How to have the perfect duvet day

Duvet days are the best things all year round, but especially when the weather starts to get really chilly. There’s honestly not much better than a good old duvet day. Like many people, I get the weekend off, and after a week of 6am starts, 6:30 returns and a daily two hour train commute to work and back, there’s nothing better than treating myself to an egg bap, plonking my arse down on the sofa and not doing much else for the entire day on a Saturday. Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge with hot drinks, food and wrapping up in a duvet and fluffy socks? 
So today’s post: How to create the perfect day: 

1| Duvet. Or blankets. Or pillows. Or all 3. 

The cosier, the better. Obvs.

2| Hot drinks. 

Here’s where I kind of wish I liked chocolate. Maybe. Maybe not. But, I’m pretty sure a hot chocolate with all the marshmallows would be the top dog here. Never mind. I love a good milky cuppa or a hot juice to hug my insides. 

3| A good tv show/film to watch. 

Of course this one is down to personal preference but I am a big fan of series at the moment. Especially as I am rubbish at binging, forever late to the party and always playing catch up to everyone else. Also, Sundays with the kids are when the Sky Movies come into play. 
This could be your favourite series or films, a TV show/movie that you have been wanting to or having been meaning to watch for a while etc. You’re the queen/king of the duvet and the remote. Go wild and get lost in different worlds for the day. 

4| Stock up on snacks. 

Ok so I may not be the biggest snacker in the world, unless I am having a duvet session with the friends, but snacks are definitely a good side kick for a duvet day. 

5| Comfy, slobby, baggy clothes. 

This could be anything from comfy PJs, a cosy dressing gown, a onesy, sweat pants, a big hoody etc. Wrap yourself up in your fluffiest blanket or your duvet, throw on your fluffiest socks and well you can’t really get any more snuggled up then that. 

6| Get a yourself a cuddle buddy. 

Whether that’s getting your bestie over, or you fancy a cuddle session with your other half. Having a lazy day companion makes a great day, even greater. Of course, hanging out on your Larry is also fun. I enjoy chilling out with my nephew with hot drinks if he ends up hanging out at our house. Of course if you don’t want company, that’s cool too. You can dedicate the day to yourself and spend some time looking after you. Find your favourite book, cosy up and get lost in different worlds for a few hours or so. 

Like I mention at the start of this blog, duvet days are a perfect all year round activity, but how amazing are those duvet days where the wind is howling outside and the rain is lashing down hard against the window? There is no better feeling then curling up on the sofa with a hot drink and no where to be. 

Basically duvet days are the best. They don’t have to cost you anything and you don’t even have to leave your house. Yes they are lazy, in fact, very lazy. But, there’s no shame in that. You’re human, you need a lazy day every now and again. 

So that’s my perfect lazy duvet day. How would you create your perfect lazy day?

Until next time.
Love, hugs and pugs. 


Six ways to make cold mornings easier.

Can you believe it’s November? It feels like only yesterday the bar that I was working in back then brought in the summer holiday cocktails and kids mocktails. As I’m writing this on my morning commute to work on the train, the winter coat has come out to play for the first time this year, so I guess that summer is a distant dream these days. 

So like I said, this is the first time in my life that I have a real adult job and I have to be up every morning at six am if I want to get into work at a decent time. So of course, I’m learning to adapt to leaving my toasty bed when it’s still dark outside and I’m not expecting it to get any easier once winter properly hits. So I thought that I would compile a list of things that I find helps me through the gruelling daily task of dragging my tired arse out of bed on a dark, cold morning. 
Set your alarm earlier
Those of you who are lucky to have a little heater for your room (I never have done, but was always a little jealous of one of my room mates at uni who always had her one on full blast). Set your alarm a little bit earlier then needed and turn it on to give your room a little bit of extra warmth so that when it is time to actually get dressed, you won’t have to get dressed in an igloo. 

Have a hot breakfast

I know on weekends I love to treat myself to my favourite egg butty as a weekend treat, but I don’t have time for that in the morning and I’d probably get very flabby. But, something like porridge could be a game changer, not to mention relatively healthy depending on your toppings,, and warming. You could switch things up and add some fun extras and flavours to make your breakfast that bit more exciting. Oh and why not treat yourself to a coffee to help you wake up, I know coffee is always my go to in the morning. 

Get dressed under the duvet

This was always my go-to back in the day before school and later uni in the colder months. I would even go as far as hop out of the shower, straight back into bed and try and shove on my cloths as soon as possible. There’s not shame in that, especially if it helps you to rise up and attack the day. 

Have a shower when you wake up

I can recall many mornings where I have stood blurry eyed in the shower frantically hoping for some kind of miracle that I will suddenly be wide awake and ready to grind. I know I’m not alone here either, I’m sure most people have probably almost fallen asleep in the shower at some point. But, showers do their thing, and can wake you up – and make you clean. Also, if it doesn’t wake you up, at least stepping out into the after cold will give you the wake up that you need! I know that a steaming hot shower and giant latte is definitely my go-to in the morning. 

Get a friend call you

I’m usually the friend who does the calling here, but I know for a fact that getting someone to call you who also happens to need to be awake at the same time can work a treat. Plus who doesn’t love starting their day with a good old natter with a pal?

Have something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to, big or minuscule is the best thing to keep you going, especially when the weather outside is dark and miserable. If you have to attend a gruelling meeting, go for a nice walk first or treat yourself to that coffee or slice of cake. Doing something that you enjoy before hand, makes dire tasks a bit more acceptable. So go for that morning jog or gym session, or stuff your face with a giant fry up. Just get your arse out of bed. 

So those are my tips for making dark and dreary mornings a bit more easier. Now that winter is coming,  I’m sure that I will have plenty of time to put them into practise. 

Until tomorrow, 

Love, hugs and pugs. 


Things I’ve added to my November to-do list. 

Crickey it’s November already. Where has the year gone? I’ve really enjoyed the past couple of months though, with my new job and the opportunities that have come with it, as well as Autumn being so damn crispy and perfect. I’m slowly starting to get into the Christmassy mood though. I mean, who doesn’t love the brightly lit up shop displays, the Christmas special drinks and sandwiches, and all the cosy stuff on offer. I’m already feeling the cosy, snuggly nights in with my family. 
Putting Events In The Diary | Basically I’m rubbish at doing the social events these days, as much as I would like to Bonfire Night and what not, it just never works out. So starting with Christmassy stuff like Christmas markets, the light switch on and late night shopping etc. I want to do a little research on the best places to go and the best things to do around this time of the year and embrace as much of the festivity as possible. To be honest, working where I do, we’re always posting up on the social media pages all the events, so I will officially suck if I don’t at least attempt to go. Plus, I want to blog about the festivities going on around here for one of my many blogs. 
Sort Out My Wardrobe and Bedroom|Honestly this is a job that I have needed to do for a while and have been rubbish at for years. I have slowly started making my way through that job though. A few months back I got rid of clothes that have been in my wardrobe since 2007/8, as well as organising my sock draw and can now finally open and actually close it. But, I’m not done yet, at all. My whole room really needs yet another revamp anyway, starting with my clothes, again. I’m really into all the layers right now, but I should probably organise what I already have, before getting yet more stuff. 
Christmas Songs and Festive Watching | I’m definitely going into full Christmas mode this year, especially after being away from my parents last Christmas in Australia. I’ve already bought my mum and dad and the niece and nephews one of their presents and that’s just the start. I may even manage to wrap them and be ready in good time for the first time ever. I even have a new winter ready duvet set waiting for winter to really hit before it gets a run out. I may even treat myself to some new PJs and get into proper Christmas mode wrapping presents, writing cards with Christmas music on in the background – that’s what people do right? The run up to Christmas is one of the best parts of the year and this year I fully intend to go hard, watch as many Christmas movies and really get into the Christmas spirit this year.

Pick Up Some New Cosy Stuff | I’ve always been a fan of getting as cosy as possible at this time of year and this year I may just take it one step further and treat myself to some extra cosy Christmas touches to brighten up my 6am morning wake up calls. I’ve always been a fan of candles, but being afraid of fire has always put me off buying some of those sweet smelling slow burners. But, I’ve already treated myself to one nice smelling one from The Range, and I may have to get some more this year. After all, candles are perfect to scatter around whilst I’m in the bath or while I’m bundled up in blankets reading. 

Plan Christmas Content | For years now I’ve told myself to get better at blogging, from having a blog that I’m proud to show off looks-wise, to the content, to how I promote myself on social media and interact with other bloggers. I know I’m still a long way off from where I would like to be, but I can at least make an effort to actually get lots of Christmassy content planned, written, scheduled and promoted across my various blogs and social media. Christmas is the best time to get blogging and I’ve already failed with all my planned Autumn style posts. I’m not failing at Christmas/Winter ones as well. I’ve got other ideas around the festive season, so I can’t wait to put them into play. 

What is on your November to-do list?
Until next time,

Love, hugs and pugs. 



I feel like Autumn brings with it a whole tonne of inspiration, as well as permission to want to start afresh, get some plans in place for the kind of goals and milestones that I would like to achieve for the rest of the year. The start of November means that we have just two months left of 2017, so why not think about a few things that I would like to do to finish this year off as strongly as possible. 

So here I am at the time of writing, a banging Spotify playlist in the background whilst I type this, on a train, riding through the pitch black darkness, only with the occasional flashes of gold from the city lights from the world outside jotting down my plan of action. 
2018 is on the horizon and quite frankly, 2017 hasn’t been too bad of a year for me over all despite the fact that I did have to leave Australia (and a part of my heart on the other side of the world). Yes there were some challenging moments, particularly chasing a dream job and getting one foot on the ladder to success, whilst slowly losing the will to live pouring pints every night at a hotel and receiving some very near miss job rejections. However, the dream job finally came to me, so persistence pays off kids, so overall 2017 has probably been one of the most fulfilling years for me. Although it’s still not quite the same as having adventures every day in the Australian Outback and crisp white sandy beaches and deep, sparkly turquoise oceans. 

September marks five years since I started university and next July it will be three years since I graduated – which is the length of my course. I do believe this could have something to do with the fact that I am reflecting on elements of my life a lot more lately. I’m also off to London tomorrow, which may just bring back a few memories of when I lived up there. 
Find a new hobby/ learn a new skill  – 

Every year, I always mention that I would like that I would like to learn a new skill or find a new hobby. It usually is something to do with getting my arse around to teaching myself to play the guitar, or taking up a new sports hobby. I fully intend to take up kick boxing because hello stamina and banging body. I haven’t given up on this just yet although my time is fairly limited now with my new job and two hour daily train commute to work and back. Hopefully though I will find the time to fit in some more exercise type classes into my routine. I’m also hoping that I will be able to fit a swimming session or two a week with a couple of pals, at the hotel that I work at considering I practically exhaust myself rushing back to my bar job every now and again after a nine hour working day/37 Hour Working week, just so I can keep my staff discount. Same with the gym. 
Make Time For Friends – 
I’m finding it rather weird writing this as I am the most sociable person ever, but adult commitments and life makes it quite difficult to see friends, no matter how much both parties want to change this fact. My new job has definitely made me a bit of a shit friend these days too. Well maybe. A lot of my friends are all over the place geographically anyway so maybe when you turn into an adult and life commitments get in the way you automatically turn into a shit friend? 

I want to spend a couple of weekends a month going to see some friends, and maybe just making more time to have conversations with them too.

Read More Books – 
A few months ago I was smashing my way through about three books a week. Ok, so I definitely had a lot more spare time now, and obviously I’d prefer to have my job now then just pulling pints until late at night and reading books in bed all morning. But, I could definitely make more time to read more books. I mean, I can always read on a train in the mornings. In fact I sometimes do and will be making myself so more of. I also want to try and get a better bed routine and read before bed. 
Blog more – 

For years I’ve felt like an outsider looking in to this fun world full of opportunities, but never getting any further than just dipping my toe into the water. I want to change this. I’m not looking to become a huge blogger or anything. I would just like to create a site and content that I can be proud of showing off. I know I am more than capable of producing good stuff. But, I would like to produce a site that I can be proud of show off. I have a few sites, but they’re not great. I know I should be doing a lot more. Blogging is something that I have dreamed of doing properly for a long time and every year I tell myself that I will blog and interact with other bloggers a lot more. One day. I’m trying and working on it. 
So there you have it, these are a small list of goals that I would like to achieve by 2018.
What are the goals you want to accomplish? 

Until next time,

Love, hugs and pugs. 


A Letter To Autumn.

Hello again, old friend.

Ok, so I am a tiny bit late to the party. You’re time of year is soon coming to an end. Which is a shame, because I always enjoy you. I always look forward to you because, don’t tell the others. But you are one of my favourites. There’s just something very satisfying about the orangey, redie, beigey colours that you bring to the world. The leaves falling off the trees may serve as a reminder that the cold, dark and gloomy winter months are looming on the horizon, but, it’s always a nice reminder that there is hope for growth and for change, a fresh start, which goes with the the crisp, fresh air that hits you in the face every time you step foot outside of the house.

Autumn also symbolises many new beginnings. For me, September was the month that I started my new Digital Marketing job, which has already brought many amazing job experiences and opportunities so far. Five years ago this September, I moved to Kingston and started my new University course, which was the start of three fantastic years and a BA (hons) degree at the end of the journey. So September was always the start of my new university term. I always went back up to London full of optimism and hope.

Your cold weather has also meant that I have been able to wear my favourite snuggly knitted jumpers, as well as add more colours to my collection. I can’t get enough. Your season has the best fashion and home wear, in my opinion, I mean, who can get enough of those warming Autumny candle scents? Not to mention, hello Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I just can’t get enough of you.

Autumn, you also contain my favourite birthday, the thing that made going back to school after the long six weeks of fun summer holidays bearable as a kid. Planning my birthday party, the cake, the invite list was always super exciting. I shall just ignore that you also contain Halloween, which is the one ‘holiday’ that I have never liked or got into the spirit of.

I miss you summer, and I am sad that you Autumn is slowly coming to an end. But thank you for the optimism, the hope, the cold crisp air and beautiful golden light. Also, thank you for the abundance of Pumpkin Spice lattes. I shall miss you, but you have been wonderful to me so far.

Love from K.


Keri’s Autumn Bucketlist. (Or at least what is left of Autumn).

I have mentioned this before, my timing is as excellent as ever. Being late to the Autumn party, but let’s give this a good go regardless. I have a few days of Autumn left and I fully intend to write as many Autumn based blogs as possible.
But, lets be honest. Autumn is the uncontested king of the seasons, in my opinion. I may be team summer, but there’s something special about Autumn. I just love the feeling of getting all cosy, with blankets, colourful knitted wear and warming smelling candles. There is just something wonderful about spending an evening snuggled up under a big duvet cover on the sofa, watching a good TV show/film, surrounded by family and endless hot drinks.
So, I decided to put together a little list of things that I would love to do this autumn in order to make the crisp, orange air.
  • Have lots of cosy nights in snuggled under duvets watching films and good boxsets. 
  • Get some new boots. I’m thinking brown this time and maybe some black ones at some point for work, but I think one of those pairs may have to come out of next month or so’s work pay check. 
  • Buy lots of knitted jumpers of various colours. So far I have gotten a cheeky mustard, grey and burgundy one. 
  • Spend lots of Saturdays up mum’s mosaic studio helping her out. 
  • Go to lots of charity shops and find some good books, CDs and bargains. 
  • Try out recipes with pumpkin and other Autumny veggies in. 
  • Buy some more socks that are a bit longer than my usual trainer socks.
  • Buy an item of clothing which is mustard coloured. Be adventurous. 
  • Eat lots of Autumny type food. 
  • Explore more small business places for food and coffees around Exeter. Support small business. 
  • Drink lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 
  • Stock up on Autumny scented candles. 
  • Find new cosy perfumes. 
I know that I am writing this at the end of the season, but until it’s the end of Autumn this is still relevant.
Until next time.

Love, hugs and pugs.


Eighteen reasons why I’m basic Autumn trash.

Ok so I am aware that Autumn is almost over. It’s also very over done in the blogging world and I would like to blame illness and a new 9-5 job, well actually an 8:30-5:00 job for the lack of blogs on my part. But, I didn’t want to miss out on the Autumn fun, and as it is almost over (the Christmas red cups officially hit Costa on November 2), I will frantically try and schedule a few last minute Autumny based blog posts for the next week or so, before we wave the Pumpkin Spice goodbye for another year.

So yes, get your basic white girl trash Pumpkin Spice Lattes ready, here’s why I love Autumn. As if there’s not already a shit load of posts out there spreading the Autumn love.


Who doesn’t love walking around in a world made of cosy, orange, beige and reds? Watching the world around me change from the fresh, green summer tones, to the warming orangeness is something rather special. Also, they make great photos.

2| Harry Potter movie marathons.

Nothing says Autumn like snuggling up on the sofa, whilst wrapped up in a blanket, hot drink in hand, surrounded by family, with Harry Potter blaring from the TV. Bliss. It is the ultimate cosy night in film.

3|Eager shops.

Judging shops for already displaying Christmas decorations, but secretly you’re thrilled because CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

4| Boxsets.

The changing of the season means a decent line up on Netflix, Sky Movies/Boxsets etc…The colder seasons also means that it is socially acceptable to stay snuggled up inside binging on TV sessions.

5| Bubble baths. 

It’s so much nicer having a steaming hot bubblebath when it’s cold and dark outside. Also, the warmer summer months means that it is more likely that you will overheat. Something that does not happen in the colder months.

6| Autumny stuff in shops.

All the cosy looking Autumn and winter decorations are very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

7| Lush’s Halloween bath bomb range

They are literally the bomb. Also, they smell divine.

8| Flies.

There’s a noticeable lack of flies buzzing around and I love it.

9| Big cosy knitted sweaters.

Give me all the colours. Also, Newlook’s got some very nice colourful ones this year for £9.99. Give me.

10| No shaving.

Shaving is less compulsory in the colder months. Bring on the bearlegs.

11| Digging out the Primark Christmas PJs.

It’s officially time to bring those bad boys out of hibernation.

12| Duvet days are mandatory.

Bring on weekends, where you will most likely find me wrapped up like a burrito in a duvet cover, surrounded by endless hot drinks, snacks and Netflix.

13| Dad’s homemade Sunday roast dinners.

There’s nothing like ending a Sunday with a banging homemade roast and a long soak in a steamy, hot bubble bath? Long gone are the days where the kids would be crying over having four tomatoes on their salad when they specifically asked for three. I love a good cosy Sunday Autumn/Winter night.

14| All the candle scents.

Pumpkin spice, cinnamon drizzle swirl with caramel on top?

15| Colour.

All the colours every where and I’m not just talking about leaves, but in general. Orange, red, burgundy, mustard. I love it.

16| Flavours. 

Throwing cinnamon or toffee or pumpkin spice for instant Autumn success.

17| Crispness. 

The cool, crisp air and golden light everywhere. Perfect. Not too cold, but snuggly.

18|Autumn social media.

Drooling over everyone’s cosy, orangy, Autumnal social media because good light.

And there you go. Just a few basic ass reasons as to why I’m an Autumn lover.

Until next time.

Love, hugs and pugs.