The weekly hit and miss list. #10

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading multiple blogs where people state their weekly favourites for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own weekly summaries for a while. I started one draft in November, which actually didn’t work out with timings and stuff and never got finished or posted. Which is probably a good thing given how late in the year I was trying to start something. As it’s now 2017, I’m going to give this one a real good crack.

I have decided to narrow it down into three things that I am finding to be a hit this week and three things which are a miss this week, just like the kind of things you often find in magazines.

So without further ado:
(Week starting 27/2/17)


1| Grey’s Anatomy

I have mentioned this one a few times, but I am shockingly bad at watching TV shows on time and binging on them as well. Once again, I find myself twelve or so years behind everyone else, but how good is this TV show! I have been meaning to watch it for years, but again it was always on my I’ll watch it at some point list. I am fortunate that my parents have Sky TV with the boxsets function, because I am finally able to play catch up.  I started the other day and gosh, it’s SO good. I was hooked from the beginning, which can be a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to TV show pilots. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it, with my dad liking to hog the remote, I only usually manage one episode every morning between my workout and dad’s lunch time. So I am very slowly getting my way through the first series and I love it. I also love the fact that twelve series is already out so I can enjoy the first time of watching it for a while to come.

2| Spending time with the pals and parents. 

I have a feeling that this one might be a regular feature on this blog series, but I honestly am really enjoying spending time with those who I abandoned for a year.

This week I have had fun catching up with my friend Paige, which had been booked in two weeks in advance as Paige has a lot of Uni work at the moment. I hadn’t seen her in over a year and I regard her as one of my best friends so it was lovely. It was also very wet, cold and gross but who’s counting. We ended up in this little cafe in town, catching up and munching on a veggie breaky in Paige’s case and sipping on some warming soup and a cheeky pot of tea in my case whilst the rain lashed down outside.
I also met up with my old teammate Nicole, and had a nice natter over a flat glass of coke in one of my local pubs. Oh and we watched this dog take the biggest, sloppiest, smelliest, grossest shit right in the middle of the pub’s floor. The funniest thing was, I had skipped a workout as the original plan was a kick around in the park, but in the end we went to the pub. Priorities. I also met up with Liv again, we ended up having a super lazy day and night watching a load of movies and eating fajitas. Oh and in the morning Liv made us pancakes and set the cutest breakfast table set up and we had the funniest video call with Lotty.  I also met up with my friend Lydia, who I haven’t seen in over a year. We had a banging breaky at my favourite cafe, where we both used to work. Also I met her new guide dog Bertie and he is the cutest thing ever. I also managed to catch up with Paul again in town and had a lovely afternoon with him, nattering over our favourite hot apple and cinnamon drinks and I helped him shop for new work t-shirts in Primark. It’s been a great week.

3| Ed Sheeran’s newest album: Divide.

I wrote about Ed’s newest work of art in last week’s blog series installment. In fact it very narrowly missed out on being included on that list. But yes, it’s fantastic. It’s actually been on repeat since I bought it. I really love how there’s such a variety of cultured type songs this time around. For example, on the deluxe version which I have, track fourteen – Bibia Be Ye Ye has upbeat African influences, after which track fifteen – Nancy Mulligan seamlessly flows into an Irish jig type jam. I love it. Also once again Ed’s beautiful lyrics really do manage to hit you with all the feels. As a lot of people comment on Youtube videos of his work, Ed really does make you feel like you have just broken up from someone that you didn’t even know you were even dating. Ed Sheeran was asked on an interview on The One Show last week if Divide contains a “Thinking Out Loud song?” and he replied with the song Perfect, and I completely agree with him. Perfect is, along with How Would You Feel (Paean), Shape of You and Castle On The Hill, my favourite songs on this album. Actually it’s my favourite, it’s just beautiful. Oh so beautiful.


1|Lack of motivation.

In terms of being motivated to workout, run and blog, I really have lost my mojo recently and it’s pooey. It just makes workouts much harder than they should be and blogging/writing not very fun, when for me it always has been fun. I hate it when I lose some mojo and hit a bit of a slump because I really would love to give this blog a real good crack. I have lots of ideas of what I would like to do and posts drafted, noted down or maybe half written, so I am really keen to showcase everything to the best of my ability. This week I feel like it’s lacking again. Here’s to hoping my motivation comes back because I was finally feeling happy about my body and my writing ability.

2| Lack of money/ Stress.

I am currently in the middle of playing the waiting game. You know, when you apply for a shit load of jobs and then have to sit back and wait to find out if someone wants you or not. Well being in between jobs, as well as travelling around Australia  for a year, has left me without a lot of money, for the time being at least. Super fun. Having £1 something on my card, makes it rather difficult to enjoy simple things like buying coffee in town with friends, which is fine, for the time being at least, but it’s not much fun when you become that guy who talks about lack of money, pretty much most of the time. For the record, I’m not someone who throws money around too much, but it’s weird not having a safety net of a little bit of money on my debt card.


3| Missing Australia.

I miss Australia. I have accepted that I will be here for a little bit at least, but I do miss it. I have been looking at photos of my final few weeks and I still end up feeling like wow I miss it. Plus my home town is getting more and more scuzzy.

So there you have it, three things I’m digging and three things I’m not digging this week. Hopefully my life will still be slightly exciting in one way or another now that I am back in England for the time being. I know it’s not quite Australia, but I will enjoy every day, I mean after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.
I’m planning on scheduling a weekly hit and miss list every Saturday. Let’s see how long this lasts for.

See you next Saturday. 😉

Love, hugs and pugs.



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