Cuppa and a Catch Up: A Slice Of Life #1


Firstly I know I have been shocking at writing much on this blog; the last post was seven months ago, and that’s just a terrible attempt!
Although I have been busy on the other blog which I am currently working on, head over to Ginge Down Under if you’re interested in checking out what I’ve been up to on my trip Down Under.


But yes I have been feeling very inspired and motivated lately to start writing posts up again as I have really missed writing and the Journalist in me is constantly brain storming and thinking up ideas and blog posts. The resort that I am currently working at is ‘slowing’ down now and at the time of writing this, wifi is currently being installed into the house that I am living in. So whilst I actually have more time to sit down and write again and a bucket load of motivation, I figured I would make a start on being more active on this site too.
*Side not, it’s now up and running, hence why I am able to post this. 😉

So yes where was I? I’m not going to sit down and splurge out every little detail of the last few months that I have spent out here in Australia because well you can pop over to Ginge Down Under for that if you’re  a nosy sod like myself. I will however, write an abbreviated version here, well short for me because I specialise in writing a lot, so you can kind of get the drift of what I’ve been up to.

As it’s now October, I have come to realise that I have less than a month left of living up here and it’s a strange feeling. In the four very busy months that I have lived here, this place and the people in it really did begin to feel like a home away from home. So much so that I am actually in the process of trying to sort out citizenship so I can come back and work out here next season because I really do love it out here. Also as the season is now ‘over,’ although a successful TV appearance on a very popular breakfast Australian television show may prove otherwise, and most of the people have now left the resort for the season at least, so it’s not the same up here as it was before the end of August, but I am still really enjoying myself and the experience, even if I am kind of getting over having to say goodbye to people now.

The resort from the air; Not bad considering I was hanging out of the back of a helicopter to capture this cheeky shot!
This one may be missing a couple of people, but this is the closest I can get to a whole staff piccy.

So yes, I’m in a happy place right now, although I’m finding myself thinking about the future and reflecting a lot  – it’s like the end of University all over again! I’ve had the best few months gaining kitchen experience and improving on my waitressing skills, free boat cruises, tours around the outback, a free helicopter ride, seeing the lake from the air and just exploring this beautiful part of Australia, whilst making friends with people of all ages and backgrounds, it’s been a wonderful experience.

As it stands, although yes it’s early days, my football team Liverpool is playing incredibly well and it’s great to be a Liverpool fan right now. Of course, with Liverpool it’s a rollercoaster ride with them every season so I’m just living in the presence and enjoying the ride right now. It’s just hard to follow them from all the way in Australia, but I’m still able to keep up thanks to Twitter and Skysports News on Facebook. 😉

Everything’s going well for my family and friends back home too, which is always great news.  My job is going well, although the hours have cut right down now and honestly I’m really not too fussed now because I’m appreciating having some time to recover from the last few months and long hours. It’s actually nice to be able to actually see more of the area and have more ‘me time.’ It’s also very nice to know that my boss would like me to sort out citizenship as soon as possible and would like me to come back and work for him next year. Feeling wanted is always a nice feeling, especially considering that I haven’t had any kitchen experience before I came here. I’ve started cooking now, which is fun because I love food and I have always wanted to learn to cook, I just lacked in confidence. Living and working with two chefs has really helped me. I’m still no chef, but I am enjoying shopping for ingredients and cooking on my two days off. I’m planning on writing more on my cooking experiences on here, so keep an eye out for cooking blog posts in the near future. I’ve also recently celebrated my birthday up here and I had a brilliant day so there’s that too.

Next up, a trip down south where I’ll be going skydiving and whale watching as a late birthday present thanks to my parents, popping back down to spend a couple of nights back in the woods where I worked for seven weeks at my last job – for old time’s sake! Catching up with my family, doggies and Lucy again, just like back when I first flew out here and planning the next stage of my Aussie trip, over to the East Coast to finally meet my biological father for the first time in 23 years and to sort out that much needed citizenship.

Anyway, that’s all folks!

Love, hugs and pugs,



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