“Every great journey has a day one. What are you waiting for?”

Summary of my 21 hours in the air to Oz.

🇦🇺 Heathrow Airport is horribly confusing. We must have driven around looking for the correct car park for ages.

🇦🇺 They do great panini things though. ✌🏽️

🇦🇺 Saying goodbye to mum and dad, especially mum, was SUPER, SUPER hard. We did plan a trip to Rome for next year though when I’m back. Happy days. 🇮🇹

🇦🇺 Robbie Fowler casually strolls around the Duty Free area and is kind enough to take photographs when my hand is stupidly shaky for some reason.

🇦🇺 I hogged one of the phone chargers for 2 hours talking to people on the phone. Yolo.

🇦🇺 I met a very lovely lady who was on her way to Vagas. She wanted to adopt me for the plane ride Haha. We got chatting and she even looked after my stuff whilst I went to chat to Robbie. We’re now Facebook friends.

🇦🇺 I also got chatting to this American girl, who was waiting for a plane to Chicago. She was very nice, especially considering I kept talking to her when she was trying to eat. 💁🏼😄

🇦🇺 Getting to the departure lounge was a trek and a half. My gate must have been the one furtherst away possible. 😒😄

🇦🇺 I got a window seat. Boom.

🇦🇺 I sat next to a very nice couple who kept giving me mints and letting me get up to go to the loo whenever I wanted.

🇦🇺 Dinner was nice enough considering it was aeroplane food. I had Kung chicken with broccoli, steamed jasmine rice, warm, buttered bread and ice cream.

🇦🇺 The ice cream was solid by the way, I broke at least one fork and developed a weird, biting/sucking way to try and eat it.

🇦🇺 I also had a nice cuppa. I thought I might have put too much milk in it, but it actually worked. I was impressed with myself for once again nailing a decent cuppa.

🇦🇺 I watched Legend whilst eating. That was funky.

🇦🇺 I got very excited about the films on offer on TV. My whole list that I made consisted of films I’ve already seen though. Yolo! 💁🏼

🇦🇺 I spent most of the journey worrying if I’m allowed to shit in the plane toilet. Sorry mum.
🇦🇺 I got too hot and too cold at various times and it was annoying.

🇦🇺 My feet keep randomly getting cold. Weird.
🇦🇺 You get given a ugly blanket and a very small pillow to use in the economy class.

🇦🇺 I don’t think I slept. Like at all.
🇦🇺 I watched all three Glee episodes available on the tv and I have no shame. Yolo.

🇦🇺 My TV needed re-setting as the sound randomly went. 😒
🇦🇺 I played this kid’s learning Italian game whilst everyone slept and bossed it.
🇦🇺 I couldn’t fall asleep and when I eventually started drifting off, this annoying girl in the seat in front decided to turn her reading light on and it woke me up. I didn’t like her much, she was not my friend.
🇦🇺 I spent the morning eating a pot noodle and watching Glee and Tangled.
🇦🇺 The morning sunrise from the plane was beautiful.

🇦🇺 I planned to have fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt and creamy scrambled egg, sausages and roast potatoes for breakfast whilst watching The Intern.
^ I managed that, although it was to Marley and Me instead. Also it was really weird and I’m impressed that I managed to eat as much as I did considering it technically would have been 4:30am in England.
🇦🇺 The first thing I did once I got through customs (again!) was dive bomb into the toilets, had a shit, threw some water on my face and that in a desperate attempt to wash, brush my teeth and put some foundation on. It made me feel better, slightly. I still spent the rest of the time in the airport and journey feeling really gross.
🇦🇺 Hong Kong was really grey and pretty much looked like England except it was really muggy.

🇦🇺 I made a little friend with this cute girl at the airport. She kept coming over and smiling at me.
🇦🇺 Despite the fact that I didn’t see much other than the airport and it was all grey and shit, I liked Hong Kong, everyone there is pretty much a midget too so I fitted right in. Well I would if I wasn’t really really ginger. They couldn’t queue properly though when it came to queueing up to board the plane though. I got annoyed. I could feel my Britishness coming through. People who can’t queue properly annoy me clearly.
🇦🇺 I sat next to a really sweet old lady on the second aeroplane. She gave me a polo to stop my ears popping when we landed.
🇦🇺 I watched 10 episodes of Fresh Prince on the plane. It was really good. 😄😎✌🏽️
🇦🇺 I then had a really nice evening catching up with my auntie San and uncle Andy. I played with the dogs, got them to do a few tricks, had some champagne, had a really nice shower, which was TOTALLY needed, cuddled the dogs some more, had a natter and then Andy made me some soup & toast and I went to bed.


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