The weekly hit and miss list. #1

Hey there,

So just to start off, I’ve been a big fan of reading multiple blogs where people state their weekly favourites for some time now and I’ve been wanting to start my own weekly summaries for a while. I started one draft in November, which actually didn’t work out with timings and stuff and never got finished or posted. Which is probably a good thing given how late in the year I was trying to start something. So as it’s the first week in January, I thought this would be the perfect time to really give a good crack at this. 

Now because I have been pretty much doing weekly summaries of my time in Australia on my other blog here, I’ve decided that it’s the kind of thing which would work better on this blog and in hopefully slightly less detail as I can really splurge down a lot of words, hence the name of my blog. I also need to write more on this blog, so hopefully these types of blogs, as well as the other hundreds of ideas that I have written down on note form on my phone, should hopefully get this blog up and running a lot better. It’s a work in progress so please bare with me.

I have decided to narrow it down into three things that I am finding to be a hit this week and three things which are a miss this week, just like the kind of things you often find in magazines. 

Anyway enough ramblings. Here are my weekly favourite and good things that I have been up to, or discovered or just really enjoyed this week and the not so good stuff. 


1| American Horror Story and Misfits.

I know I’m slow to the party here, actually very slow to the party by a good few years. But I do have a reason, I’m terrible at binging on TV shows and well I’m a right scaredy cat so I have always avoided American Horror Story. However, Lotty and I decided to start a new series that neither of us have seen before this week and I have to say it’s very good. Although I still wouldn’t watch it on my own. It was the same with Misfits, I decided to give it a try as I wanted to try a new series and needless to say I got hooked. I also got Lotty into it, we spent many days this week laughing our heads off at the TV.

2| Water.

Water is something I always knew I needed to drink more of, as it’s incredibly good for your body. Sadly though drinking water or actually drinking enough liquids in generally has never been something that I am good at. Which is especially bad out here in the 40+ degree heat of Australia. This week though, I’ve started to make more of an effort and I already feel rather good. Especially when you throw in a fairly decent work-out and breakfast routine too.

3| Swimming.

 Over the past couple of days I have started going swimming in the resort’s award winning infinity again. Which is definitely something which I did not make the most of when I was living and working up here for four months back in June-November. Although it is the perfect temperature now and not too crowded, which is awesome. I’m really enjoying going swimming in the late afternoon sun with Lotty, Michelle and Steve during their work breaks. 


1| Aeroplane food.

I have always found aeroplane food weird, but the other day I had the most weirdest sandwich. That’s why aeroplane food has made this list.

2| Mosquitos. 

Coming back up to Lake A this week, although Lotty did give me a head’s up so I wasn’t surprised, I discovered that they’re really out in force at the moment. You literally cannot go outside for two seconds unprotected without becoming lunch. It’s almost painful haha.

3| People who leave stuff in the washing machine for days at a time. 

The lingering damp smell? Need I say more.

So there you have it. Actually I struggled finding three things for the miss and I had to cut down on hit things. I could have easily expanded that, but we’ll stick with three. 

I’m planning on scheduling a weekly hit and miss list every Saturday. Let’s see how long this lasts for.

See you next Saturday. 😉

Love, hugs and pugs.



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