The weekly hit and miss list. #12

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading multiple blogs where people state their weekly favourites for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own weekly summaries for a while. I started one draft in November, which actually didn’t work out with timings and stuff and never got finished or posted. Which is probably a good thing given how late in the year I was trying to start something. As it’s now 2017, I’m going to give this one a real good crack.

I have decided to narrow it down into three things that I am finding to be a hit this week and three things which are a miss this week, just like the kind of things you often find in magazines.

I appologise for the lack of blogs and failing to get planned blogs up on the scheduled day. Hopefully next week shall be more productive, so watch this space.

So without further ado:
(Week starting 27/3/17)


1| Beauty and The Beast.

I know I am incredibly late to the party, I mean, I have friends who are on their fourth time of watching this film, but, what a film. Spectacular effects, magical, striking colours and scenery etc. Basically it had everything that you would expect in a Disney movie. I loved it. Also, I know there has already been a Broadway show, but I can see the film easily being adapted onto the Westend at some point in the near future, and that is a thumbs up from me.

2| Liverpool FC.

I have often said that loving Liverpool, is like being married to someone that annoys the crap out of you, but at the end of the day, you love the shit out of them. Basically, they are frustrating as fuck and often leave you feeling a mixture of emotions, more often than not annoyed. But, I love them so it’s like whatever, I can’t stay mad at you forever. Anyway, they’ve done really well recently, against Arsenal, Man City (although, we definitely could have and probably should have come away with all three points as apposed to just the one), and yesterday, Everton. So they’re currently in my good books. Also, hello, Liverpool rules Merseyside, what can I say!

3| Netflix.

Now Netflix is something that I have been on for a few years now, thanks to the kindness of my old housemate Tuesday, who gave me her account details and made me a log in on hers, just so I could watch Pretty Little Liars. I try not to take advantage of her kindness too much though, but, the other day I recently got back into curling up on the sofa and watching a few episodes of TV shows. I have quite an extensive list to get through, so why not catch up with everyone and find new characters to obsess over? I mean, that’s what life is all about right? 😉


1|Failing to get a job that I really wanted and feeling beyond disappointed.

Last Friday, I received a phone call to say that I had successfully been shortlisted for a fantastic job opportunity to be a Digital Marketing Assistant, which was not only a shock as I didn’t think I would even get that far as I was sure that there would be a lot of people interested, but it also brought me a lot of hope and confidence. Unfortunately, after a long day of interviews and tests, I didn’t get the job, I was devastated. I had really good feedback though, which made me feel a lot better and hopeful. Ben, who was the head of Digital Marketing, was also extremely helpful and also wanted to help me so I have no bad feelings. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be this time around. I was pleased to receive such good feed back though, I was told I did really well. On to the next opportunity I guess.

2| Being ill.

Unfortunately I started coming down with something last weekend, which left me feeling horrendous. I know, great timing eh! I was just relieved that the interview was on the Wednesday and not the Tuesday because I would have seriously struggled. Luckily, I also had the Tuesday off because that day was horrid. I was just really bunged up and felt extremely sorry for myself. Luckily I was slightly on the up on the day of the interview. Honestly though, if I didn’t want the job as badly as I did, I would have been on the sofa wrapped in a burrito of blankets, hiding away from the world. I pushed on though, so at least I know I can be resilient. Although I don’t think that it has gone away completely, I can smell again now and my nose isn’t crusty, the colour of a baboon’s arse and erupting every two seconds, so there’s that haha.

3| Messed up sleeping pattern.


I know this is a repeat from last week, but my sleeping patten this week has been especially messed up, leaving me feeling tired and lazy sleeping in past 10 haha. Saying that though, I have an excuse, I had a week of, with the exception of Friday where I finished at 11, of finishing after midnight. Now, you can’t sleep straight away, so yeah, hello weird sleeping patterns. As much as I love having a job, and the job is good, I can’t wait to get a really well paid, salary type Journalism/Digital Media one soon, so I can fix my sleeping pattern.

So there you have it, three things I’m digging and three things I’m not digging this week. Hopefully my life will still be slightly exciting in one way or another now that I am back in England for the time being. I know it’s not quite Australia, but I will enjoy every day, I mean after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.
I’m planning on scheduling a weekly hit and miss list every Saturday. Let’s see how long this lasts for.

See you next Saturday. 😉

Love, hugs and pugs.



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