My chilled weekend must haves.

Hey guys,
Firstly it’s Friday, boom. Although saying that, I am working on Saturday night for a few hours, so it’s not quite the weekend for me, but you know where I’m coming from.

Anyway, the weekend is my favourite time of the week, everyone seems to be more chilled out, lots of adventures happen and yeah it’s just fun. I really enjoy relaxing with people and doing what I want to do, whether that’s going out or staying in.

Today I thought, seeing as I have been really sucky at posting lately due to a lack of motivation and a loss of mojo, that I would write a post on my chilled out weekend must haves.

1| Coffee.

Starting my weekend off slowly sipping on a hot, milky cup of coffee without a care in the world, and savouring every sip is my idea of the best way to start the day. You cannot beat a cup of coffee in the morning, especially when you have no where to be and you can actually sit down and enjoy it.

2| A good book.

I recently started getting back into reading again, which is really appreciated, believe me. There’s nothing better then waking up, picking up a book and reading in bed in the morning when you don’t have to get up or go anywhere and you can just enjoy getting lost in a completely different world, whilst being wrapped up in burrito of blankets, whilst the sounds of the world outside bustle about, getting on with their day. I have a huge pile of ever growing books to read, and I fully intend to make my way through the pile this year.

3| A fried egg sandwich.

Yes I know, they’re not the healthiest thing to eat in the world, and I definitely eat them more often then maybe I should. But, for me at least, they are the ultimate weekend breakfast. If people can have bacon butties, then I’m sticking to my fried egg butty as a weekend treat.

4| A TV/Film binge session.

I recently got into Greys Anatomy – yes I know, I’m like 13 years late to the party, but there’s something about starting your day off watching a good TV show/series to set you up for the day. Especially when you have no obligations or anywhere that you have to go. Grab that blanket, grab the remote and get lost for some time in someone else’s world.

5| Slobby clothes.

Don’t have to leave the house? Why make an effort? Baggy and comfy are the main essentials for a good weekend chill session. No bra? Even better. Some people wear PJs, my choice of comfort is a baggy pair of sweat pants and a gigantic hoody. As soon as the coat and shoes come off, the sweats are on and that’s it.

6| Adventures with the pals.

Weekends are definitely for adventures, laughs and memories with the friends. When I say adventures, I don’t necessarily mean the expensive kind either. Sometimes a mooch in town with a coffee and a catch up, or watching endless films and TV shows in sweat pants and slobbing out all afternoon, or even or a walk with a camera and a bad set of navigational skills. They all serve as a memory in one form or another. As I have also learnt, nothing is forever, and you should cherish time with the people in your life, because you never know where everyone’s going to end up in their lives and the simple things such as walks and coffee that you have been doing together for years, might not be as simple to organise as it is right now.

7| Family time.

For the past number of years, ever since my step sister Rachel had children, (They’re 6,5 and 4), the kids come over on a Sunday for a manic day of loud noise, going out to the beach and park, and just a whole bunch of fun stuff with little people. It’s nice to have some Sunday Funday family time with everyone. Especially as Will, the oldest, is a big football fan like me. I’ve enjoyed watching the football and playing football with him and dad recently. Oh and having a home cooked roast dinner. Dad is quite the cook and I especially love his roast dinners. They’re one of the highlights of my week.

8| Bubble baths.

I am a big fan of hot, bubbly, great smelling baths. In fact that was one of the things I missed the most in Australia. I mean, I tried having a few and nearly passed out as it was far too hot, to have such a hot bath. So yeah, every Sunday since I have been back here, I have had a bubble bath and come out feeling smooth, great and smelling all kinds of sexy. After spending the day having some much needed family time and stuffing my face with a home made roast dinner, ending my Sunday night in a heavenly bath tub full of bubbles, is a top way to end my week.

So yes, that’s my list of weekend chill out must haves.
If you have any great recommendations to add to my list, feel free to send them my way.

Have a top weekend.
Until next time,

Love, Hug and Pugs.





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