Updates On My Life: Between Finishing Uni and Now… (Australia bound).

Side note: This is actually a blog post I posted up on my other blog back in November, only this one has been edited slightly with recent current life updates.

So yes where was I, this is essentially a blog that I have been meaning to write for months, all summer actually. It’s now the beginning of November when I’ve finally gotten round to actually sitting down and writing it.
(See above paragraph – this was originally written in November, but obviously it’s now February).

Feeling lost.

I guess you could say for the past few months, well between May and the end of August/beginning of September I’ve felt rather lost in life. It was the time when I kind of had to actually ‘adult’ properly for the first time in my life and leave the Uni bubble for the last time. By the way I can honestly say that University has so far been the best three years of my life and hands down the best decision of my life so far. I miss Kingston, London and my ‘family’ away from home so much. So safe to say the past few months have resulted in me wondering around in a daze completely lost. Theoretically of course, I was back home living with my parents, which is not the same I can tell you. I have future plans of course, it’s just been trying to fill the gap between then and there.
I guess I was quite frustrated as well, as mum and I were clashing a lot, which I understand was out of love, but I needed space to figure out my next move and who I am and what I wanted in life and I felt slightly suffocated if I’m honest. Also when you spend the best part of three + years working your ass off to get out of a town which you feel is too small and lacks ambition for your future dreams, going back there, if only temporarily of course, was incredibly frustrating.
Finishing University was the most proudest moments of my life of course, but it left me with a sense that I had lost my identity. Also for the first time in my life since I was four I felt I’d lost my safety net. I’d always had throughout school through to sixth form and eventually University, this safety net and time. In the sense that provided that you worked hard, you’d always move up a year. Finishing Uni removes that safety net and certainty, nothing is granted. You can have ideas of where you’d like to be, what you’d like to do etc, but nothing is for certain. I felt like Nemo and his friends when they’re staring at the big wide ocean from the drop off point.


Graduating University is my proudest moment to date.

Brixham Villa.

I’ve always played football, for sixteen years actually and at Uni I was the vice captain for the first team and was having the time of my life playing with these wonderful bunch of morons who I grew to love like a second, well third (my housemates were more like my second family) family away from home. I never planned on joining a new football team when I came back home, just because I wasn’t really planning on sticking around here for too long. That’s no disrespect to my home town and the people, but I worked too hard to get out of here, to get sucked in again. So the less emotional attachments I have here the better. I mean I know I can always come back here, I still have my family and my friends, which is a very important aspect of my life, but my heart and ambition lies back up in London.

However, joining Villa was probably the best decision I’ve made in a while. It gave me a sense of much needed identity back. Plus it completely helped that the girls there are literally some of the nicest bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure of playing football with to be honest. It was a breath of fresh air to play with a bunch of girls that you know has your back. I never heard any horrible words aimed at players or bitchiness or divides which I’ve always experienced. I guess I just really enjoyed my football for the few months I was there and I began to gain a sense that parts of my old game slowly coming back, which honestly was a great feeling. Long story with that by the way. In fact I started to get worried that I’d started becoming too attached to the team, as I really enjoyed my few months there. I always had such a laugh with them all though. It was a great feeling playing for them and I can honestly say that I’m so happy to have joined them for a few months. Even if I was now more on the losing team compared to what I’m used to in the past.


These girls are without a doubt the nicest bunch of footballers I’ve ever played with.

The Future.

Back in early September dad and I sat down and made a what we called a Keri’s Career Map with steps 1-3 starting with:

Step One: Pre-Australia (September – December): which included my internship with my local paper. I won’t name names here as honestly as much as I appreciated them letting me go there for a few weeks, it hasn’t changed my opinion off it, it’s shit and I honestly felt really mugged off by them haha but I’ll stop right there, maybe I’ll write about my experiences there at some point, but for now we’ll stop.

It also included any paid job there – Pub/Breakfast Bars/Coffee Shops/Supermarkets etc… and voluntary work. I can say I managed to get a Christmas job at a local store (no naming!), which although was rather long hours and quite shit pay for the work you have to do, I actually found myself really enjoying my time there, although it definitely had it’s moments. As it was my first retail job and I was thrown into the deep end and had to learn very quickly, everyone was lovely and patient with me, especially the customers as I tried to learn everything as quickly as possible as there was a lot to learn there haha. Also a few of the bosses are enthusiastic about football which is rather handy. I found that I could have banter with a lot of the staff, which was always fun and kept you sane, something that was definitely needed during the stupidly busy Christmas period. My time there went very quickly actually.

This might be from the staff X Mas party, but I had a lot of laughs with these guys.

Step Two: Australia (January – December 2016?)

This includes:

– Six months travel and Six months work.

-> Internship?

-> Some form of social media.

-> Writing/blogs.

-> Side job so I can build up some funds.

Step Three: The Future.

The Start Of (hopefully) Professional Journalism Career.

(Janurary 2017?)

Job: Journalist – Magazine/Social Media/Web Broadcast. – Travel/Food/Sport/Music/Photography etc…

Location: London (Outskirts)

Accommodation: House Share with friends.

So yeah there we go as you can see I am what I like to self describe myself as a ‘ambitious little fucker’ and I do have at least an outline of my next few plans and they’re working out so far, now I play the waiting game for the next stage, when I board the plane for Oz on Thursday…
That’s all for now.
Love, pugs and hugs. Xo


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