It may now be February and I generally think in terms of timings for this blog that I might as well write January off now as a trial month, but like all things, I seem to be running on Keri time. Writing this blog is like the way I currently read books, which pretty much the same way as I live my life. Just in the sense that I have a pile of unfinished books to read, and yet I’ll still buy one more and add it to my ever growing pile. Or the fact that I have all these creative outlooks and ideas, and yet it will take me months to completely complete a project. Honestly I drive myself nuts, but hey, I’ve now resigned to the fact that this is how I currently run and I’m ok with that because I know one day I’ll get through that pile of books!

Anyway let’s start this brand new blog off with the old cliqued, over-used (bullshit) phrase, New Year: New Me. I know, I’m so original!

I’ve started the first month and a few weeks of 2016 looking ahead to the future and what lies in store for me this year. I suppose you could also suggest that I have also began this year with a definite defined sense of self reflection too of who I am.

I’ve also been feeling this push of energy lately, which has pretty much been suggesting to me that 2016 is going to offer me a lot more room to create, explore and grow as a person.
I’ve been given this opportunity, well I say been given, I don’t know if it was just me giving myself an opportunity, to grow as a person, and as an individual. I’m off to Australia for a year, and I couldn’t be more excited at the possible opportunities that lie ahead of me. This year I am choosing to take opportunity, to be direct, to embrace change and to welcome it with open arms.

This year I’m going to focus on embracing my love for discovering things, my love for adventure and my love for writing and photography. I’m also going to focus on myself this year and try and grow as a person.

This time last year I was feeling sad because the chapter of my uni life was slowly coming to an end and I wasn’t quite ready to accept that. However, having been back up to Uni recently I’ve discovered that I’m now so over the whole Uni life style and I cannot wait for the next chapter to start.

I mean after all;


“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots, not feet.”


That’s all for now. Love, hugs and pugs. Xo


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