Lazy Days and Thursdays|Unemployment:The Busy-ness.

I am sure at some point, if you haven’t already, myself included, will have experience unemployment, struggling to find fulfilment in a job that drains the life out of you, or even felt the dire need to break free from the nine to five job that has you chained to your desk.

Despite the urge to stereotype the kind of character that we are all guilty of envisioning when we think of those who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unemployed – it’s really not all matching tracksuits, lack of teeth, benefit fraud, hanging out at the job centre, and using benefits to buy lots of booze and cigarettes, (Think Jeremy Kyle here.)

The current job market can mean searching for the right job that can suit your lifestyle, ambition, salary expectations and experience etc, can take months. This means that it is very easy to get comfortably sucked into the whole lack of routine that a regular job entails.

So yes, I thought I would write a post on the fun game of job hunting and being unemployed in the modern world, and all the ups and downs of ensuring that you maintain productive in a lifestyle which can really test your patience and will power.

A Jobless Routine.

 It did not take me very long to fall into the trap of a leisurely morning, getting up late – although I do have a casual hours bar job, which means I have an excuse to get up later than I normally would, given that I usually finish and get home after midnight. This is followed by a cup of coffee and a skim through social media, maybe jotting down blog ideas and nattering with my friends around the world on Facebook, a shower, another cup of coffee, Netflix/TV shows, some lunch and finally making an effort to being productive. Of course, by then it’s way past two and I am already left wondering where the day has already gone. By the time I am motivated enough to sit down, check emails, searching and applying for jobs, if I find anything interesting enough and writing/organising blog posts, I only have a bit of time before I have to start getting ready for work. Honestly it’s a draining routine, that annoys me, and yet I cannot stop myself. I lack routine, I am craving it. It doesn’t matter how motivated I am the night before, and how I keep telling myself that I will be productive the next day, that I will go through my room and chuck stuff out, that I will finally organise my blog/edit posts/edit site/ organise, write up and post/schedule drafts etc, it never happens, and every day I end up getting ready for work at 5 wondering where the day went and how, once again I have managed to waste so much time.

Some days are better than others. There are days, seemingly rare at the moment, where I will get up early, workout, run, manage breakfast, manage to apply for a few jobs, blog, organise stuff etc and go to bed feeling proud of myself that I did not waste the day and that I managed to be productive.

The Job Hunt and waiting game.

I am ambitious and I am now ready for a decent salary job, which is going to get my foot in the door, to hopefully a long and successful career. I know I can do it, so now it’s just a case of someone giving me a chance I suppose. I feel like I’m on the X Factor stage, desperately praying that one of the judges will give me the chance to prove myself and my abilities.

I have applied for a fair amount of jobs in my life, although, in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t say that I had applied for a massive amount of ‘professional’ jobs, you know, the ones in my chosen field. The ones that I spent three years at University training and gaining knowledge for. In fact, a few weeks ago I narrowly missed out on a perfect starting job within Digital Marketing, gaining fantastic feedback, and getting down to the final three, which is a good effort considering the last time I went for a ‘professional’ job interview was in 2015, and I wouldn’t say I have lots of job interview experience. Although I am still very gutted to have just missed out, it has made me determined to keep pushing for that perfect job.

Sticking it out now, for future gains. 

Ever since I got back from Australia, I have a new life goal to get back out there, no matter how hard the Australian government make it for me. I know I’ll get back out there. I’m not stupid though, I know it will more than likely be a good few years before I get back out there, unless some form of miracle comes along. So, for the next few years at least, I am determined to put my head down, get myself a really good starting job and the much needed experience that I can use to build on, and save as much money as I can for the future and my aspirations. Even if that means I have to suck it out in this crappy town, that I have tried so hard to get out of, managed to get out of twice, if it means complying with my future ambitions. I am not going to lie, the thought of having that perfect starting salary job and much needed routine crosses my mind every day. The fact that I will be going to the gym three nights in a row, once I have my membership card sorted out at work, and then I’ll work my bar job for three days, with Sundays off, writing, planning and scheduling blog posts during the commutes. The fact that I will learn to drive hopefully on Saturday mornings, and will be opening up one of those help to save mortgage accounts to put most of my money away in there for a rainy day, giving my parents some rent money, paying off my phone contract and student loans etc. It will happen for me, one day, as will Australia.

So yes, I have my sights firmly set on finding that one job that is going to fulfil all of my aspirations and life goals, one that will hopefully help me to continue to grow on a personal and career level, as well as one that I can contribute to, and help it to grow. I know for certain, what my capabilities are. I know that I will be successful in the future and that I have lots to offer future employers, and that I will definitely not settle for less then what I am capable of. For now though, for the time at least, I guess I shall just have to ride out and survive this desert period, and make the most of the very limited funds I make, pouring oldies pints.

Until next time,


Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo








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