Damn, that sucks!

So, today is supposedly a national ‘That Sucks’ day in America, due to the fact that April 15th is historically a very unfortunate day in the lives of American people – tax pay day, the day that Abraham Lincoln apparently died, and of course, it was the day that Titanic plunged to her icy death over 100 years ago.

Having seen a few mentions of the day being throw around on the internet, I decided to take a cheeky look into what the day means to the yanks – as in, one quick little search on Goole , nothing too extensive. It essentially means ‘F it,’ to over optimistic people. For a naturally optimistic person, the whole idea behind the day is quite an interesting concept, not that I have any plans to change who I am anytime soon.

Although I try not to complain too much about my life, as in the grand scheme of things, my life is pretty damn sweet, I have been inspired to compel a list of things and situations which could be seen as sucky. You know, the times, where you find yourself wanting to rip your hair out, or repeatedly smack your head against a wall?


31 Things that really do suck.

1| Waking up minutes before your alarm – meaning that you have no time to go back to sleep.

2| When things just don’t go right. You know, just one of those days.

3| Finding the perfect pairing and story on Fanfiction, and then discovering that it hasn’t been finished or updated since 2012.

4|Slow internet.

5|When you’re watching one of your favourite TV shows or Youtube videos, and the screen keeps on freezing.

6|Arriving somewhere early, only to discover that the event has been cancelled.

7|Stubbing your toe on something. ARGH the pain!

8|Getting a cold. I can’t deal with colds. They are the worst.

9| Not playing football as well as you know you can. 

10| Buying a desperately needed coffee, and not having time to drink it, so it gets cold and disgusting.

11| Watching a movie with your family, when a suddenly a sex scene pops up. Cringe.

12|When you catch a serious case of wanderlust, but you’re broke and have no time to go exploring.

13|People who follow you on social media, only to delete you a few days later. (Seriously I can’t believe people are still playing that game of following people just for follows and thinking they will get away with unfollowing straight away afterwards).

14|When your favourite song comes on, as soon as you arrive at your destination.

15|When you find the perfect item of clothing, and the shop has every size, but yours.

16|Writing something, and forgetting to save it. I hate myself, every time that happens.

17|When stupid people who contribute nothing to society get made ‘relevant’ and become some kind of ‘celebrity.’ – It’s one of my biggest pet hates.

18|Having a crush on someone, who you have absolutely no chance of being with. This also includes fictional characters and famous people haha.

19| When you discover that you have definitely been wasting time on someone not worth your time.

20|Discovering mid argument that you’re wrong. (And having to decide what your next move is.)

21| Getting to hang out with your friend, only to end up awkwardly third wheeling.

22|Lack of motivation – or having loads of ideas and inspiration, but lack the motivation to go ahead and do shit.

23|Ordering a meal and getting excited about it, only to be informed by the waiter that they don’t have any left.

24|When the TV show that you have spent the past few weeks watching non stop for a week, finishes. What am I supposed to do now?

25|When people cancel on you last minute. Great.

26|Not getting accepted for a job because, despite the fact that you impressed them, you lack experience. So I need experience to get a job, but I need a job to gain experience. How does that work?

27|When the author or TV show decides to kill off your favourite character. No wonder so many people have trust issues.

28|Making a joke, or telling a funny story, only end up getting a lecture from your parents.

29|Suddenly remembering an embarrassing moment from years ago and cringing so hard. Why do I do this to myself?

30|When you’re really hungry, but too lazy to make yourself something to eat.

31|Maths. I hate maths.

I know things suck at times, but that’s life. Good things, bad, things, and life happens. Even if you happen also be having a sucky day today, just remember it’s a bad day and not a bad life. You can always see it as a write off, and wake up tomorrow fresh. Besides, think, was it a bad day or a bad five minutes that you milked for the rest of the day?

Anyway, until next time,

Love, hugs and pugs.

Keri. xo




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