Monday Motivation| My favourite things that happened this month in February.

Side note: I had a plan to do a Monday Motivation series for each Monday in 2017, in order to start each week with a bit of hope for the rest of the week, after I have read plenty of inspiring similar type posts on other people’s blogs. As it’s the final Monday of February, I thought that I would write about my top moment/favourite things that happened this month.

As I have mentioned numerous times throughout my blogs, especially recently, I sadly came to the end of my working holiday visa out in Australia last week, so these past few months  has been spent making the most of my time out here (for now).

February has been a good month overall I suppose, although the start of it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride too as I had to come to terms with the fact that I was leaving Lake A, a place which had become home to me during my time out in Australia, and all the friends that I had made and had gotten rather close to, for a while. I had a lovely time up at Lake A though, even if it would have been made better if I had been able to get a few more hours in. The place was dead though and I wasn’t needed as they already had plenty of staff, who weren’t getting many hours either. It’s off season at the moment you see.

I have had a really lovely time back up in Lake A or a home from home. Of course it would have been nice to get a few more hours in, but I’ve seen for myself how dead it is up here, so it’s been really nice of Charlie to allow me to stay here for free. He’s a genuinely lovely person and a fantastic person to work for.

So yes, the first couple of weeks in February were spent having adventures, making the most of my remaining time in Australia for this time around, saying goodbye to people :(, spending time with the family, hanging out with Lucy, walking the dogs, going out for lots of breakfasts, chilling on the beach etc, it was a good ending. I also spent the rest of Feburary catching up with people, freezing my ass off and missing Australia.

So what’s been my monthly highlights this months? In no particular order by the way.

  • Catching up with people.

I have also enjoyed catching up with people, from making the most of the remaining couple of days up at Lake A and seeing the people up there, to catching up with the family – I enjoyed going out for food and drinks, walking around, taking the dogs out, chilling out with films and TV shows etc. I also really enjoyed hanging out and going on adventures with Lucy, just like old times really.

I also really enjoyed catching up with the pals back home, from going out for cocktails, food and the cinema with my bestie Livy, to going out for one of my favourite Sunday roasts with my primary school pal Jude and reminiscing over a bottle of wine, to simply walking around the block with Abi and her dog Rosie and chatting about life whilst the cold, bitter wind smacked us in the face.

I should also probably mention that despite all the stress that’s going on right now, I have loved seeing my mum and dad again after a whole year away. As cliched as it is, my mum really is my best friend, and even if I was off having lots of adventures and the time of my life, I still missed the crap out of her. So that was a nice feeling, stepping off the plane and seeing their faces, oh and the M&S sandwich that they were holding for me haha.

  • Adventures.

This kind of goes into the above post, but I have really enjoyed going on lots of spontaneous adventures whilst out in Australia. From the wet day where Lucy and I went shopping, to spending Valentines Day together at the cinema, to the day we went for a trip to Fremantle Prison and had Krispy Kreame doughnuts for breakfast, to the day we took a wrong turn with the dogs and the poor boys got dragged around in the heat for ages. The short walk turned into a two hour adventure and the poor boys like died on my auntie and uncle’s carpet when we finally got back. They’re fine now by the way. To just simply reflecting on life whilst sat on the white sanded beaches and sipping on refreshing lemon lime bitter at the pub, whilst looking out on the deep, turquoise ocean, without a care in the world. I had a great few weeks with Lucy. I really did.

  • Swimming.

Although this was more Janurary rather than Feb, this is also something that I have written down a fair amount on here and my other blog, but I have really enjoyed being able to just swim and mess around in Lake A’s award-winning infinity pool, which over looks the most beautiful orange scenery. The pool was definitely something that I did not make the most of during my time, working up here. But then again I was always busy and the pool was always heaving. Also the pool is very refreshing, but back in the dry season, it was rather nippy. Right now it’s the perfect temperature, practically empty and beautifully refreshing. I’m really enjoying the freedom to just let my hair down and splash around. I just wish I could have fitted in one more final swimming session with Lotty before I left, as it turned out we did have time, but everything was up in the air on that day. I also would have loved to have been able to swim in the ocean too, but my long lasting period, long story with the implant, prevented that. Never mind, that would have been an ideal way to cool down though, I was very jealous of all the swimmers on the beach, whilst I sat and roasted my ass off.

  • Cooking.

Again another feature of my blogs which crops up a lot, but one that I am rather enjoying so I don’t care too much. I have always loved food, but lacked the skills or confidence to really attempt much cooking other than chicken nuggets and chips, which even then I screwed up one time and scarred my wrist cooking. But as mentioned a lot throughout my blogs, living out here  with chefs and working for five months solidly in a kitchen, I have slowly started to make more of a conscious effort to learn to cook more and make the most of an opportunity to really learn. I would say that I have really come a long way skills and confidence wise. This month I have enjoyed cooking dinner for Lotty and myself, as well as teaming up with her, and sitting down to eat a nice and relatively healthy meal each evening. Just like last month too haha. Cooking stopped for a while whilst I was back at Sandra’s, but since I have been back in England I have been cooking again. I have enjoyed looking through healthy recipe books and magazines and making meal plans. I have also enjoyed making a list and doing the weekly shop with all my veggies, fruit, chicken and potatoes mostly. I’m not quite at the standard that I would like to be just yet, and I would certainly like to be more adventurous with the meals I’m cooking, but from what I have started to ‘perfect’ recently, I’m doing ok. Look out world! 😉

So there you have it, my monthly highlights for February. I might not have done anything amazingly stand out, like I have done in previous months, such as sky diving, helicopter rides, free sunset cruises, watching live whales splashing about in the ocean, swimming about in The Great Barrier Reef etc, but maybe just being out in Australia for a few final weeks this time around was an adventure in itself.

I don’t know what March will hold for me, but I hope it will be full of surprises and adventure and you never know, it might even bring me one step closer to my new dream of living in Australia more permanently. I also hope March gets me back into more running, work-out and blogging habits like Janurary did as I definitely did lose a bit of my MOJO.

Have a good week and I’ll see you next Monday for hopefully more motivation! 😉

Love, hugs and pugs,






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