Sunday Summaries|Grumpy customers, lunching in the sun, making a mess with cider and getting lamely excited looking at house ware items.

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum. As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Also I apologise for the slow updates, not only on my Sunday Summaries series, but also throughout my blog in general. I have hit a slump recently and lost a bit of my mojo so the words just haven’t flown recently as well as they are capable of doing and honestly I haven’t really felt like writing much recently either, so there’s that. As I have failed to get any blog posts up on a Sunday for the whole of March, shocking I know, I have decided to do one big March summary for an up and coming post so keep an eye out. Also, ironically I have had four weeks of half written up posts for each week’s Sunday Summaries. So I did make an effort, I guess I just didn’t follow through.

This week’s blog covers the month of March starting: April 10th 2017 to the 16th.

In all honesty, this week hasn’t been all that spectacular. In fact, all I have really done is attempt to be productive in the day time, and pulled a fair few mildly successful attempts of pints of Carling. I had one day off this week too, which I am not complaining about, because hello money and also it’s quite funny working there, oh and the more I work, the more confident I get. So I really cannot complain too much I suppose.

This week, I have been motivated to write, although I am still definitely not on top form. I think I just really need to get myself into a proper routine, because I have a bit motivation, but I still lack that final push for a decent end product. It will come though, so I am feeling positive about getting myself back into a decent routine – blogging/writing/organising and scheduling content for my blog, website and soon mum’s social media content for her new mosaic business, oh and also tidying everything up. And also running/working out, swimming and gym. I just need to get my membership card sorted out from work so I can use the pool for free and the gym for £2 a session. I’ve been working there for a month now, so I finally qualify. Next week. I have a couple of day shifts, so hopefully I shall have my arse in gear real soon.

I managed to get a few blog posts written and posted up on here in time this week, which has been nice. I enjoyed splurging down my thoughts on this week’s Lazy Days and Thursdays, which you can read about here. That was actually ready on Monday, which meant I could relax a bit when it came down to getting work up. In fact it was therapeutic, as I wrote my thoughts down about a topic that had been slightly bothering me for a while. Adulting. I also got Saturday’s one up, on time, as well as an extra post and one on Hillsbrough on my other website, so I would say it was a mildly successful week. I also applied for a few jobs, even when a power cut  got in my way for about 15 minutes.

I was a little bit sad that I missed out on my weekly Sunday roast, given that I had to work on Sunday night. But, I didn’t miss out as I got to eat it on a Monday instead. I know it’s not quite the same, but, it still tasted grand.  I also missed out on my favourite Sunday bath sessions, so I made up for it on a Tuesday night on my day off, complete with a banging Spotify playlist, and a de-bearing session, I felt super fabulous afterwards.

Sunday roast. On a Monday. (Insert pics here.)

Actually Tuesday was the best day for me this week. I had a top start, lying on the sofa, with a coffee in my hand, wrapped in a duvet, finally getting my arse around to giving Downton Abbey a try. Happy days. I enjoyed a rather nice, late pub lunch in the sun, in a beer garden over looking the sea, which in my opinion is a rather British summer time thing.

Late pub lunch in the sun with Vango. (Insert pics.)

I also had a rather fun hour or so mooching around this shop called The Range. I got rather lamely excited (again), looking at home stuff. I’m not even a home owner right now. Honestly you should have seen the excitement I got over a spice rack and some duvet sets. Clearly I need to get on with my life so I can get my own place and really make it my own.

I also bought myself a cute, little jar so I can put my tip money in from work, as my purse was borderline obese from all the spare change I have gotten from work. I have decided that I am going to put it towards my planned weekly gym (and swim – which is free) sessions. I also got myself an organiser to start organising all my planned weekly blog posts for all my sites, so I can finally start getting all my scribbles and drafts up and displayed to my little corner of the internet. I also nearly bought one or both of photo frames so I can display photos of my time in Australia. (insert pic here.)

I also really liked this awesome elephant style bedding, I didn’t end up getting it though as I wasn’t sure whether my duvet was a king or a double. I shall probably be back one day next week to get stuff. It’s safe to say I am feeling inspired to change my room around, as it’s much needed. So yes, I had a top day off, like I said, I had the most awesome bubble bath, made myself some nice sweet and sour chicken and then sat down to watch my new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them DVD with mum and dad, even if dad fell asleep half way through. Working nights means I have forgotten what it’s like to cook myself some dinner and actually be able to sit down and eat it. We get food at work, but it’s hard to eat it when we actually have a job to do. I usually get indigestion from walking around and shovelling food quickly into my gob in between serving people drinks. Also, the food is usually cold. Hard life haha.

This week I also had a few of those days where I wasn’t sure if I was productive or not? Do you ever have one of those days? I’m talking about the whole, did I or did I not waste a day by my lack of productivity? Like it’s one of the most frustrating feelings when it gets to a certain point in the day,  in my case, when I have to start getting ready for work, and I started questioning myself. However, I have finally started, in between saving more, cutting down on stored quotes on my phone, which I seem to be obsessed with at the moment. To the point where my phone is almost full of storage capacity and I’m annoy myself. It’s a good way to start your day off motivation wise though. I really love powerful quotes, reading quotes in the morning complete with a coffee has the effect of inspiring me to take on the world with my words and my thoughts.

This week I had the usual video call/daily facebook messages conversations with Lotty, which is always nice. I love the fact that despite the fact that I am now 8 hours behind time wise, on the other side of the world and on a completely different continent, that Lot and I have still maintained daily contact, because we were really close. I know it’s not the same as seeing her every day, and I’m sure it might cut down at some point, but for the time being, I am just really appreciating being able to chat to her, like old times. Sort of. This week though, the dry season is starting back up at Lake A and Lot has been VERY busy,  especially with it being Easter today, so we haven’t chatted as much as we were this week, which is understandable. It’s coming up to a year since we met on the 19th, so I actually sent her a funny Moonpig card this week, which was an idea I randomly came up with whilst sat on the toilet at work.

This week my little nephew Will made it into the Under 7s (?) TUFC academy, which is adorable. He’s absolutely besotted with the beautiful game, which is great because it means that I will always have a little mate to have a kick around with whenever he’s around. 🙂 In fact I enjoyed a quick kick around with him and dad in the garden before I had work. It’s also really fun having someone to chat football with, as he’s getting me back into being interested in all things football like old times, as apposed to just following Liverpool and the teams around them.

This week I finally started putting my wages from work off my card into my ISA savings account. Not that I didn’t want to before, but I finally got around to it. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I have already made plans for once I have that desired banging salary job as to what to do with my money, like saving for the future and learning to drive mostly. I have probably mentioned this a fair amount, but I am so ready to start adulating, getting a decent job and saving. I also want to learn how to budget and start paying my parents back.

Work wise this week, it’s been rather fun. In all honesty I am starting to rather enjoy working there, it’s not a main thing, or a forever thing. But, I enjoy it and the people are great. Although this week it’s been quite confusing in terms of the rota changing again, and seemingly a lot. Also this week’s guests have been a bit of a grumpy bunch. There’s been one or two nice ones though. I guess the hardest part is having to get ready in the evening when everyone else’s working day is over. I enjoyed hiding in the cupboard with Jess, hiding from who Jess reckoned was the head chef, and eating chicken gorgons, chip and beans and also dancing to Big Fish Little Fish behind the bar, during the late night kid’s disco, also with Jess. I also had a laugh with Yuko a lot this week, narrowly avoided working something like 11 days straight, not that I suppose I would have moaned too much, but it was nice of Jaz to point that out and offer to do that shift for me so I could have a night off, especially with the dreaded Young Farmers down next weekend. I also got to man the other bar one night all by myself, which is something I haven’t done yet. That was pretty sweet, although it was kind of busy as apparently the other bar that I normally work at in the main lounge, so people were coming to me for drinks. I also made a mess with the cider as the pump wouldn’t stop, the drip tray over flowed and there was cider all over the floor – oops!

I really enjoyed having a lazy Saturday, before work. I usually try and be productive in the day before work, but it’s nice to give myself a bit of a chill session from time to time. Especially given that I only had one day off this week anyway.  I managed to wash and dry my hair, drink a frothy coffee, make a banging colourful stir-fry, I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them again with dad, well kind of, I also mooched around on my phone and what not.  I also managed to connect the wifi onto our TV, which meant that I could get the Netflix button on the remote to work. Winning. Boom. I ended up on a 90s throwback hype watching Pokemon. Which I’m not shamed to admit because it was just background noise whilst I blogged. You see, I want to watch TV shows on Netflix and give it my full attention. I’m looking forward to having a few binging sessions in the the next few weeks with various shows that I need to catch up with, like Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Orange is The New Black, Riverdale etc. By the way, it’s interesting rewatching the old original Pokemon, the one I loved as a kid, because in all honesty, it’s actually really bad haha. I will still probably watch it from time to time, just because.

I also managed to write a couple of blogs yesterday, including one spontaneous one an hour or so before I had to start getting ready for work and another one, which you can read on my new website, on the subject of Hillsbrough, which I wrote once I got home from work, so I was pretty proud of myself considering I was having a lazy day. I also made notes last night for this blog too, so I would say yesterday over all was pretty successful.


I also watched Liverpool scrape 3 points against a tough to break down West Brom side, which was a scrappy game from start to finish. I hate playing West Brom, it works for them, but their playing style makes it rough to watch. Anyway, 3 points, a clean sheet and no injuries. Now to go and have a kick around with the nephew, hopefully watch Man United lose, or at least draw, and then off to work until Midnight. Fun times eh! I’m just kidding. Work really isn’t all that bad.

Anyway, until next time.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Keri. xo

PS I shall be back to tidy up this post with pictures and what not and a quick update on tonight’s shift most likely, so no judging for the time being.
















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