Monday Motivation|My personal goals, aspirations and hopes for 2017.

Side note: I had a plan to do a Monday Motivation series for each Monday in 2017, in order to start each week with a bit of hope for the rest of the week, after I have read plenty of inspiring similar type posts on other people’s blogs. However, it got to the first Monday of the new year and I hit a bit of a flunk and was unable to write a post with substance, so I didn’t bother. Two weeks in, and well I had an idea, so here I am, on a Monday ready to give Monday Motivation a really good crack. I applogise for the essay by the way.

In 2017… I am going to grow or at least continue to grow, as I feel like in the past year. I won’t go into too much detail about that here as I wrote a blog post here if you’re nosy like me, and are interested in knowing more about my personal growth in 2016. But for the record, spoiler alert, I definitely grew last year. As a person, how I view the world, how to push myself beyond my limits, etc.
For the record, I hope this is not one of those over-used, cliqued new year, new me type blog posts, because I’m not a fan of making resolutions. Mainly because I believe that just because we’re now into the first few weeks of January, it doesn’t mean this is the only time to make a change. For the record, I have already written a post on my other blog here with some small simple aims that I believe everyone should aim to do for 2017, like stop posting negative stuff about celebrities on social media, stop caring about the likes, help strangers, don’t be afraid to cry or express your emotions, stop being so shallow and judgmental and  don’t check your Twitter feed or social media when you’re with friends etc. To read all 24 in more detail, pop over to the link a few sentences up, I personally think they’re a good example of what everyone should aim for.

So yes, going back to this post, I thought I’d make a list of personal goals that I would like to achieve throughout this year. I also thought that I would set myself a little amount of small goals throughout the month and keep track of how I get along. I think it’s healthy to set yourself small goals throughout the year. I believe that setting personal resolutions and goals are important for growth. Like anything, it’s when they start getting negative, or when people start setting them for all the wrong reasons, that’s when they can be toxic. If I manage to achieve some of things on the list then that will be awesome and I will be very proud of myself. If I don’t, I’m not going to sweat it. There’s always next year. 😉 I’m looking forward to coming back here in December/January and seeing how I get on.  Also, I’ve read a few really good Fuck it bucket type posts and I have been inspired to write my own, so keep an eye out for a possible one of those bad boys in the future.

So here are my personal plans, goals and outlook for the year set out into categories because I am cool and totally organised like that. By the way, they aren’t in any particular order.


Learn to finally drive: Annoyingly this has been on my list for years now. If I had continued to learn to drive, I would have been driving for about five years now. Only I took a break during A Levels, when life was incredibly stressful and hectic and just never took it back up. Without making too many excuses up, life really did get in the way and I honestly regret it. I’ve been resentful about the fact that I cannot drive, well not legally anyway. This year will be my year to change that.

 Work on stop being so naturally lazy: It is a natural trait of mine and I annoy myself because of it. I need to learn to just get on with something and stop putting things off because it would make my life so much easier.

Become more of a domesticated goddess: This slightly links to the above bullet point, but I would really like to get better at those domestic things, that everyone’s supposed to automatically know once they become an adult, like how to properly clean things, how to iron, how to do taxes etc. This is the year that I ‘grow-up’ more. I’m ok at some stuff, but I would like to be better.

Learn the guitar. It’s funny, this is another one of my little goals, that I have been setting myself for years. I have always loved the sound of a softly strummed guitar. My mum taught herself how to play the guitar and it’s something I’d really love to do too.

Take even more photos than I already do/improve/variety: I already take a lot of photographs, just check out my Facebook! But what I’d like to do more of this year is take more of a variety of photographs and improve my skills. I have a photography A Level so I’d like to look into further improve my skills this year.

Continue to being more confident at cooking: If you follow my blogs you’ll see that I am not the most confident cooker, although last year I made an effort to start to improve at cooking. I’d like to continue this trend this year too and maybe start looking into different and perhaps more complicated recipes.

Cook more for family and friends: Again this kind of goes into the above post, but I would love to gain confidence and cook more for my family and friends, especially my parents because they deserve to be treated. I’d also love to cook my first roast dinner for people this year and cook for the girls.

Find a new hobby to get into – Kick Boxing? Zumba? Yoga? I’m a very sociable person and I’m keen to try out new things. This year I’d like to find something new to get into. Kick-Boxing is something I’d like to take up, because it’s so good for fitness. Ideally I’d like to take up an active activity as I’d like to keep fit, build my stamina back up, make new friends, gain new skills and maybe surprise myself.

Discover lots of new music, new and old: I’m a big lover of music, I even have a tattoo which says “When Words Fail, Music Speaks,” on my ribs. My iPod, which is one of my most prized possessions, is crammed with over 13,000 songs currently, and I am always on the look out for new music to fall in love with. By the way, when I say new, I don’t necessarily mean new chart music, but something I’ve never heard before and can grow to love. Music doesn’t have an expiry date.  Travelling around Australia last year and this year, means that I have met new people and have been exposed to ‘new’ music, that they’re into and they’ve discovered music through me. This year I’d love this to continue.

Learn to bake: It’s funny, I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth as such, but who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baking wafting from the kitchen? I think being able to bake is a valuable skill to have, you can always make friends with cakes, but it’s also fun. Win/win. It would also be something fun to do with my niece and nephews too.

Read more: It makes me sad writing this down. I have always been an avid reader, ever since I can remember. I have fond memories spending hours snuggling with mum on a bright coloured chair at our local library, and going to bed excited for that night’s new adventure contained within the words and pages of the book that mum and I were reading together. I have so many books and I have always loved the feeling of being able to get lost in different worlds for hours. However, I just haven’t read as much as I used to, not because I don’t want to, but because I just haven’t. This year I plan on changing this and re-discovering my love for reading. Maybe I’ll set myself a monthly/yearly book goal.

Start scheduling things to look forward to: I can tell you now that this is something that I will really need to do. I am on the verge of having to leave Australia (for a bit!) and go back to reality and I am GUTTED.  I am honestly dreading it, so I need, more than ever things to keep me going, to get excited for, to take my mind off the fact that I am not in Australia. I’d like to have cinema nights, games nights, monthly breakfasts, coffee dates, Sundays roasts etc, with the girls. Also a couple of the girls and I have already started planning a girl’s holiday. It’s not Australia, but at least it’s something.

Organise my room: Here’s one to please my mum. I’m finally at the stage where I really need to start organising my bedroom. I need to get rid of a lot of stuff, I am currently hoarding a lot of shit, and it needs to go. I need a fresh start. Especially if I do end up being fortunate enough to be able to move out here one day in hopefully in the near future. At the moment I would describe my room as a weird mix of teenager and adult and I need to rid myself of the teenage part.

Re-join a football team, perhaps get my first coaching badge: If you know me this is a no brainer. I have always loved and played football for over 18 years now. Unfortunately the team I was apart of before I left for Australia folded, so I will have to start again. I’ve really missed those Sunday match day feelings and kicking a ball so I shall have to look into options when I’m back. Another thing I have been thinking about doing is a coaching badge as I would love to be able to coach, as well as it would be another handy qualification. I already have a referee one.

Update my first aid certificates/refresh my memory: I used to be a member of St John Ambulance for about three years, years ago. I wouldn’t want to re-join as I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I think refreshing my memory of what I have learnt can only be a good thing. It would also be good to have valid first aid certificates again too.

Get more tattoos: This one isn’t essential, but I wouldn’t mind having a little bit more ink. I have a few ideas floating around of a few things I would like to get. I think I would have to really want it enough to get it though. I mean it took me three years to get mine and six to get my nose pierced. If I am fortunate enough to be able to move out to Australia then I am considering getting a small outline of the UK on one wrist and a small outline of Australia on the other, but we shall see.

Live:  It’s all about living this year. Last year I really did live. I breathed in every opportunity that came my way and I fell in love with life. In 2017, I’d love to continue this. And I mean really truly living. I want to continue to grow. I want to continue to fall in love with life a little bit more every day. I want to continue to appreciate my people and all the good things in my life.


Be Kind: This year I am going to be kinder to myself. I’m going to stop beating myself up for little things that I cannot change. I’m going to give myself time to recharge. I’m going to listen to my body’s needs etc.

Take the occasional internet break:  I have decided that I am going to devote whole days to being internet free because I will admit that I am addicted to the online world and it would be nice to take some time away, to really live in the moment and not worry about what everyone else is posting up on social media sites. When I was living up at Lake A, in a remote area with no phone signal or wifi, I found that I’d gradually stop waking up and reaching over to my phone to check what’s going on, and I really liked it.

 Get a better skin care regime going:  Eg, moisturise more. This is something that I am definitely guilty of. This year I want to invest in more creams and make more of an effort to take good care of my skin.

Start eating breakfast every morning, not just the odd time: I am definitely guilty of not eating breakfast enough, and cheeky fry-ups do not count. I’d like to start my day off with a bowl of cereal/toast and a smoothie or a fruit juice and a coffee. I also need to get up and eat at a reasonable time otherwise it gets too near to lunch time so I don’t bother.  

Continue to drink water: Self explanatory here. Water is so good for you and is something that I definitely do not do enough of. Although this year I have started drinking a lot more water and I can already notice the difference.

Fix my sleeping pattern so I can wake up at a better time and feel more refreshed: Unfortunately a few years back either during my A Levels or University, I really did mess up my sleeping pattern and it hasn’t really recovered. I am definitely more of a night owl, but I’d really like to change it so I’m more of an early riser and so that I stop feeling like I am wasting the day  by sleeping in later, it only leads you into feelings of guilt.

Don’t eat big meals after 8pm: I’ve read in a few places that it’s not good for your body to eat big meals late as it can mess up your sleeping pattern and can make you gain weight etc. This year I am going to make more of an effort to eat slightly earlier than I do, so I can avoid going to bed on a full stomach.

Get back into fitness and exercising: This essentially means to Run more. I have a good route back home which I can use to build my stamina back up. I also plan to re-join a gym back home as I do enjoy working-out. Ideally I’d like to incorporate gym and running into a weekly schedule and go at least three times a week. I’d also like to add a home-work routine into that. I’m fortunate that my biological father is personal trainer and said that he would help me come up with a home-workout. Of course, with all work-outs, you need to keep changing things up to be effective, so I will also be looking into other forms of home work-outs.I also plan to go swimming occasionally. I really like this spa pool in my home town, which offers a dip and dine deal so hopefully I’ll be able to go once a month at least.  I don’t want abs or anything, but I would like my toned stomach back.

Cut back/stop drinking alcohol completely: It’s funny because as I am writing this, I am sipping on a Five Seeds cider. In all honesty though, this is something that I have considered doing for a while now. Ever since I finished Uni actually. I honestly don’t drink all that much as I have explained here, where I wrote about how at the age of 23, I am so over nights out on the town and suffering horrendous hangovers the next day. I do like the odd drink down the pub if I am socialising with friends and I am a big fan of cocktails. This year though I think cutting my alcohol intake right down to the bare minimum will not only help my bank account, but also that’s less calories to worry about. Win/win.

Maybe experiment with being a veggie for a month or so. Or a cheat veggie/vegan: This something that I have thought about for a while, only I thought it would be easier to do back home due to my current life style. My mum’s a vegetarian and in all honesty I only really eat chicken, so I grew up on a diet of quorn anyway. I think I might go veggie for a month, or even do those cheat days which I had read about being all the range, which is a healthier alternative to cutting all animal produce out of your life completely. Basically you only eat meat and dairy when you’re out socialising and what not. Best of both worlds.


Accept myself more: This year I would like to be more accepting and honest about myself and who I am as a person. This also includes being  more open and honest with other people. *I’m a lot more accepting of myself now than I was a few years ago. It’s taken me a while to get this far,and although I have improved, I still have a long way to go. Being more open and honest to others, as well as myself is a big step forward.

See more live music: As I have mentioned before in this post, I am a HUGE fan of music and have been very fortunate to see a fair number of bands and artists in my 23 years. I usually go to a fair few concerts each year or so, but travelling around Australia last year meant that I didn’t really attend many. Although of course I am not complaining.
This year I’d like to go to more concerts, maybe I’ll consider going to a festival again. I’d also really love to continue to surprise myself and attend concerts where I’m not familiar with the band or artist, but end up having a bloomin’ wonderful night.

Stop comparing myself and my achievements to others: Life’s too short to be worrying about why this person has already put a deposit down on a house, or is working their dream job or is getting married when I haven’t managed any of that. Everyone does things at different stages.

Stop worrying about the likes and follows:  Like I wrote in my blog post titled:  The false promise of the New Year and making changes, this year I would like to stop caring about how many people “like” my Instagram photos or Facebook posts or tweets. Who cares if only my mum likes what I post?  Social media anxiety is a waste of time and this year I am going to make more of an effort to remember that.

Set myself small, monthly, achievable goals: I have decided that this year, once a month, probably starting sometime in February because it’s already nearly the end of January oops, to try and set myself a monthly challenge of five small, easily achievable goals, because as Tesco always say: “Every little helps”.


Start planning for the next adventure: This one’s the most important goal for me really. I’m talking about getting all my paper work sorted out, making a plan, find the right people who can help me etc, and be on my way to Aus hopefully within the next couple of years. That is the goal and something that I badly want to happen for me.

 Start saving more for my future: That means that I need to start putting money aside for the future. I also need to start looking ahead and begin to consider what I’d like to ideally achieve within the next few years. As in house deposit etc. Basically boring adult stuff.


Degree/future: Basically I need to now do more with my hard earned BA Hons Journalism degree. Eg, get a good Journalism job, or an internship. Get more work online and build up a small presence of published work that I can proudly show future potential employees. This year I would also like to network more with other Journalists and teach myself how to free hand as I never got to learn at Uni and it seems to be a very highly demanded skill within the Journalism profession.


Travel: After the year that I have had last year, travelling around Australia, I am going to continue to travel a lot as the wanderlust within me still burns strong. This year I’m going to see more places, explore as much as possible and walk so far my feet start to hurt and I won’t stop there.  I’m going to completely fill my lungs with fresh air and completely take in all my new discoveries and surroundings. And I shall capture it all on my camera. I’m going to book city breaks to places I haven’t seen before and take joy in walking on new grounds. This year I would also love to re-discover and fall in love with old places that I once loved.  I would also love to find new quirky coffee shops and places to eat where ever I may end up.


Blog more: This year I am going to schedule lots of blog posts, enjoy writing again and take pride in my work. I am also going to become more confident at letting people read my work as despite the fact that I often classify myself as a kind of ‘writer,’ and yes I do have a Journalism degree to back me up here, I have always struggled with people reading my work and I’d like this to change. I would like to build up a bit more of an online presence and get into the blogging community more. That means that I need to join in blog chats, comment on blogs I love and let bloggers know that I like their work. I also need to get to know more bloggers and build a little presence for myself. I’d love to get stuck in the blogging world, although it does seem quite compact and busy. This year I want to unleash and splurge down as much and in any way possible. I want to write and write and write this year. Basically I want to write a shit load. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to come up with a few songs for my mum. That would be a dream. I also want to freelance more for media publications, but that goes more in the above career’s section.

So yes, this year I am going to be mindful. I’m going to continue to grow and to change and keep pushing myself forward to where I want to be in life. I’m going to learn and I am going to improve and I am going to stop holding myself back from what I believe is my true potential. This year I want to and I will, achieve good things.

I just have this feeling that 2017 is going to be my year.  I’m ready to take on the world, tackle the small things, make changes to myself, the world around me and how I see things. I am also ready to embrace change and see the difference. Wish me luck!

See you next Monday for hopefully more motivation! 😉

Love, hugs and pugs,


Ps I shall include an Aussie bucket list on places I’d like to see and achieve for nearer to the time once I have a better idea of where I stand in the future with Australia.

Ps Two: I can’t wait to come back to this list in December/January and see how successful I am at sticking to this list.


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