Monday Motivation – On a Tuesday| Catch up, what’s next: Life after Aus.

Hello there,

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts for the past couple of weeks, I made the decision of abandoning my blog for the past couple of weeks in favour of enjoying the remaining time that I had left on my visa for this time around.
Also this was supposed to be posted up on Monday, as it is actually a part of my Monday Motivation series, but then a busy day of being an adult (I figured this planned blog post would work out to be posted up in the evening after my busy day full of being productive and attempting to adult), followed by a long overdue catch up with my best friend Livy plus a whole bunch of Mexican food, cocktails, chatting, laughing, reminiscing and catching up, meant that I simply did not have the time to sit down and splurge it all down when I got back home, so here I am now, writing a Monday style post on a Tuesday – go figure!

Priorities. šŸ˜‰

But yes where was I? I will be posting and up and coming a blog or a few regarding my final couple of weeks in The Land Down Under and what I have been up/ feelings/the future etc, as well as my next plans in more detail, so I won’t go into too much detail in this particular post, also keep an eye out, if you’re a nosy sod like I am.

This blog post is more of a quick summary of what’s next? After the best year of my life traveling around Australia, what are my plans now that I have come crashing back down to reality and I am back home, with my parents.

Well firstly, I now know that I want to be back out in Australia within the next year or two. Only this time on a more permanent visa than the one I was on. I am realistic, I know that it won’t be easy and I have a long challenge ahead of me, with plenty of obstacles, but I am prepared to fight. And fight hard.

So yes, I have been back for two days now, well three at the time of writing. Following a seven hour and a twelve hour flight across the world, which was accompanied by a five hour car ride back home from the airport – annoyingly I live NOWHERE near London, unsurprisingly I gave myself the first day back (Sunday) to recover, but now I am back laying the start of the foundations down. Yesterday, as arranged with dad the minute I stepped foot off the plane, we made a plan of action for how am I going to achieve my goal of getting back out to Australia.

See attached below:

As you can see, this one’s just a rough draft, I plan to make a nice clean version to attach to my bedroom wall as a form of motivation, but it will do for the time being.

But on it I have included various steps which I need to undertake which will hopefully get me to my desired destination Australia. These include the main ones of applying for jobs, networking, Linked In, direct contact, producing articles and blogs and improving my CV etc.

These also include hopefully getting jobs within my field – Journalism. I have a BA Hons Journalism degree, or an internship, junior role, freelance etc.

The above points if I am successful, should give me the relevant job experience to boost my chances of getting a sponsorship and residency to live and work in Australia. That is pretty much the main gist of things on that front. So the next stage now is to go away and work on the above points – wish me luck there. šŸ˜› I’ll be sure to keep regularly posting updates on how my ‘quest’ to get a new life in the beautiful sunny shores of Australia is coming along, so you will more than likely see several blog posts on how I am getting on.

I am currently also on the hunt for an extra job for extra cash, which was also on the list, so it’s all full steam ahead on this front. All I need to do now is hope that my Macbook, which has been abandoned for a year, can start working again so I don’t have to share dad’s laptop. But that is another story for another time.

So yes, in terms of Monday motivation (shush ignore the fact that it is technically Tuesday), I think I have covered everything that I wanted to say. I think in terms of blog posts, this one is pretty choppy and I am not as pleased with it as I usually am when posting, also hello rambles – sorry to any future employer, I can do better I promise!

That’s all for now, I am off to apply for more jobs.

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps also on the subject of attempting to adult yesterday, I would say creating this extensive list and making plans for how I am going to achieve what I am hoping to achieve as well as doing boring adulty things such as taking a trip down to the banks to sort out my accounts and left over money from Australia, I would say I adulted rather well.


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