Blog Post #1 : Keri takes the train over to Lake Side shopping mall to go Christmas shopping. 14/12/16

So a little bit of background on this idea as a series, but I’m back down in Perth at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a few weeks before New Year and the 30th of December when I fly up to my old job to spend some time with some of my old work pals and what not. It’s great to be back, although if I’m being honest, my only real friend here is my really good friend Lucy, who appears multiple times on my other blog which you can read here, over the course of my time Down Under. Sadly she’s gone back home to the UK for Christmas. So right now, until December 30th, with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I need to find things to pre-occupy myself in the time of my lonesome. 

Which is where this series really comes in. I can’t promise it will be all the invigorating, but I thought I would write the occasional post if I manage to do anything remotely exciting in this ‘safe’ city. I have a list of possible things that I can pre-occupy myself with, although they might not all be blog worthy, but we’ll see how this series and the next few weeks pan out for me.

Blog Post #1 : Keri takes the train over to Lake Side shopping mall to go Christmas shopping. 14/12/16

I’m going to be honest, I am beyond rubbish at getting any presents or cards sorted out on time, just ask my mum, but the fact that I have most of the stuff on my list taken care of by the 14th of December is very impressive by my standards. Although wrapping them, and wrapping them nicely is another ball game altogether. 😄 Also I would have properly gotten more stuff sorted out sooner had I not been away for a busy couple of weeks exploring the East Coast of Australia, but who’s counting.
I had planned to go yesterday, but I was lazy and didn’t. So today, I pushed myself to get out of the house and pop over to Joondalop to really get stuck into Christmas present buying mode. Actually that was quite a lot of dedication as the whole trip is over an hour away each way. I probably could have saved myself time and money by just going into Perth, but I figured Lake Side had every shop that I need under one roof, so I thought I could smash as much stuff out as possible in one trip. Plus Perth doesn’t have everything in it’s main city. 

So here I am, slightly later than originally planned, sat on a fairly empty train heading into first Perth city, where I met a very nice, chatty lady, before we parted ways and I got on my second train of the day. 

I then spent the next four or so hours awkwardly wondering around this massive shopping complex looking for stuff for my aunts, uncles and cousins. Which isn’t an easy feat, given that I don’t 100% know what they’d all want. Oh and also a couple of pals over at Lake A.

I also treated myself to this very nice turkey and cranberry toasty with avocado and a nice side salad because I made the rookie error of not bothering to eat before I left. It was also nice to discover that you can pop into somewhere for a bite to eat on your own and no one looks up at you in pity that you’re a Billy no mates. 😄


At the end of the trip when my arms were starting to tire out, I made sure to stop by at this Healthy Cafe for a much anticipated green tea latte thing, which I had been looking forward to for the whole duration of the time that I’d spent mooching around. It was nice, but tasted slightly odd. I also picked up a second red velvet latte thing for the train home, another thing that I had been anticipating trying. Again nice, but odd. At least there was no caffeine in it or I’d be up all night. If anything both drinks actually made me slightly sleepy. Although that might have also had something to do with shopping and traveling for ages.

So yes that was my day. I’ve been fortunate that I only had to wait ten minutes max if that for all the trains that I’ve taken today. So I’ve been lucky with public transport timing. I also seemed to avoid rush hour so there’s that. I just have a couple more things to buy and sort out and I’ll be all good for Christmas.
And the things that I have learnt from this little trip? Buying presents for your family never gets any easier the older you get and you can go shopping or into cafes for food and drinks without getting any pity looks from people because you’re on your own. 

Until next time, 
Love, hugs and pugs.


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