FUCK IT FRIDAYS #1| Adventure is out there.

Pre-warning, this blog contains the word fuck a lot. I am mostly aiming this warning at members of my family, who are not a fan of swearing, who may happen to stumble across this post, I appologise in advance. At least I used a good example of alliteration though eh! 😉

After reading a few blogs who do something similar, I’ve also decided to do a blog series called Fuck It Fridays, where I will write about challenges and how I over came them, or basically anything where you think, “fuck it, I’m doing it anyway!” Now I’m not promising myself that I will write one of these once a week on a Friday, but I will write the occasional fuck it, post, which will be posted up on a Friday, so there’s that.
So without further ado, I present: Fuck It Friday #One – Adventure is out there.

I have mentioned a few times on my blog, that I have recently been on a few adventures, mostly on the hunt for waterfalls, which has been super fun.
I am a big fan of adventures, so I’m not necessarily talking about ‘fuck’ the actual adventures here, but more like some of the challenges I faced.

For example, I’m talking about the time where I went exploring, and when I say exploring I mean hiking up the rocks etc, for the first time since I came back out here in December, with Ruth and Matty, which I included in my blog here.
Where I spent the afternoon exploring, having fun and, as quoted in my blog –  I definitely was not wearing the correct shoes for such activities, so I spent most of my time worried about miss placing my footing and tumbling of the cliff or accidentally stamping on a deadly snake and subsequently getting bitten as a result of poor judgement.

Honestly I had a lot of fun that afternoon, but if you asked me if I was scared shitless, my answer would be, yes, I was. I generally was really scared of falling down the cliff, because I was stepping on, unknown Keri territory. A lot of the rocks were unstable, or hidden, or there was a low drop between. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, but I was scared of hurting myself. It was raining too, which made the rocks extra slippy to stand on. I was also scared of snakes hiding in the rocks, because you honestly had no idea where you were exactly putting your feet half the time, plus I was out in the middle of the Aussie Bush. I always remember reading that the people who are most likely to get bitten by deadly snakes are those people who go out, with uncovered ankles in the Aussie Bush – this was me by the way, putting my feet in dark places, in the bush, in shorts. I didn’t want to add to the percentage. Also I remembered that I am pretty sure that my health insurance cover ran out last month haha.

Of course, in the true words of fuck it, I carried on like a trooper, and didn’t mention to the others that inside, I was crapping my pants. I just walked super slow and lame and felt silly for taking forever, to join the others at the bottom of the cliff. At least I made it though.
Also I power drove my way back up the cliff, in three times the time it took me to get down. I was a sweaty mess by the end, but I felt good, it turned out that my stamina isn’t as shit as I first feared, I had that good muscle ache feel the next day after a good work-out and I didn’t die, fall off the cliff or get bitten by a snake so bonus. Oh and I also got some awesome, well I thought they were awesome photos, double bonus.

There was also the time, which is also included within the above blog link, where  I spent one morning exploring waterfalls with Matty, oh and trying not to get swept away by the river/waterfall, whilst crossing to get across the river to the other side where the waterfall was. Once again, and don’t tell Matty this, but I did get slightly nervous whilst crossing the river, because it was flowing a lot faster than I expected, and it was also deeper then I was expecting. It actually came up to the bottom of my shorts, which isn’t difficult, because I’m short, but still, it was a shock stepping in. Luckily Matty offered me a hand, because it was slightly scary. It was a glorious morning, and the waterfall was a magnificent sight to behold, but unfortunately, and I also included this in the above blog link, I was a nonce who didn’t bother with sunscreen and spent the rest of the day feeling the heat, with sunburn and a raging head ache. At least I got some good shots on my camera I suppose, but the lesson was learnt. I guess you could throw in another, fuck it, here too because I decided to adventure out over a shit load of rocks in flip-flops/or thongs as Aussies call them, which was quite the challenge. I have never done that before, it’s really not all that easy to do either. I some how managed to not break any toes, which I was pleased with and I even surprised myself. I definitely prefer exploring in more suitable shoes though.

So there you go, just as a starter for a ‘Fuck it Fridays’ series, I continued my love for exploring and challenged and surprised myself in the process. Not too bad eh. I have a few ideas for this series, but I’m not sure exactly when I will be back for more fucks on a Friday. Watch this space though!

Until next time,

Love, hugs and pugs,


Also have a photo of me looking fierce, all thanks to a rather good Snapchat filter. 

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