Lazy days and Thursday’s | Why everyone needs a dog in their life.

Now let’s just start off this post by mentioning that I love dogs and I always have done, ever since I was a child. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my reply was always, that I wanted thirteen dogs, or lots of dogs.

However, because of my parent’s work commitments and the fact that my mum is allergic to animals, we never got one – despite all those promises when I was a kid. But, since I spent a year out in Australia, I have been incredibly fortunate to have three beautiful adopted pet dogs through my family and it has been wonderful.

I read a quote somewhere, probably on Tumblr, which said: “If you are sad, pet a dog. If you are happy, pet a dog. If you are mad, pet a dog. What ever is happening in your life, just pet a dog.” I couldn’t agree more with this. I don’t know how they do it, but dogs have this fantastic ability to just make whatever is going on in your life, 100% better. There is a reason why they are nicknamed, man’s best friend.

They have this unconditional love for you and are loyal to the end. They share your emotions with you – they’re happy for you, whenever you’re feeling happy or excited about something. They are there for you whenever you’re sad or feeling down. I mean even a recent study concluded that dogs can understand human emotions, probably far better than we can themselves and I think that makes them wonderful. I mean that is best friend goals right there.

Even when they are being the biggest pain in the butt, like wanting to go to the toilet at 3am or deciding to bark at every single dog in the park – embarrassing the crap out of you in the process, or constantly pester you to throw a ball for them. They still have this huge ability to make you fall in love with them over and over again.

Dogs teach us how to be compassionate, how to love completely unconditionally and how to care for something that relies on you for love. Dogs are that friend who you can always rely on and will remain loyal right until the end.Maybe it’s their cute noses or how excited they get whenever you walk into a room, even if you’d only been gone two minutes. Dogs are an example of showing us that not everything in this world is bad.

I might not have grown-up with dogs, but they will remain a very important part of my life in the future. Once I can offer them a stable home and a lot of love. I cannot wait for the day when I’ll be coming home to an excited, bundle of fur of my own after a long day. Or for someone to cuddle up to whilst I watch lame ass tv shows all night.

You will never be judged by a dog. They don’t care if you haven’t washed your hair for a week and you’re a complete grease ball, or it’s been ages since you left the house, or showered and you’re all smelly and shit. All they care about is food, walks and a whole lot of love and they’ll be very happy. I think we could all learn something from these happy little creatures with wiggly bottoms.

So take a leaf out of their book and remember that sometimes the simplest things can make you the happiest. And that my friends is why I believe that everyone needs a dog in their life.

See you next Thursday for more Lazy Days and Thursdays installments.

Love, hugs and pugs.



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