Pointless Ramblings.

Recently I’ve found myself being really inspired, but lacking the motivation to really write write anything with substance that I could be proud of or what I felt was my true potential.

I’ve always been rather lucky in the sense that words and the ability to write something slightly meaningful has always come naturally to me. My school reports throughout the years always said something along the lines that I was a natural writer and that words and sentences have always flowed easily through me.

So honestly the last through months, these same ideas and words have been coursing through me and have almost plagued me as I have just been unable to write anything down the way I want to.
However, I finally wrote my first blog piece the other day, and it was so liberating. I feel I’m slowly leaving that flunk, that’s been bothering me for months. Just to be able to easily form words and sentences again felt brilliant.

I’ve always used blogging, and before then diaries as a form of ‘word splurging,’ a way to free flow all my ideas onto a page, so it may just be early days again but I feel great again. Long may it continue as I have a load of ideas floating around my head, that need releasing.

That’s it all really,
Love, hugs and pugs. Xo


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