Monday Motivation| My favourite things that happened this month in January.

I saw this on Facebook this morning and simply had to include it for motivational purposes. Also, who doesn’t love Dory?

Side note: I had a plan to do a Monday Motivation series for each Monday in 2017, in order to start each week with a bit of hope for the rest of the week, after I have read plenty of inspiring similar type posts on other people’s blogs. However, it got to the first Monday of the new year and I hit a bit of a flunk and was unable to write a post with substance, so I didn’t bother. I successfully managed to post up one in time last week, and I am definitely keen to do that again this week. As it’s the final Monday of January, I thought that I would write about my top moment/favourite things that happened this month.

As I have mentioned numerous times throughout my blogs, especially recently, I am sadly coming to the end of my working holiday visa out in Australia, which means that I soon have to leave this incredibly beautiful and amazing country, and return back to the seemly cold, miserable and angry UK and I am not looking forward to returning what so ever. So this past month and a little bit, has been spent making the most of my time out here (for now).

January has been a good month for me, I have had a really lovely time back up in Lake A or a home from home. Of course it would have been nice to get a few more hours in, but I’ve seen for myself how dead it is up here, so it’s been really nice of Charlie to allow me to stay here for free. He’s a top bloke that guy. In my head, I can feel the sentimental side of me kicking in and constantly reminding me that this won’t last forever though and I will soon have to say goodbye to this wonderful place, which has become a home from home for me over the past few months. I really really hope and pray that I can come back out here again, soon. Only this time, with more time on my hands of course. There has not been enough time for me out here. I need more haha.  I am honestly dreading having to say goodbye to people up here though. Especially Lotty. That’s going to be so tough and hard.

So yes, this month I have tried to make the most of the time that I do have up here. Well as much as I can do at the moment, the flooded roads between the resort and the outside world, can occasionally make it difficult to leave the resort.However, I would say that I have also done plenty of adventuring out and around the area. So I have no complaints what so ever. Also who doesn’t like chasing waterfalls?

So what’s been my monthly highlights this months? In no particular order by the way.

  • Hanging out with Lotty.
    I have included Lotty multiple times in a lot of my blogs throughout my time in Australia as she seems to be an important presence in my Australia adventures. Such as here.
    But yes, I have really enjoyed hanging back out with Lotty, since she picked me up from the airport back at the end of December. She’s an awesome person and I feel very fortunate to have met her, back in April, especially as I can’t imagine how my time out here would have panned out else. It’s been really fun cooking, watching a shit load of movies and TV shows, having my arse kicked by her on Rayman, going on adventures like town and the time we were stranded for the night in town and chasing waterfalls, swimming, as well as other stuff. I don’t know when I’ll next be out in Australia, (hopefully not too long though), but I’d like to think that Lotty and I will still remain close, even with half the world and an eight hour gap in between.


Thanks for all the fun adventures, times and memories this month Lot.I had a blast. Bring on the next load of adventures, whenever that will be.

  • Catching up with people.

Similar to the above post, but I have also enjoyed catching up with the remaining people up here. Back during the dry season, there was so many of us. Most people have long left the resort, but will be back up here to do it all over again next dry season in April/May – October. So obviously it’s not the same, but it’s still nice to see the people who did remain. Like Tracy, who’s such a laugh, Michelle and Steve, Ruth etc. I also enjoyed getting to hang out with Ruth’s younger cousin Matty, who came up for a few weeks between his Uni schedule. He was always down for spontaneous adventures, which is something I am too, so it was always fun going on a random adventure with him and Ruth every now and again.

  • Adventures.

This kind of goes into the above post, but I have really enjoyed going on lots of spontaneous adventures whilst out here, exploring cliff faces and rocks, waterfalls, caves etc. It’s been so fun. I am always down for an adventure, especially the completely spontaneous kind where you have no idea where you’ll end up or see. I won’t go into too much details here as I have written a lot on here about my adventures out here throughout my blog. But I have had a lot of fun and have taken lots of interesting photographs of my expeditions so put it this way, even my Instagram is enjoying it.  I always said that I wanted to come back out here during the wet season to see all the waterfalls and it hasn’t disappointed. I’m so glad that I have been able to see lots of waterfalls and even more so, I’m really pleased to have been able to experience this wonderful and amazing place in both the wet and the dry season.

It was hard to narrow my photographs down to just nine, but have nine of my favourites from recent adventures.
  • Boat and being back out on the lake.

Like the above point, I won’t go into too much detail, because I have written a fair amount about my time out on the lake the other day on here and my other blog. Such as here.
However, I will say that I had the best day zipping around the lake with Ruth and Matty, having my bum bruised by the waves, getting drenched through from a random down pour, the wind in my hair, spray in my face, lost with my thoughts, taking an abundance of photographs and feeling at one with nature, seeing more waterfalls then I can count, and just feeling completely free. It was amazing. The lake is one of my favourite places in the world and I just really love being out on a boat.


Boat Life 2K17
  • Feeling free again with my writing.

This might sound a little strange seeing as I have a blog and I write a fair amount on both, but ever since I finished University back in the summer of 2015, I have found that for a long time I have been unable to write as freely as before, that my writing lacked substance. I felt trapped, cooped up inside. My mind was still a wash of thoughts, colours and words, just like before, only I was just unable to create anything that I felt was worthy, like I could do better. It was torture to be able to see, think and feel words, but be unable to form anything with grandeur. However, slowly towards the end of 2015 and throughout 2016, it’s slowly started coming back and I feel so free, just being able to just splurge everything back down again. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s nice to feel liberated with my writing again. Losing those boundaries and letting my creativity run wild feels fantastic.

  • Swimming.

This is also something that I have written down a fair amount on here and my other blog, but I have really enjoyed being able to just swim and mess around in the resort’s award-winning infinity pool, which over looks the most beautiful orange scenery. The pool was definitely something that I did not make the most of during my time, working up here. But then again I was always busy and the pool was always heaving. Also the pool is very refreshing, but back in the dry season, it was rather nippy. Right now it’s the perfect temperature, practically empty and beautifully refreshing. I’m really enjoying the freedom to just let my hair down and splash around.


Swimming fun feat. Lotty.
  • Town.

Again town is something that I have included a fair few times, but you know, sometimes it is nice to get out of the resort and ‘stretch your legs’ so to speak. It’s funny, town in the dry season wasn’t much, and it’s even less now that it’s in the middle of the wet season, but it is nice to occasionally get out there, if the weather and roads allow you to. I am very familiar now with town, it’s slightly scabby, but it does have a familiar feel of ‘home’ to me now, as I know the streets and I know the shops rather well. I definitely would love to come back out to Lake A and do it all over again, which includes trips into town on a well earned day off, grabbing a cold smoothie and wasting hours away walking the familiar streets and just enjoying getting out of the resort for a few hours. It’s hard to describe the feeling I guess, but it was always nice to get out of the resort every now and again and re-charge. I used to really love going into town with Lot, the windows down, the music blasting, the sun gleaming, the scenery glowing in a warm light and feeling a sense of a well earned freedom. Of course that was a while back now, but I still get the same familiar feeling that I used to get now, whenever Lot asks me if I’d like to try risking it to get into town.

  • Photography.

As I seem to be repeating myself on this blog, photography features a lot throughout this blog and my other one, so I won’t go into too much details here, well I’ll try not to anyway. 😉 But yes, I have always loved the feeling of having a camera between my hands and snapping away to my heart’s content. Living up here for the past few weeks,as well as before of course, has given me a freedom and a sense of inspiration to photograph some really beautiful, natural scenery. I have really enjoyed being able to take more photographs of the same environment in a completely different season, it’s been wonderful. This place is so unique and beautiful and inspires me in so many ways.

  • Getting into drinking lots of water. (finally!)

I have mentioned this one a few times, once again, but in all honesty, I was rubbish at drinking much water, or any liquids in general really. Which has been very noticeable whilst out here, in England you can get away with that slightly, here you black out. Or in my case nearly black out multiple times. This year I have been making an extra conscious effort to get more water down me, and I am already beginning to notice a slight difference and improvement. January has been a good month for me, water/liquid consumption wise, and long may it continue throughout the year.

  • Discovering and loving new TV shows.

As mentioned (again) throughout my blog, this also seems to be a prominent feature, I have really enjoyed getting into new TV shows and series as after all it’s never too late to join the party. Even by a few years or whatever. I was never good at binging on TV shows, especially on my own, unless it’s Glee, which seems to be the exception. But I was always good at binging with others, so I made the most of Lotty being around. This past month I have got into and almost finished all of American Horror Story, Misfits and The L-Word, as well as watching other stuff. Which isn’t a bad effort if I do say so myself. It’s nice to have someone to watch it with, who also hasn’t seen it, because it’s a new experience for both of us. Well Lot’s seen The L Word multiple times, but pretends she hasn’t to stop me askin questions, which is always funny.

  • Cooking.

Again another feature of my blogs which crops up a lot, but one that I am rather enjoying so I don’t care too much. I have always loved food, but lacked the skills or confidence to really attempt much cooking other than chicken nuggets and chips, which even then I screwed up one time and scarred my wrist cooking. But as mentioned a lot throughout my blogs, living out here  with chefs and working for five months solidly in a kitchen, I have slowly started to make more of a conscious effort to learn to cook more and make the most of an opportunity to really learn. I would say that I have really come a long way skills and confidence wise. This month I have enjoyed cooking dinner for Lotty and myself, as well as teaming up with her, and sitting down to eat a nice and relatively healthy meal each evening. I’m not quite at the standard that I would like to be just yet, and I would certainly like to be more adventurous with the meals I’m cooking, but from what I have started to ‘perfect’ recently, I’m doing ok. Plus I can now make a mean sweet and sour chicken.

  • Wii and specifically Rayman.

And finally playing on the Wii, mostly Rayman. Why not end on another point which features heavily throughout my blog? 😉
I have really enjoyed playing on the wii, it was a good investment. Although I have to leave Australia and 50% of my Wii and fridge behind to Lotty soon, I don’t mind too much because I got a lot out of it and also well I know Lotty probably needs and will get a lot more use out of it then I would. I guess it also gives me more of an excuse to hurry up and get my arse out here properly so I can use my shared Wii more lol. But yes, this month I have had many funny moments playing the Wii with Lotty, it’s so funny how she gets so into the games, and how seriously she takes them. I’m not much of a gamer myself, so I have to laugh every time Lot yells out the C word in frustration, which is a lot. I think the best consoles are the ones where you can play with others as you get more enjoyment out of them. So yes, all the funny Wii times this month with Lotty certainly makes the list.

So there you have it, my monthly highlights for January. I might not have done anything amazingly stand out, like I have done in previous months, such as sky diving, helicopter rides, free sunset cruises, watching live whales splashing about in the ocean, swimming about in The Great Barrier Reef etc, but maybe just being out here itself is a wonderfully, magical experience of its own. I absolutely love this magical, beautiful, magnificent, wonderful place. It took my heart the first time I laid eyes and caught a glimpse of the lake whilst driving past, glistening in the sun, deep, blue and oh so bright. It was only a quick glance, but I was hooked and my love for this place has not wavered, if anything it’s gotten stronger as I have gotten to know more of this place and the beauty it beholds.

I don’t know what February will hold for me, but I hope it will be full of surprises and adventure and you never know, it might even bring me one step closer to my new dream of living in Australia more permanently.

Have a good week and I’ll see you next Monday for hopefully more motivation! 😉

Love, hugs and pugs,



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