Lazy Days and Thursdays|”Time is of the essence.”

Just in short summary, I have written a few week’s worth of these and I am still not entirely sure what my new blog topic that I have so far dubbed: Lazy Days and Thurdays, just yet, but I like the idea of having a possibly weekly/fortnightly/monthly feature on here on Thursdays or possibly another day of the week. For now I shall leave it open for random topics that come into my head on a Thursday, but it might change in due course.

Anyway today I thought I would write about something which has always been there, lingering in the back of my thoughts, but even more prominent this year and last year since I flew out to Australia. Time. Time and how there’s just never enough of it.

“Time is of the essence.”

I’ve heard this phrase a numerous amount of times, it seems to be integrated somewhere in every day life one way or another. By the poets, the writers, the artists, the professionals, the teachers, the every day average Joe etc. But it wasn’t until this past year, when I took a chance on the unknown with no set plan in mind and jumped on a plane to Australia, that I truly grasped the concept of time and what everyone means when they say in one way or another that time does not stand still, time does not wait for anyone and to make the most of living in the now as tomorrow is never promise to no one.

And when I say time, I don’t mean the average every day ‘clock time’ that everybody seems to run and live on in their daily lives.  I mean let’s be honest, we spend our lives running around in a mass amount of circles, trying to figure out how to get from one point to another, and yet no one seems to notice or second guess if they’re just wasting precious time worrying about how getting to the next place. I mean, have you ever wondered how it suddenly got to be in the middle of December when the start of the year felt like last week?

Us humans on average spend countless seconds on the daily, which suddenly wrap into minutes, and then before you know it, another hour has passed like the click of your finger. Fast, loud, over. And before you know it, you’re finding yourself wondering where the hell has the year even gone as you start to begin that slow, nightly process of getting ready for bed and the end of yet another day.

Based on my own personal experience, I have learned that time is the most valuable gift you can give someone, I mean for starters, it’s the one thing that you can give another person, which you will never get back. Why do you think people are always saying give your time and effort away to others wisely? I mean, heck, time is also the most valuable time you can give yourself. Have a think about this, I know that I am also guilty of this myself, when was the last time you can honestly say that you were so fully in the present of the moment that you were in? And when I say present, I mean not being on your phone, or lost in another form of screen, or day dreaming of another place? And when can you honestly say was the last time that you were 100% fully focused on the place you were in, or the people that you were around?

I bet that you suddenly had to stop and think, didn’t you? Let’s be honest, people are guilty of being really caught up in waiting for the ‘right’ moment of time to hit them, that they forget to live in the now, spending forever waiting for the future to come instead of appreciating the presence and not realising that they are wasting and sacrificing their precious time by looking ahead instead of the moment.

So yes time IS of the essence, as we have no guarantee of a tomorrow, so we really don’t have any to waste. We really do not have the time to dwell on our past, regretting things that we may not or may have done or said. And yet people always do and they do not realise that, by dwelling on and regretting their past, they are missing out on their present.


I know that throughout my time out here in Australia, I have been guilty of this, always looking ahead to the future and feeling really sad about the fact that I only had five months left or whatever out here. Now I’m down to my final couple of weeks out in Australia and I would do anything to be able to say or think that I still have five months left out here. And do I regret not trying to stay out here longer? YES, but I know that everything happens for a reason and maybe I wasn’t supposed to do farm work to extend my visa to a second year. Instead I am going to go back to the UK and work my arse off to get back out here, so I can enjoy Australia without worrying about being on ‘time.’ But, that’s besides the point.

Let’s be honest, we do not have time to waste feeling anxious over our future, the future will not exist until the now has passed. We need to stop wasting precious time waiting for the ‘right’ moment of time to come and present itself to us to get things done. We need to use our time, to make the right moment happen.


Time is precious. Time is valuable. Time fades fast.


After all…




“Your life is made up of two dates and a dash. Make the most of the dash.”


Just something to think about.












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