Sunday Summaries| Taming the ginger mop after a year, adapting to the colder climate and feeling a gigantic sense of pride of the wonderful mother kicking ass on the radio.

Hey there,
So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and now that I am back freezing my arse off in the UK, I fully plan to love this blog and put a lot more time and effort into it than previously. I plan to keep a weekly schedule on here for my Sunday Summaries, high lighting what I have been up to that week for any nosy sods that might happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet. Even if the only person who reads this happens to be my mum.  As I wrote on my previous Sunday Summaries posts, once again this blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Week starting: 27th Feb – 5th March. 

Just like I wrote on last week’s installment, this week has been a rather cold one for me, and rather wet. Something that I am slowly getting used to again. I’m also getting used to having to share a laptop with dad, which as nice as it has been for dad to share with me, it’s not the most convenient thing for me when I am trying to apply for jobs and also write for fun. Luckily though, I sent my laptop over to a very nice guy who I worked with at Currys today, so hopefully I will be soon be reunited with my laptop and dad can have his back. Also sadly, just like I wrote last week my life has gotten considerably much more boring since I left Australia. However, I am very excited for the future and getting back out to Australia as soon as possible.

This week has mostly consisted of catching up with my parents and the odd few friends still left here, missing Australia, catching up with Lotty, wrapping up in a shit load of layers and trying to warm up, job hunting, eating food, sharing laptops, being annoyed at Liverpool and then loving them a few days later,dreaming of Australia, loving Ed Sheeran’s new album, oh and eating lots of cake apparently.

My sleeping pattern seems to be pretty set now and I’m enjoying actually waking up at a decent time, instead of feeling rather lazy. Also I managed to get myself back into reading actual books in bed again, which is the best way to wake up in the morning. Simple things eh! I’ve been getting stuck into the book Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell, which was a book I bought ages ago and never started for some reason.

On the Monday I got my hair done for the first time in over a year, which was much needed believe me. I actually didn’t realise how long it was until I was lying down in the bath and I found my hair was wrapping itself around my belly button. Weird. It had been needing some much needed TLC in a while, it just needed a lift and the removal of dead weight. Honestly I felt so much life get back on my head. Also Jane makes banging cups of tea it must be said. Bonus.

Also on Monday night, I had a great experience down at our local radio station – Rivera FM, with mum whilst she and her talented team promoted their Green Light Product for McMillan Cancer research. I’ll post more on this on other blogs, but in summary it’s a collection of unsigned talented singer songwriters, from the West Country,  who won the opportunity to be recorded for The Green Light Unplugged CD, which will be sold in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Devon. There’s a launch night which will take place on the second of April 2017. It’s a great cause, not only do you get an opportunity to hear some beautiful and well written songs, but also help out with cancer support. For more information check out the official web pageFacebook and Twitter
But yes like I said, I’ll be talking more about this exciting and fantastic product in up and coming blog posts in the near future.

^ Anyway, I had a great night. I was undecided all day about going down with mum in the evening and it was almost a last minute decision. I’m glad I went down though in the end as I had a lovely evening and I was very proud of my mum for everything she’s done for such a great product. I also enjoyed hearing the live music, being the photographer and was especially pleased that mum even spoke live on air, with a bit of persuading but still.

I also hated Liverpool for losing the Leicester, but then they redeemed themselves on the Saturday by beating Arsenal 3-1. I just wish they didn’t annoy the crap out of me all the time, because I have a lot of love for them and it can really test your patience.

This week I have been playing the waiting game. I applied for a load of jobs, including Journalism ones, Digital Marketing, internships, Junior Reporters and coffee shops. So now I’m just waiting to hear back if they want me or not. Finger’s crossed though because I hate being such a skint fucker lol. I even had a phone call with a lady over the possibility of training to become a personal trainer. Which sounds very exciting by the way, but there’s a lot of pros and cons to it. Mostly the money side of things and the fact that I would be based in Bristol for 5 days a week for 6 weeks. That’s a lot of dedication. 50/50 right now.

I’ve had lots of dreams this week, in fact I am pretty sure it has been every day, of being back in Australia, but it was my final day again and I had to leave. So I have woken up missing being in Australia, which I am pretty sure is a form of self torture. The weirdest one for me was when my Auntie Lesley put me on a train and I had to find my way back. I had a camera on my head, which had something to do with Scuba Brad and I had to film my adventures. Lotty was in it too, we were staying in some hotel room with lots of beds and some random fat family staying. I was annoyed because it was our final night hanging out together and they were ruining it.

I attempted to run again this week, sadly though the motivation came and went. I only managed one run, which turned out to be a complete rookie error. For some reason I decided to mix up my usual routine and go the opposite way round. This meant that I was running uphill for pretty much the whole run and into the wind too. I was knackered by the end and my thighs were burning. I then attempted to start Tom Daley’s book workout routines, only I only managed two lots out of the six 30 seconds jumping jacks, before I had to stop because my legs hated me. I found that it was slightly too strenuous straight off the back of an uphill run. In the end, I opted for doing 60 x crunches, 60 x sit-ups, 4 x 30 second planks, 4 x 20 second side-planks and 4 x 5 leg raises. My body hated me after that. Starting tomorrow (6/3) I will be trying to get into a better running and workout routine and can really get stuck into Tom’s book. I did fairly well with my home workouts though, but next week I definitely want to be a bit more ruthless and work out a better routine for myself.

Cooking wise, I had a lot of fun this week experimenting with various veggies that I had bought during the weekly food shop. Most of my food contained a variety of colour and tasted oh so good. I’m looking forward to cooking more this week too. A few attempts of poached eggs and what not did set the fire alarm off, but I am pleased to say that the kitchen is still standing. I also cooked for mum this week, which I was proud of myself for. I would definitely love to cook for her more often, and maybe next time it will be a bit more adventurous then pretty much just veggies and rice. Watch this space.

Some of my dishes:

(insert here)

Blogging wise, this week I have been fairly productive. I do feel as if I am lacking in something at the moment though, I’m not too sure what just yet. I managed to get several up and posted on time, which was a nice feeling. I’m hoping to start being more organised and getting posts written and scheduled in advance so I don’t feel as if they’re being rushed. I have a load of posts drafted in my drafts though, so it’s a case of sitting down and organising all my work and days more. I’m enjoying the productivity though so that’s something.

This week has been a great week for catch ups with some of the best people. Oh and cake and pots of tea. It would appear that I seemed to eat a fair amount of cake and reminisce over pots of tea.

I had a lovely couple of hours strolling around this town called Totnes with mum on a wet, Saturday afternoon. 🙂 When mum suggested it in the morning that we should head over to Totnes in the afternoon I was all for it. Having a mooch around Totnes, looking in charity shops and music/record shop has always been our thing, and it had been over a year since we last spent a Saturday afternoon together doing that, so of course it was lovely. In fact, it was made extra awesome this time around by the fact that we stopped for a pot of tea and this HUGE slice of victoria sponge cake. I loved my mum and Keri day actually, it was lovely having dinner together and watching Who Dares Wins – two guys lost out on £50,000 on the final question, they just had to name a popular sandwich flavour, and watching The Minions movie, which I think mum enjoyed as I came home from town this afternoon to find her watching it with the kids. 😉

I also caught up with my best friend Liv this week. We had plans to go swimming at our favourite spa pool. Only Liv needed to find herself a swimming costume, and one that she actually liked enough to part with some of her hard earned cash for. Tough challenge in our home town, it’s not the best place for shopping at the best of times. After failed attempts in Primark, and Newlook, it wasn’t until much later on, that Livy actually found a costume that she liked enough to buy. This was after she’d tried on half of Debenhams’ swimwear collection mind. Oh and we made some rather funny Snapchat videos too, which served as an entertainment bonus. Of course, by then it’s already getting dark, so we never did make it into the pool. At least I got to have one of my favourite hot apple and cider drinks from Coffee#1 – I hadn’t had one in over a year. Happy days.

We had also had an interesting experience in Spoons, the food was awful. We both said it made us feel ill. I mean for starters the chips were cold, soggy and tasted like they’d been left out in the cold for a while, which they probably had. So I ended up putting this rather sassy status up on their facebook page, which was mostly worded by Liv – something about nice new decor, shame about the food and how it made us feel ill. Of course, one of the supervisors came over to talk to us. She was nice enough, but she definitely had came over expecting a confrontation as she was very defensive at first. Of course, she relaxed when she realised that we weren’t pricks and you know nice people. She offered us free dessert, which we turned down because “we felt ill” and I was disappointed that she didn’t, you know offer us a refund considering that the food they gave us was pretty much inedible. Oh and she also deleted my post. I won’t be going back for food and I plan to post my unhappiness on the review section where they can’t delete it. 😉

This week I also caught up with my friend Abi, or Abster as I like to fondly call her. I wrote about this on here, but we went to see the film Hidden Figures, which was AMAZING. I mean – One Word. Wow. I mean, the hair’s are still standing up on the back of my neck and it’s been a few days. That was such an empowering movie. To be honest, I am still in complete awe of this film.  I am just so honestly thankful to the everyone behind the creation of the film for bringing this story to light. It was bloody fantastic, emotional and empowering and oh so satisfying to watch. It’s based on a true story of the women mathematicians who played a pivotal role of the early NASA space programme and the strength they constantly exhibited in overcoming racism and sexism issues, and doing so in the most dignified and often comical way. These women are heroes and I am beyond shocked that they’re only now getting the credit and recognition they deserve. Abi and I were both on a high when leaving the cinema and for me anyway, that high continued all night. WOW what an incredible film.

This week I also caught up with my old work pal Miles. We had a natter, catch up and a laugh over a Subway, before popping down to crazy golf course to get our Tiger Woods on. It was fairly empty, so we mucked around for ages, whacking the ball around and trying to get a hole in two in my case, Miles was determined to get a hole in one. I started off well, but seemed to get worse the longer we played. It was fun though, I had such a laugh. I like Miles, we are fairly similar personality wise, chilled out and get on with everyone. He was also nice enough to treat me to what turned out to be the smallest Costa in the world. To be fair to Costa, those things may be small in stature, but they are definitely packed full of flavour.

I also caught up with one of my best friends Paul, who is down from London for a couple of weeks. He was lovely enough to treat me to the most amazing cream tea where we ate like royals. We ended up sharing a very nice pot of English tea, a giant slice of homemade rainbow cake, two scones – cherry and ginger flavoured, this amazing cinnamon flavoured toast and two lots of sandwiches. It was safe to say, we were stuffed after all that.
It was so lovely to see Paulie Boy, I’ve missed him so much, so spending the afternoon stuffing our faces and catching up with life was my idea of a perfect afternoon.

I also had a lovely and very wet and cold afternoon, today actually, catching up with my bestie Paige. We were going to go to this place down by the sea front, but it was too cold to walk down there, so we improvised and went to this very cosy, cafe, with a moderate menu and had a long overdue catch up, over a warm bowl of soup in my case and a veggie breaky in Paige’s. I also really loved sipping on a pot of tea. It was a much needed warmth in all honesty. We also made some exciting plans for the near future, which is always fun. To be honest, as much as I loved seeing Paige, it was so cold, grey and miserable outside, that I was quite happy that Paige wasn’t able to stay out too long as she had to do uni work, as I was more than happy to peel off all my wet clothes and change into some very slobby comfy ones once I had gotten home.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks, I’m sorry for the essay, I’ll work on narrowing shit down I promise. I am off for a very nice bubble bath now.

See you soon.

Love, hugs and pugs.


Ps, if you haven’t already heard it, I would highly recommend Ed Sheeran’s newest album Divide. It’s genius and has been on repeat since Friday.















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