a decent selfie. Seriously I love hanging out with those two, well now three with Bertie. They’re hilarious, I was in tears from laughing.

(Insert pic here). Sunny skies, although cold and deceiving, pretty flowers, the first alcohol in ages and Bertie was so over photos.

I also topped off my great day off with a lovely bath, which left me feeling super soft and all kinds of sexy right now.  I was going to make mum dinner, but mum decided to have potatoes as I was still out and didn’t want to make her wait. So in the end, I left her some pasta, with lots of veggies that I had made for her dinner the next day instead.  I also managed to get lots of stuff like veggies and fresh basil in Waitrose for £2 something, which was a total bargain.

I wrote about this in my previous blog post, which you can find the link if you’re a nosy sod like I am, but I was really frustrated this week to come into work after my day off, and see that the rota had changed again and my hours had been changed from a day shift to a night shift, without asking me if it worked for me or not. Normally I don’t mind too much, but, it has been happening a lot and I had actually made plans for Friday evening, considering the rota goes up two weeks in advance. In fact, these particular plans had been changed multiple times in a few weeks because of the unexpected rota changes. So yes, I was pissed off, as also, it was Thursday and too late to change things. They might have apologised, but it was uncool. So instead of finishing work at two and popping into town with Nicole for Mcdonalds, cocktails and cinema, I was in work, wearing a straw-hat and laughing at a load of drunk farmers. I’m not complaining, but it would have been nice to have had a rare Friday night off and get paid too.

This week I have enjoyed having Netflix attached to the TV, I caught up with Riverdale, watched Almost Adults – which stars two of my favourite up and coming Actresses and enjoyed introducing mum to Gilmore Girls – which I showed her because they remind me of us, Mum did say that she was definitely Rory though as she would have taken a map on a road trip, as apposed to me being like fuck it, like Lorelai. I’ve also enjoyed spending this afternoon (Sunday) with my niece and nephew (Thomas, not Will), watching my new(ish) Moana and Finding Dory DVDs, whilst their eyes are transfixed to the TV.  In fact I have never heard them be so quiet. Don’t you just love Disney and Pixar.

This week on the 20th of April, TimeHop told me that it had been one whole year since I got to properly know Lotty and Cris, when we ate cheesecake in the woods, and went on our first road trip, climbed a tree, went food shopping and went to a fish and chip shop. So of course, one year on I had to video chat both Cris and Lot as I really miss both of them. Especially Lotty. It’s interesting as one year on, the three of us were all in different countries and continents. It was nice to video call Cris too, as it had been ages.

This week I have once again lacked in motivation to workout or blog, or organise, despite the fact that I have had plenty of blogging motivation, usually late at night after I finish work, it’s the effort though that counts. At least I tried. I managed a couple of blogs, and I shall be popping down to work in the next few days to finally get my card sorted out to use the gym and the pool, so there’s that. I also plan to really tidy up my blogs in the next few days/ weeks, mostly the layout and the content as I’m not overly pleased with it right now.  So I am looking forward to getting stuck into my blog in the next few weeks, so watch this space. I am also looking forward to getting some fitness and a banging body back.


Anyway, a Sunday roast and work (sadly) calls, so, for the time being at least, catch you later.

Love, Hugs and Pugs,

Keri. xo

PS, I shall be back to add in photos, tidy up this post, and probably include things about tonight’s shift if anything interesting happens, so no judging, for the time at least.


That roast dinner was beautiful by the way. *Insert pics*

For the record, I came home from work early in the end, around 8 because, although there were a few farmers potting about, they didn’t need three of us there. Having had a long week, and the fact that Yuko had apparently gone home early the night before, I was more than happy to leave early.  Also, I narrowly avoided a threesome with two farmers, so it was even more relieving to get to leave early. Boom. So, yes, it was nice to be home early, in my PJs, watching the TV with my parents – which is a rarity these days, I also managed to clear off a shit load of quotes off my phone, which was super needed, believe me. I would say two blogs, and quote clearing, as well as having some much needed family time, was a Sunday well spent.






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