Sunday Summaries| Late nights, slightly improved pint pulling techniques and lazy days and catch ups.

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum. As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here. Also I appologise for the slow updates, not only on my Sunday Summaries series, but also throughout my blog in general. I have hit a slump recently and lost a bit of my mojo so the words just haven’t flown recently as well as they are capable of doing and honestly I haven’t really felt like writing much recently either, so there’s that. As I have failed to get any blog posts up on a Sunday for the whole of March, shocking I know, I have decided to do one big March summary for an up and coming post so keep an eye out. Also, ironically I have had four weeks of half written up posts for each week’s Sunday Summaries. So I did make an effort, I guess I just didn’t follow through.

This week’s blog covers the month of March starting: April 3th 2017 to the 9th April.

So this week has mostly consisted of working a lot of late nights, pouring a lot of pints, collecting a lot of glasses, lacking a lot of writing and working out motivation, shopping and catching up. Oh and lying in a bit later than before, to make up for all the 1am finishes.

I had a nice start to the week though. The rota worked out rather nicely with giving me the weekend off the week before, and the first three days off of this week’s rota. That meant I had a very nice five days off work in total, which was very nice. Although, I then had quite a few unplanned late night finishes due to staff holidays and injuries. I can’t complain though, as tired as I am, I have made more money this week than the original rota would have allowed me to.

Having an evening off, meant I had what feels like a rare opportunity to head into Exeter as I wouldn’t have to rush back home. As it turned out, I ended up going two days in a row, with different friends, which was awesome. On the Tuesday, my best friend Liv and I had a very fun day of banging burgers, being #WhiteGirlTrash, with a cheeky Starbucks, mooching in shops and taking bad selfies for both Snapchat and the banter. We also left later than planned, which is normal for us, as we clearly needed to do our faces, and take bad photos before we left the house. It worked out nicely for us though, as it meant we missed our original couple of planned trains and had enough time to take the scenic route to the train station and pop into Starbucks on the way. We also made the most of the GBK app, and had a really nice burger with free fries and a really nice strawberry, mint and elderflower drink from Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and even made friends and had a nice, sophisticated older couple on the table next door. Top notched. I also treated myself to Moana and Finding Dory on DVD, and then left it too late to watch Moana as I got distracted eating and chatting to mum, so as nice as it was, I definitely had to question some of my life decisions that night. Oh and to top off my awesome day out with my bestie, Man U proved how crap they and when they couldn’t even beat Everton, a team that Liverpool had thrashed 3-1 a few days before. ‪#NightMade

Off to Exeter with Vango. (insert pics).


Oh and hashtag white girl trash. 

You beauty.  (Insert pic here.)


Home time. 

I worry about us. 

On the Wednesday, I had a really lovely day and catch up with my old school pal Sophie, who I hadn’t seen since last January before I headed out to Australia for year, so, as you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about!

We had a very nice lunch, a mooch, a ‘hipster’ coffee, two very nice, discounted cocktails from Walk About – for £2.95, for a total bargain. Oh and she also gave me a really good perspective of life, and it was all kinds of refreshing.

I also would have missed my train for definite, had I not made the genius decision to change stations last minute, giving myself a whole extra three minutes, which I didn’t even need as it turned out. Basically I ended up power walking to the station and made it with 5 minutes to spare. In other words, I am a genius. Also I didn’t help myself as I had chosen to wash my work trousers that morning and they took longer than expected. I’m glad I put them on around 9 and not 9:30 haha!

But yes it was a great day. We had a banging lunch, complete with butterscotch ice cream, although we’re fatties and were still slightly hungry afterwards, despite eating a lot. Oh and I had a passionate rant about how I was refusing to pay the occupational service charge. To the point the lady next to us agreed with us and said she wasn’t going to be paying her’s either.   Sneaky buggers. Oh and we also had a very nice shop – I fell in love with a jacket in Zara and got some discounted ripped black skinnies. Soph also got this really nice yellow jacket and we made plans for when we have banging salary jobs lol. To be honest, it was just so refreshing to hang out with someone who had the same mind set as me, who doesn’t want to settle and has goals. We also had a very nice coffee and had a very passionate and informed chat about life, issues and politics.  

And of course we ended the afternoon in Walk About where I got excited seeing Aussie alcoholic drinks, minus the Five Seeds. In fact, the girl who served us was an actual Aussie. I was like, why did you come to England?  And it’s ironic that you would end up working at an Aussie bar. Also, big up mum for coming to pick me up from the station as I was getting desperate for a pee at that point, to the point that it was getting painful. I have no idea how I would have survived a 30+ minute walk home had she not been a total babe. I also watched Moana in bed, and hated myself for getting too comfy to be bothered to get changed, wash my dishes and do the usual bed time shit.   

Oh and Liverpool pissed me by drawing to Bournemouth late on.

Liverpool.  That is all.

Happy hour cocktails. These cost £2.95 for both. Bargain. Also Aussie style. . Happy days. I miss Aus though. 

This week I also got to help my friend Paige out, by letting her practise eye tests on me for her Uni course and up and coming exam. That meant that not only did I get to help one of my best friends out, but I also got to have a free eye test, or some part of the test anyway. Win/Win. The sun was shining, I woke up in a good mood, and for the first time in ages, I actually arrived at the store, bang on time, which is a rarity believe me.

My eyes did feel incredibly tired though afterwards, Paige really did test them. She reckons that my right eye is slightly stronger than my left, but not enough to warrant glasses luckily.  I had a lot of fun doing an eye test with Paige, and looked super sexy in the process. I also enjoyed lunch and my omelette. It was nice to have a bit of a natter and some food, and also it was nice to have a tiny bit more money to spend so I could go a little bit more hard core than I did the last time when I reluctantly forked out for the cheapest thing I could find on the menu – soup lol. Sadly, I had to go back to work in the evening though, for the first time in five days, which was tough.  It also went from a 9:30 finish to a midnight one due to one of the guys hurting his ankle playing football.
This week I have also had quite a lazy few days, in between late night shifts. Hey, don’t blame me, I was just following instructions from my mum, to take it easy between work shifts. 😉
So yes, this week I have had a few much needed, morning lie ins, even if my mum has insisted on waking me up every day to inform that she’s off to work. There was even one day this week where I woke up at 10:40am, feeling like I actually had enough sleep for a change. What a wonderfully rare feeling haha.

I have also enjoyed a very nice coffee and Happy Hippo to start my day off right too. Top notched.

Ever since Sky decided to break my heart and remove the free viewings of boxsets *Sob Grays,* I have been getting back into Netflix, so I finally got around to watching Riverdale, which is fantastic so far by the way. I managed the first four episodes on the Monday, which wasn’t a too bad effort, given that I was also productive. Next week, I am definitely getting back into Riverdale, Gilmore Girls, and I’ll probably start Once Upon A Time, which is something else that I have meaning to make a start on.

A few months back in January, I went through a stage of going on a quote binge, which sadly has continued to go hardcore since, using up most of my very limited phone storage, and I can’t stop saving more, before I have managed to clear the rest of. So this week, in between saving more, I have been making an effort to try and clear off some of the quotes. So right now I have a very long, ever growing word document of inspirational quotes, which I’m sure will become very useful at some point. Saying that though, I hope I manage to find the time and really smash down every single quote off my phone, as two months plus, is already driving me nuts.

In terms of productivity, this week I have applied for a few decent digital marketing jobs, so wish me luck. I also have a few more linked up on my computer to apply for tomorrow, so wish me luck there. I have also finally gotten around to popping over to the post office with my letter, to claim back the money from my Australia travel card, out of £3000 or so, I have a grand total of £25 back. Fun. I also had about £400 odd from notes, so it could be worse. I also tried, and failed once again to get my money, which Lucy owed me from the Great Barrier Reef snorkelling trip, via her mum, from Barclays and Ping It, which is a shocking service given that it’s been almost a month now, and the money has already left her account. Of course, both the Ping It number and the actual store have been completely useless. I’m just waiting to hear back from Lucy’s mum now, so watch this space.
I also failed to workout, or get any real blogs up and running, which is annoying because I have lots of plans of posts, tidying up and properly designing my blog, my posts and my new website, which I have started creating, and of course actually writing and scheduling ideas. It will happen though. I’ll make sure of it. I also need to pop down to work in the day time one day next week and get my membership card sorted out so that I can get myself organised and back in the gym and in the pool. I have decided that I will use the tip money I make from work and go three times a week to the gym. I just need to get around to getting the card sorted out and I can go from there. Here’s to hoping I sort that out this week.

This week I managed my weekly, favourite bubble bath a day late on the Monday night, as apposed to the usual Sunday night, as mum’s gig happened. Which is always a treat. I have to work tonight too, which means that I have to postpone it for this week’s Sunday too. It will happen for me though, it’s a weekly tradition now. A very nice home made sweet and sour chicken, a bubble bath with Spotify music and Riverdale made for a very nice, chilled Monday night. Sadly thouh I also managed to rip my favourite PJ bottoms from Australia, which sucks. I failed to get a planned blog post up though, because I couldn’t be bothered. At least though, I managed to clear off some phone quote photos, so it’s not too shabby. I also got to listen to some interest TV programmes on Chanel 4 too.

This week I also managed to successfully go food shopping on not much sleep after an unplanned midnight shift finish, which was tough, but luckily dad was running late so that meant that I got a lie in until 9, and also had time for a shower and a coffee, which made things easier. I then also had another one when I got home. I also hung out the washing for mum, which was interesting because she has a system, which I tried to stick to, which made things incredibly slower then normal, but, I got there in the end so there was that. One day I also successfully managed to wash and dry my work shirt in time for my work shift that evening, which is quite a difficult feat given that I am sadly currently in England, for the time being at least. Luckily it was sunny all day complete with the right amount of rain. Genius. Boom.

But yes, going back to the subject of my job, it’s been quite tough. Colin injured his ankle playing football, he’s actually now hobbling around on crutches, and quite a few people are on holiday, which meant that I had quite a lot of late nights in a row. Of course I am not complaining, that means more money and more opportunities to practise and get better at my job as I have a while to go yet. But, it is hard to get used to, all these long nights in a row. I definitely can’t wait to get myself more of a nine to five, normal hours job, hopefully with better pay and experience, which could get me back out to Australia quicker, that’s for sure. I’m knackered now it must be said. Luckily I finished at 9:30 tonight, which is the only day this week on the original rota, which remained the same. I did swap a shift with Jaz, so that she could go out for her friend’s birthday, so I knew that was happening. Although, I did regret that when I found myself silently crapping myself in the bar for the final hour on my own, due to limited staff. I got there though, it was definitely a learning curve. I also didn’t have to do the money at the end either as I’m not trained. So I did have a little bit of help. Put it this way though, I was very relieved to get back home that night, or that morning as I should say.

Wild Saturday night. ‪#WrongSideOfTheBar 

Hashtag sexy work selfies. I want to go home. 
This week I also enjoyed the usual video calls with Lotty, I have definitely missed her a lot, and I have done since I last saw her two months ago now. It sucks, but I will definitely take the long phone calls with her over nothing. It’s been really nice to catch up with her, even though she’s all tanned and I’m back to being horrifically white. I’m just counting down the days now, until I’m back in Aus, hanging out with her like old times. In fact I had one long call today, where I got to eat the badly attempt of poached eggs that I made for lunch, which Lotty reminded me that they fell apart because I forgot the dash of vinegar. The good news was though, I had avocado, which is one of my favourite things. Poppi even joined in on the call, when the kids and dad got back from the beach, which resulted in Poppi yelling in my ear to Lotty.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks, I’m sorry for the essay, I’ll work on narrowing shit down I promise. As I have not long now finished work, I’m off to bed as I am turning into a walking eye bag.

See you soon.

Love, hugs and pugs.


Ps, if you do happen to see this mess, without photos, I’m sorry. I don’t usually post up rough drafts, but, I am making the exception tonight because I need to get a Sunday Summaries up, and I need to get better at time management and organising. So yes, if you see this mess now, without photos and with prompts, come back again in a few hours, where it will hopefully be tidied up and a bit better to look at. xo



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