Monday Motivation| Help! I have lost my blogging mojo. (And despite looking forward to be productive today, I am failing miserably at productiveness.)

Hey there,

So for starters I just want to say, I suck. Despite the fact I have a shit load of plans, a shit load of ideas and half written posts and what not already drafted up, oh and time to actually sit down and write, the last few weeks, well I have kind of been failing, and sort of hating myself as a result.

Perhaps it’s the lack of jobs in my life, although I have applied for a shit load, that’s causing my recent slight slump shall we say. And no this slight slump isn’t just on the blogging front either, my motivation to run and workout is also starting to slowly deteriorate too sadly. And cooking and breakfast etc. I know, I hate myself for even writing those above words. I started this year off full of determination to make a few little lifestyle changes, and we’ve now hit March, and well the motivation is definitely wearing a lot thinner than before. I mean, I can write, my words just don’t flow as easily and lack a bit of substance and sometimes I don’t really fancy writing posts or getting them up on time and then I end up inwardly beating myself up as there’s no reason not to get a post written and posted up on time. It’s the same with cooking, I cook it but don’t enjoy it as much as I did a couple of weeks ago, it almost feels like a chore. I don’t feel as inspired to try out different things and it sucked, I was really enjoying buying ingredients and trying things out. Now I’ve found myself doing the same meals without trying different stuff out.

But yeah, this morning I got up early and did some practise driving with dad in an empty car park, which was fun as I haven’t driven in years. I’m pleased to report that I didn’t ruin mum’s car or give dad whiplash from violent breaking like I did, many years ago when I first started out learning to drive. So there’s that. The last time dad and I sat in the car with me at the wheel, I was able to actually move around the car park, more than just slowly going forward and stopping like this morning, so I have a while to go yet, but I was pleased and could definitely break a lot more gracefully than initially feared. I’m just looking forward to getting lots of practise in and starting up proper lessons once I have more money, and getting my arse out on the road. Watch this space. I also managed to get a workout in, using Tom Daley’s latest book – Tom’s Daley Plan, which I will mention at another time, so at least I stuck to some of my productive plans I suppose. I failed to run though, which I shall blame on the lack of motivation. I also took until 4:50pm+ to actually attempt to write an application for a really good job, which is next.

So yes, this is more of a quick, slightly ranty post, which is more because I failed to post up a Monday Motivation style post. I know it’s not my best work, but it’s a start. Here’s to hoping I get my blogging mojo, cooking, workout and other stuff because I love being motivated.

Until next time, oh and I shall be posting up a late Sunday Summaries post very soon.
Fun times eh!

Love, Hugs and Pugs,

































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