Lazy Days and Thursdays: I am 23, getting old and so over partying days. 

Just in short summary, I’m not entirely sure what my new blog topic that I have so far dubbed: Lazy Days and Thurdays, just yet, but I like the idea of having a possibly weekly/fortnightly/monthly feature on here on Thursdays or possibly another day of the week. For now I shall leave it open for random topics that come into my head on a Thursday, but it might change in due course. 

Anyway today’s topic is all about how I am 23 years of age, going on 80. Also pre-warning, just a head’s up, this blog is full of bad photos of me drunk from uni and 2011. No judging! 

I would describe myself as a social bean, who is always down for a good time and yes that does include the odd drink with friends. However, the older I’m getting, and yes I know 23 years of age really isn’t that old in the grand scheme of things, but when you consider that in England (as well as other countries), the legal age to drink is 18. Five years of being legally able to drink, (without the years of under aged drinking that didn’t actually really apply to me as I wasn’t interested in drinking throughout my younger teens) is quite a long time. So to already be bored of staying out until all hours and getting ruthless in a club at the ripe age of 23, is quite granny like if you think about it. 

Honestly a night in with food, a few drinks, films and the girls is much more appealing than short dresses, a little bit too much make-up and a shit load of money wasted on taxis. Not to mention feeling horrendously shit and sorry for yourself the next day, which is something that I experienced one too many times during my university days.

I’ve always been a light weight, and to be honest that’s never really bothered me, I mean hello a cheap and having enough money for chicken nuggets at the end of the night. Although  saying that, I’ve improved from the One Can Keri days back when I was 16 and barely drank that often. I guess I have uni to thank, as well as my 18 year old party, clubbing self. 

I would say that I rarely drink any more, minus living at a holiday resort where I drank a lot more often than I did before due to the fact that our boss is lovely enough to offer us free drinks at the end of a long shift and it was quite nice to take the edge off things. 

I would say money, an attempt at a healthyish life style , the fact that hangovers hit me like a bitch these days – honestly wasting a whole day recovering isn’t too fun, and no desire to drink all that much has probably contributed to this. 

The next day’s regrets.

Also most of my friends from home who I hang out with, aren’t really the drinking and going out all that often crowd any more and I’m rather thankful for that.

Girls night and Harry Potter for the win. ⚡️

Of course it was different back at uni, when you’re on a sports team, socialising is a big part of the lifestyle, so I definitely spent a majority of two years pissed out of  my face in a stupid costume on Wednesday nights and blowing off uni on Thursdays in favour of duvets, cups of tea and feeling very, very sorry for myself. I also lived with housemates who were boarder line alcoholics. 😉😄 Or party peeps who were terrible instigators when it came to spending a lot of money that I didn’t actually have on alcohol and then greasy food the next day to compensate for feeling incredibly crappy. 

“The stamps of regret.”

This photo will never not be funny.

I’m also very very over going out in my home town. Before I started uni back in 2012, I thought going out in “the Bay of Dreams” was the absolute bee’s knees. I have no idea how I managed to look past the sticky floors, old men with no teeth, the fact that they only played Rihanna and Niki Minage hits constantly and underaged kids who were at least three years younger than me who I’d definitely seen a few times around school and knew they were a whole lot younger as I’d told them where to sit in assembly when I was a prefect in year 11. Given that I was only just old enough to be in a club, there’s no way they were old enough.

Those were the days. #CheekyVenners

It took me going to London to realise just how gross my home town really is when it comes to clubbing. I barely went out whenever I came home between uni and whenever I did, drama and shit always went down and I always found myself wondering why the hell I bothered in the first place. 

Five years on and I still don’t really understand this photograph.

Now I’m in Australia where the weather is a lot hotter and I really wouldn’t want to be nursing a hangover in this, and the alcohol is rather expensive, I’ve continued this lifestyle of drinking not appealing to me. I don’t think I’ve actually had a proper hangover since being out here, and I rather like it. 

But yes, the closest I’ll get to parties these days on Friday nights, is watching other people’s Snapchat stories instead and honestly I rather like that. So if you want me on a weekend night, catch me inside all cosy and slobby in my sweat pants. 

Love, hugs and pugs,



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