Sunday Summaries: Week One| (I’m a little late to the party.) Empty plane rides, being bitten to shit by mozzies and being reunited with my favourite Aussie, in my favourite place.

Hey there,
So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading lots of blog features where people talk about their week and what they’ve been up to for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own Sunday summaries on this blog for a while now and I thought the first Sunday in 2017 would be a great time to start this particular weekly blog feature.

Now because I have been pretty much doing weekly summaries of my time in Australia on my other blog here, I’m trying to rack my brain as to how I can make this work on both blogs (for the next couple of months whilst I’m still out here), without being overly similar or repetitive. So this first blog post shall be more of a wing it situation and we’ll see where I can go from here.

Also side note here: Being the nonce that I am, I’ve already failed the first Sunday Summaries post series of the year posting this on Wednesday. It is what it is though. And without making excuses up, it was supposed to go up on Tuesday, which I know is still late, but Lotty and I were stranded in town as the road flooded on the way back to the resort that we live at, so no internet. 🙂

Anyway so here we go,

Sunday Summary |One. 

Last Friday (31/12/16) I took a three hour plane ride back up North to Lake A. (If you have a nosy across to my other blog you’ll see that I’ve been in Australia for almost a year now and Lake A was a place that I lived, worked at and fell in love with, for a considerable amount of my one year working visa). I wanted to see people who I’d worked with, the one’s still working there, before I flew back to the UK for a little bit.

By the way, I’m loving being back up here, despite the fact that mosquitos are out in force at the moment and you cannot go outside unprotected without being a snack.

This week has mainly consisted of me chilling out, cooking, getting into new TV shows, swimming and catching up with people. I was hoping to get a few hours of work in up here, but sadly I’m not really needed with there already being enough staff. Also the resort is very quiet with it being the wet season so I wouldn’t have much work anyway.

I’ve been feeling very inspired to write recently, so this week I’ve written a lot of blog posts and drafted loads of ideas for posts and series. I’m really enjoying being able to write so freely again, it’s been a long time coming in all honesty.

I have also started getting in touch with old Uni Journalism pals, lecturers and others for contacts for freelancing and basically just trying to get more work out published and out to the public as taking a year out to travel remote parts of Australia has resorted in it being a while since I’ve been published. I need to get back out there as I really need a strong visa case to try and get my arse out to Australia more permanently.

I have also FINALLY got into drinking more water this week. Sadly I’m not very good at drinking water, or any form of liquids really. Which is not ideal. Especially in not such a hot climate as it is up here at the very top of Western Australia. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I’m already starting to notice the difference.

I’ve been very motivated this week to get back into a morning home-work out routine. Being in Australia this year has kind of thrown my work-out routines into whack and I’m starting to notice it slightly. It’s been a good few months now of being unsatisfied with my tummy podge, toning up a lot and stopping, on repeat. I’m kind of enjoying being inspired to work-out again. It feels so much better drinking a coffee in the morning, and knowing that I earned it.

The first few days up I was up here, it was raining hard and I loved every second. It’s funny, I got quite fed up of rain back in the UK, although I did finding soothing too. I guess months and months of 36+ degrees and sunshine makes you appreciate the odd little bit of rain here and there. It’s the wet season up here too, so I was hoping to catch a bit of rain. Plus I don’t care how lame I sound, I found the rain lashing down outside and the smell of rain lingering inside the house made everything feel fresh. Which made for an extra special first day of 2017 for me as it meant I started the new year feeling very inspired.

This week Lotty and I started watching new TV series together that neither of us had watched before, which was easy for me because I’m such a terrible TV binger, but Lotty watches a lot of series. We ended up watching a lot of American Horror Story, during her work breaks and in the evenings. It was so weird, but I found that I couldn’t stop watching it anyway. We have already watched the whole of the first season within a couple of days. By the way, what is with that final episode? What a pointless filler.

This week I also gave Misfits a try and it is so funny. I can’t believe I waited so long to give it a try. I remember years ago when it came out, a few friends of mine were obsessed with that programme and I can see why.

I got Lotty into it too and one day we ended up spending most of the day watching MisFits and laughing our heads off. I’m really glad that she liked it too. I’m up to season three now, but it’s not as good so I don’t think I’ll bother continuing from there though. Especially after what a few people said online about it.

One of my resolutions this year was to get back into a routine of eating breakfast every morning as it is a well known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So this week I started to make an effort with the whole work-out and breakfast sha-bang and I feel good, although I still haven’t quite got into that routine yet.

This week I have also started to write up some monthly|weekly etc, blog features ideas on my phone. I’m feeling very motivated to get my blog up and running. I’m very enthusiastic about really getting stuck into the blogging community. I just hope that within the next few years I’ll have a fairly decent following as that is one of my new goals. I’d love to have a good presence and following on my blogs and other social medias as a result.

This week it’s been an interesting week results wise with my football team Liverpool, beating fellow title contenders Man City convincingly 1-0, followed up with a frustrating draw with relation scrappers Sunderland 2-2 and drew with 4th tier Plymouth 0-0 in the third round of the F.A Cup on Sunday. Saying that though, it was a team of ‘kids’ with an average age of 21, our youngest fielded team in the history of the club so I’m not too concerned just yet.

This week Lotty and I have been taking turns to cook dinner for each other, which has been really nice. I’m really getting into the cooking malarky, which is a blessing. I’ve mostly been cooking whilst Lotty works as she’s a chef, so it’s nice for her to come home and not have to cook dinner for herself. Also it means that I’m getting more confident at cooking. So win/win.

This week Lotty joined finally joined Twitter. I mean it was all because she wanted to stalk B’Witches like the cool kid she is, but still. 😂 We also braved the puddles and went to town to get food and more food. It’s all about the main F word. 😄

It was super lovely to FaceTime mum for a bit this week too. I know it’s bad, but we don’t really talk all that often, so any chance I get to talk to her, I always cherish it. 😍💕

I also managed to fit in applying for a few Journalism jobs and paid internships for when I’m back in the UK to not only further my career, but also to help my arse out here more permanently in the future.

So yeah, that’s my week, or erm last week now haha. I apologise. This week’s will be up on time on a Sunday as planned.

That’s all for now.

Take care folks and I shall see you on Sunday.

Love, hugs and pugs.



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