Dear Mum,

Dear Mum,
This is just an open letter to say thank you and to let you know that everything you do and have done for me is appreciated. 

Thank you for being the best role model a girl could ask for and for showing me that a bit of hard work and effort goes a long way. (I might be a little bit more ‘lazy’ and laid back than you, but I always get there in the end!)

Thank you for all those times that you have listened to me complain about things that honestly really did feel like a big deal at the time. Thank you for just being my shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to and my all round go to at times when the world just seemed like a big, scary place. 

Thank you for all the times you kept me sane when I’ve started to stress over small, minor things and for assuring me that you just want the best for me. Although often times I don’t show it, I would be lost without you. 

Your constant guidance has taught me many things throughout these years. You’ve taught me to accept all walks of life and to live and let live. You’ve taught me that even when I doubt myself, that I can achieve things and surprise myself, even if I do have to put that extra bit of work and effort in. You’ve always been right there with me, guiding me in the right direction.

Your constant love inspires me. You never fail to cheer me up when I’m down. Even when I was 5 hours away at uni, having a stressful downer day due to Uni stresses, you were always a phone call away and could always put a smile back on my face. Or the times you’d surprise me with small postcards of love, just because.  

I know I can always count of you to tell me the truth, whether I want to hear it or not. You just always know what’s best and you always make sure to show me, so that I know that too. I know I can always look to you for advice because you will tell me how it is and that’s what I love about you.

Thanks for being my biggest fan. Ever since I was a little girl you have been at everything. Every awards ceremony, every football match, every school play and every birthday party. Rain or shine, I know I can count on you to be there and to be honest, that’s the best feeling in the world. 

You’re my “go to.” If I have a question involving absolutely anything, you always know the answer. Even if it’s to find something that I’ve spent ages looking for, you find it straight away. They say Mum’s have super powers and just know everything and they’re not wrong. I don’t know how you do it, but your intelligence amazes me. 

Lastly, thank you for being my best friend. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a mother like you and I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Even though we have had our fair share of disagreements, we make up for it with all the good times and memories we share together. 

I just want you to know, you are the best mum in the whole wide world and I hope someday I am half the woman you are because that way I know I would have achieved something in my life. You have the biggest heart and the kindest soul I have ever known someone to process, I’ve never seen anyone else selflessly sacrifice their own time to help others as much as you do mum, I’m so proud to call you my mother. It will always be you and I against the world, never forget that. 

Love Always,
Your little girl.



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