Lazy Days and Thursdays| My Dream House.

Side note: Once again, I appologise for the lack of blog love recently. I very much plan on sitting down and giving my blog a good re-vamp soon, I promise. And again, lets blame lack of motivation, being ill and late night bar work for my recent slump.

So anyway, today I though I would talk about my dream house today, since I have recently discovered the shock horror of actually getting excited over house ware in shops and making plans in my head as to what I would like for my future own place.

Let’s be honest, we all know that when it comes down to amazing houses, there’s one woman who’s really got it going on. And she’s been rocking the housing market since 1959. Well played Barbie, well played. That little blonde style icon has been living it up in her three-storey mansion, complete with a kitchen stocked with only the best plastic kitchen range, and a garage that homes her bright pink convertible. Let’s not forget the pool too, so she can host only the best pool parties in town!

Moving on from Barbie, today I’m here to tell you all about my own dream house, which sadly doesn’t include any bright pink convertibles or any plastic Kens. I know, soz Barbie. 😉


Well thanks to my recent year long trip Down Under, where I fell in love with white, sandy beaches, deep turquoise oceans, bright orange, varied landscapes, fresh, juicy fruit on the daily and weather rarely going under 30 degrees, I’m choosing Australia for my dream location, which is weird as I had always imagined I’d end up in London, having had the time of my life there for three years at university. As for location, I haven’t quite decided. For me, as much as I am a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle, being around people and things always happening, cities actually feel wrong in Australia. I know, weird right. They just seem really out of place. I suppose Perth would be an ideal spot, idyllic beaches, great cafes and coffee places, decent shops, a fair amount to do, lots of parks etc. But, it’s quite small for a city. I found I quickly outgrew the place. Melbourne would be ok too, I have family there. It’s quite wet and not as warm though. I really like remote Australia to be honest, I love the landscape and the freedom. I suppose Cairns hits the right spot, you have shops, but you also have rain forests, the ocean which leads to The Great Barrier Reef and a good airport should you want to visit family and friends. I also fell in love with The Kimberlys and Lake Argyle, it’s probably a bit too remote for my career aspirations, but I would go there a few times a year for a holiday.

The Bedroom:

Well for starters, I would definitely love to have an en-suit, which also hopefully contains a shower. I don’t know why, but it’s something I would love to have in my own place. And of course, what girl doesn’t dream of a walk-in closet? I’d love to have my clothes all ordered, some hanging up, and others nicely folded, like big wintery type jumpers etc. And of course, shoes out on one side with bags etc. I would also like to have a massive cork board, to display my photos, memories and meaningful bits and bobs as I really am one sentimental fucker. Another little room inclusion would have to be some little fancy potted plants like maybe a few cactus in interesting display piece, some nice scented things like a few Yankee candles and a big, fancy mirror. The most thing, however, is the bed. I would love a huge, full, king-size memory foam bed of dreams and a big duvet mountain on top, the kind that would make getting out of it in the mornings very difficult, but oh, so worth it! I will also have my bed facing a big flat screen TV, which will be linked up to several big hard drives containing lots of TV shows and movies, and maybe, although I’m not much of a gamer, have a wii or some kind of similar console, which is fun to play with two people. I would also get a mini fridge for my room, full of like bottles of water and drink and maybe a few snacks, so I could always be hydrated.

Living Room:

The living room is kind of the heart and soul of the house. I would like it to be light, modern, but with a homie feel to it. It needs to have long sofas, which can accommodate lots of people comfortably, with blankets in the corner for feeling snuggly in the evenings. I would also like a coffee table – maybe made out of glass, and a big, flat screen TV, complete with a few DVDS, nicely on display in crisp, whitish, cupboards and a DVD player which links up the TV to lots of big hard drives full of TV shows and movies. Lastly, I would like some kind of sound system so that I can play music out loud to my heart’s content.


I may have out grown parties, well ok getting shit faced and clubs, but I am very much a social bean, who loves food and has recently gotten more confident and discovered how much fun cooking actually is. I would love to be able to invite people over for dinner, so I would say a big, open-plan kitchen and dining room is pretty important. Also being in Australia, I would definitely need to have a BBQ. I am a big fan of modern day kitchens, with lots of light and stylish kind of designs so that would be the kind of look I would be going for. I would also like a kitchen island, and a big table for sit down meals. I would have to include a spice rack and a book shelf with lots of cooking and recipe books for my dream home too, just because. Lastly, I would love a big fridge, the kind that has options of an ice/slush/water, a dishwasher and lots of cupboards to store lots of dry food. Oh and I’ll also have an expensive coffee machine and a George Foreman grill.

The Garden:

Well in Australia, you definitely need some kind of pool to cool down whenever you feel as if you’re in dire need of a cool down so I am definitely including a pool here. I like the design of my Auntie Lesley and Uncle Peter’s pool so I would go for something similar. Also like them, I would have a large collection of floats and noodles to chill on. I was also a fan of their home spa (hot tub) design, complete with wood, fairy lights and lots of outdoor furniture so that’s making my list. I would probably include an out door bar there though so I could make cocktails, and a little TV.
I would also include lots of funky outdoor furniture and a table for weekend sunny breakfasts. And of course, the garden would have to be big enough for a dog, as I have my heart set on being dog-mother to at least a little spoodle called Bandit.

Extra Space:

I would like a room, which can store some gym equipment and exercise mats. Although I plan to have a gym membership, a workout room would be neat. I would also like to have a study room, which will be light and have a very nice desk for me to do some work or blogging etc. There will be a cork board to help me organise and time manage, with inspirational quotes. It wouldn’t be a dream house without a HUGE library too as I absolutely love books, so I’d love to have a library completely lined with bookshelves! I will have many leather-bound books and the room will smell of rich mahogany. I’m thinking a full Harry Potter style library, but with fewer books that try to bite you and more comfy beanbags and cushions. There would be some reading chairs and lamps too as it wouldn’t be a library without them. I would also have a comfy window seat for those warm, sunny days and evenings when I can curl up with a book and tea and enjoy the warm glow.

So yeah, one can dream right. One day haha.

Anyway,  until next time.

Love, Hugs and Pugs,


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